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  1. Thank you for answering my questions Trew, btw I'm sorry for the confusing out of order numbering, that wasn't intentional. For question 4, I actually meant if I ask the adjudicator if I may sit down while cross examining a witness or really at any point, would that be an issue? Also, do LAT hearings typically have opening/closing statements from counsel? I know these questions are very basic and I appreciate any response. If anyone else has something to add please do so, hopefully others will also benefit.
  2. As the title suggests, I am going to my first in person hearing at the LAT (not a personal injury file). I have some basic questions which hopefully someone can provide answers to. 1) What is the correct title when addressing the Adjudicator? 2) How often are breaks allowed? (washroom/eating) 3) Is food/drinks allowed inside the hearing room? 4) If requested by a legal representative, will the Adjudicator allow them to sit while conducting cross examination, etc? 2) Is it possible to request the Respondent present their case first or must the Applicant proceed first? 3) What is the best way to submit a supportive case to the Adjudicator? In writing? Orally? 4) Is it possible to suggest/request a certain Order be made in the event the other party is successful? 3) How long does it typically take to receive an Order from the LAT? Feel free to add in any advice/tips. Thanks in advance!
  3. I am leaving my current firm shortly (private practice) and I wanted to know what other lawyers have done in this situation. I have spoken to my colleague who has agreed to become the lawyer of record for my clients (I am not taking any clients with me when I leave). The issue is, my boss (owner of the firm) has refused to allow my legal clerk to make this change on my files. I should mention I am leaving the firm on okay but not the best terms and my resignation was a shock for my boss. I am concerned about still being the lawyer of record for over 75 clients when I leave and I don't understand my boss's explanation ("There is a process and we can't just change the lawyer to X just like that"). I know when previous lawyers left this firm they remained the lawyer of record for months (sometimes over a year!). As much as I trust my colleague I do not want this to turn into a Lawpro issue. Regardless of who remains the lawyer of record, my colleague will be handling all of my files after I leave. Am I making this into a bigger deal then it is? Is it normal to remain the lawyer of record for a certain period of time after you leave a firm? On a side note - My boss refused to allow me to contact my clients via letter to notify them of my departure (in accordance with the ROPC). A Senior lawyer asked if this was a battle I wanted to fight so I decided to let it go. I plan on calling a few select clients to let them know I am leaving, wish them well, etc. I am changing areas of law so there is no concern over me 'stealing clients'. Any thoughts or advice is appreciated!
  4. $55,000 - $75,000 + 15% (of the firms 30% cut). That's what I've heard...anyone have different stats?
  5. Yes you can take your cell into the exam venue but it must be checked in. You can't enter the exam room with it on you because it's a prohibited item.
  6. Does this mean that the 'pass mark' is set in June and is the same for November and March regardless of the class average?
  7. I was under the impression that you need to pass each individual section (someone please correct me if I'm wrong). My reasoning is because a friend showed me their report (the one you get when you fail) and they had scored significantly above average in Business law and slightly below average in Estates and Real Estate. If the passing mark was an average of the 3 sections it looks like they would have passed. This is just my opinion, again please correct me if I'm totally off.
  8. Does anyone know what the class average (broken down by each subject (ie Business, Real Estate, Estates)) has been in the past for the June sitting of the Solicitor exam?
  9. The exam material doesn't change from June to November. It does however change from March to June of the same year.
  10. The earliest you can pick up the bar exam material is April 18, 2016 (assuming you paid by the deadline). Online access also begins on the 18th. https://www.lsuc.on.ca/licensingprocess.aspx?id=2147500111#Study%20Materials
  11. If I remember correctly, you have access to a PDF copy of the materials through your online account. Click on the "My Examinations and Study Materials" tab.
  12. What did the law society say? I found this Motion by the law society online, I'm not sure if convocation has approved it. http://www.lsuc.on.ca/WorkArea/DownloadAsset.aspx?id=2147484616 MOTION 25. That Convocation approve the following proposal respecting Law Society of Upper Canada licensing examinations: a. to qualify for a Class L1 licence, candidates would have three years from the time of registering with the Law Society as licensing candidates to pass the licensing examinations and would be limited in the number of total attempts they would have to pass the licensing examinations; b. Initially, licensing candidates would only have a total of three attempts to pass the licensing examinations. However, there would a “right” for candidates who failed the licensing examinations after three attempts to seek a waiver of the “three attempt rule” from the Director, Professional Development and Competence. c. A request for a waiver could only be made once, and the Director, Professional Development and Competence, could only permit one further attempt at the licensing examinations. d. Licensing candidates who failed the licensing examinations after three attempts and did not seek permission to make a fourth attempt, candidates who failed the licensing examinations after three attempts and are not permitted by the Director, Professional Development and Competence to make a fourth attempt or candidates who fail the licensing examinations after four attempts would have their registration with the Law Society cancelled. e. Thereafter, the (now former) licensing candidates would be permitted to reregister with the Law Society only after a year had passed (from the time registration was cancelled) and only after demonstrating to the Director, Professional Development and Competence a change in circumstances. 26. That Convocation direct the amendment of Law Society by-laws to reflect the proposal in paragraph 25, such proposed amendments to be provided to Convocation for approval. Can anyone confirm if this is accurate? While I understand the need to uphold a high standard this "4 strikes and you're out" seems a bit harsh, especially if you've already articled and/or passed one of the two exams.
  13. Salary $60,601 to $107,464 per annum, depending on position and commensurate with qualifications and experience, with regular performance-based increases. This is taken from the LAO website http://www.legalaid.on.ca/en/careers/careerbenefits.asp
  14. Thanks for the info! I'm not worried about failing, just wanted to know if I need to spend the time writing half decent answers
  15. This course is taking a lot longer than I anticipated...Can someone tell me if our articling principle has access to the answers we submit online? Or are the answers recorded solely for the students own learning purpose?
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