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  1. I am a Canadian entering my final year of law at the University of Leicester. My room mate has transferred back to U of Windsor law. If you are accepted at the University of Leicester as a first year drop me a line if you interested sharing a flat near campus. All my friends back in the UK are currently all set. I am a mature male student who is tidy and serious about academics. Cheers.
  2. I'm sorry, but the posts above are narrow minded and offer very little insight to the extended process of entering the profession successfully. The notion that the becoming an attorney is more difficult by going to a foreign (UK) school is just plain hogwash. Open up your mind to all the possibilities here. No, I'm not going to spoon feed the info to you.
  3. Why bother? Complete your degree at Leicester , complete the NCA process and get into the profession. Its a great choice - and easy to defend.
  4. I don't want turn this into a masters dissertation but there is another point (or two) that needs to be brought forth here. Unless you have been living under a rock for 7 years or so you will note that opportunities for attorneys in Canada and the U.S. have been dwindling for quite some time. Many tasks associated with junior associates are being outsourced to foreign firms - think of Bell Canada and India. With that said, and considering most of the members at this board are young with limited ties, don't limit your options. I am referring to the potential of working somewhere else and not limiting yourself to a Canadian law practice - right now. Keeping that in mind it makes far more sense to select a foreign school and my preference is Leicester. I was accepted at 2 Canadian schools and have chosen the senior status LLB in the UK. To think that a Canadian school outweighs one in the UK on an international stage is naive. I have been exploring my options for a long,long time. It just makes more sense, on many fronts, to opt for a foreign program. If you like we can talk about four or five more reasons why it's the clear choice. Now if you would like to know why I decided to go to the UK vs Oz we can discuss that too. It too is also a clear choice.
  5. You do have the option to apply to the senior status (2yr) program after a high level of academic performance in your first year (UK) - which is common to 2 and 3 year programs - FYI
  6. sometimes is better to be lucky than good
  7. Right on, Oh and by the way - 7sage was not down for me at anypoint (including yesterday) - as is mentioned in this thread
  8. I agree - its helping me score right where I want to be with over 3 more months of prep to go before the October LSAT
  9. Thanks for the great response to my question. I will look at 7sage as you mention in your text.
  10. Anyone have any experience with this particular test prep site? (they have a few youtube videos that are interesting to say the least) http://www.velocitylsat.com
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