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  1. GoldenSpartan83

    1L - Clubs and ECs

    I think this comment just won the internet.
  2. GoldenSpartan83

    Paying interest monthly (PSLOC)

    I have a PSLOC at Scotia. The interest for my loan accumulates monthly, but it is applied to the balance each month, so I don't have to pay anything until the loan enters its repayment phase.
  3. GoldenSpartan83

    Ask A Western Law Student

    I just received the e-mail today. The required reading was Introduction to the Study of Law by Stephen Waddams. I don't remember the recommended title exactly, but it was something like The Law School Book by Allan Hutchinson.
  4. GoldenSpartan83

    Downtown Housing

    That's also a good idea. I wonder if cabs would accept someone with a propane tank. The fare wouldn't be too expensive, since the trip isn't that far, I'm just not sure whether they would accept the passenger.
  5. GoldenSpartan83

    Downtown Housing

    (charcoal? better tasting food, and no walking to gas station. Win/win.) I was considering going with a charcoal, but unfortunately the building only allows propane. Otherwise that would be a pretty simple solution to my problem. While I'm not particularly strong, I may be able to manage the walk. Edit: stupid work computers won't let me post the quote properly.
  6. GoldenSpartan83

    Downtown Housing

    Google Maps says its about a 15 minute walk. Do you know how accurate this is? It probably isn't walking distance with a big propane container, but I thought I saw some with smaller containers that might make the walk a little easier. Although I would then have to make the trip more frequently, which wouldn't be perfect. I'll have to continue to mull it over.
  7. GoldenSpartan83

    Downtown Housing

    Ah, perfect. Thank you.
  8. GoldenSpartan83

    Downtown Housing

    I'm at the City Place towers at Dundas and Waterloo. I doubt that there is anything that is close enough for me to either walk or take a short cab ride to, but I was just curious.
  9. GoldenSpartan83

    Downtown Housing

    I just rented a place in an apartment building downtown that allows tenants to have propane bbqs. I'd be interested in doing this, but was just wondering if there were any places that offered propane tank refills that were close by?
  10. GoldenSpartan83

    Bursary Application Responses?

    You don't have to have an existing student loans to qualify for a bursary. I was given one and I have no previous debts other than a relatively small VISA.
  11. GoldenSpartan83

    Firmly Accepted 2013

    I've also been accepted to Western, and gave in my firm acceptance. I look forward to meeting you this fall.
  12. GoldenSpartan83

    OSAP cap on debt - too good to be true?

    I recently applied and they told me to check back in June to hear about my funding.
  13. GoldenSpartan83

    To all future applicants: Start early

    I think ericontario makes a fair point that the amount of time that has to be allocated to the applications depends largely upon the applicant. Some people will be able to get the stuff done quicker, while others will take longer. The general argument is that you might want to consider starting earlier on it to give yourself some extra time, given the importance some of these documents have. This isn't ruling out the possibility that someone could write an awesome PS in a day. It's just easier to make sure you're happy with it if you've given yourself extra time to work on it. You could write your PS at the beginning of June, just work on it for a week straight, and produce something that you're really happy with that you don't look at again until you submit your application. It's probably less stressful to do it that way, than waiting until the last minute and then thinking up all of the things that you should have written instead. People do work at different paces, but I don't think advice recommending providing yourself extra time is unfounded. As for the LSAT, I wish I had listened to erinl2. While I did respectable on the LSAT (162), I would have done better had I spent more time studying for it. I gave myself a month to study for it, but I only focused on it for 2-2 1/2 weeks. That was stupid. It meant that I didn't have a chance to completely prepare myself for the logic games. When I sat down to write the LSAT in June, one of the logic games required a diagram that I didn't know how to do. I think I got 1 out 5 question correct on that question set. Had I spent more time studying for it and working through the different logic puzzles, I think my score would have gone up.
  14. GoldenSpartan83

    So stupid CIBC and PSLOC

    I'm not sure that there is anyone here claiming that they would wait the extra year to start paying of the loan, even if they had the means to start earlier. That being said, I don't want to speak for others. To me, it would only seem rational to start paying the loan back as soon as possible and as quickly as possible. If we're going to get hypothetical, they could be investing the money they earn in something with a higher rate of return than the loan. Since they only have a limited amount of capital, they might have to choose one or the other. In that case, it might make more sense to defer payments for the year and earn more interest on the investments. However, the likelihood of that scenario is probably slim. I can't really think of any other good reason for waiting to start paying off your debts though.
  15. GoldenSpartan83


    I just did a quick search to see how difficult it was to find information about salaries on this website and found something like 10 different options in 10 seconds. However,since I'm feeling generous, which I can only attribute to my sleep deprived state and the fact that I had already done the work, I'll help. http://www.zsa.ca/zsa.php?fuseaction=main.pages&id=180 I got that link from one of the multiple threads discussing salaries. The rest is up to you.