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  1. Received an offer earlier in the week but had to turn it down. Congrats to whoever gets it!
  2. Just removed myself from the class. Hopefully it goes to one of you still waiting! All the best to the class.
  3. I'm still waiting too. Not that it matters at this point, but come on this is a little ridiculous.
  4. End of April? It was the first day offers went out I think.
  5. GOT IN!! Wait list purgatory is over, somebody get me a drink.
  6. Officially declined my offer this morning. Hopefully it goes to one of you still waiting.
  7. Megan said this morning that they've moved 9 people off the non-Atlantic list.
  8. Congrats!! They must be making their way down the list. Awesome news.
  9. Congrats to the two? users who got in today. Nice to see some movement on the lists, keeps the dream alive!
  10. FWIW, I did some of my undergrad at queens so I have access to their online student center - I still show "Decision pending" for my application, so if they've made a final set of decisions it still hasn't shown up online.
  11. This is what I'm thinking. It's been over a week since the first waiting list people found out - at this point we're probably goners.
  12. Haha my L2 before finishing this year was much lower. And I'm still in the waiting threads, so maybe longshot wasn't so far off!
  13. I finished my fourth year in April, and with those grades it went up to 3.67.
  14. Same deal here. Are the offers done? I thought we'd have heard of a few more.
  15. So you just want to...determine how smart your family is? Looking for negative reviews on their school of choice? Boy you sure do sound like fun.
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