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  1. Agree. This is low for in house union lawyers to my knowledge. Closer to 100k for new calls. But lots of variation from what I’ve heard.
  2. Western has the only Sports Law Clinic in Canada AFAIK - but, really, I don't think that is a significant factor. http://law.uwo.ca/legal_clinics/sport_solution_clinic/index.html
  3. I'm picturing an undercover SCC judge just trolling away.
  4. Edit: For brevity - I think the student should have been given an opportunity to explain their applications. However, there were likely other factors that the union side firm considered in terminating the interview.
  5. I didn't put this together until now... But I think improv in my past has had a massive impact on my public speaking skills. I would definitely recommend it for folks who need to work on public speaking; and especially for thinking on your feet.
  6. I'm also interested in more info on solicitor side work. What is the appeal?
  7. Bookmarked. For 3 years from now. Hopefully.
  8. I think that calling another law school's quality of education a joke is, er, less than diplomatic. But, as someone deciding between these schools, I'm wondering if there is ANY validity to it.
  9. "Also, I don’t think there’s a law school in the province where the students run the school down in public like this one, and every time they do that, they just drop your chances of getting a job. It’s just part of the culture here. The public criticism that Ottawa U students make about their legal education, I think, is dramatically different. I’ve been in other law schools, I was at Western. Western was a joke compared to the quality of education you get here, but every one of them will jump up and down in their little crew cut outfit and say how wonderful Western is. Though it’s probably very few people here, with modern communication, the impact is larger. Every time someone is out of control like that it damages everybody else terribly." Any thoughts on this?
  10. At my ontario undergrad. Institution you needed a higher GPA to be eligible to complete the honours year.
  11. It is official in the sense that there are 'official' administrators (i.e., admissions personnel) that are members of the group.
  12. Thanks kenoshakid... Hmmm.. amongst those accepted after 85 DSFO (19 individuals) which is about where we are at now, 2 declared they were mature students, 3 expressed having written the Feb. LSAT, 2 were aboriginal applicants and 2 had graduate degrees. So essentially half of the students were in one of those categories - and that is just what they declared. I'm taking that as a fairly strong sign that unless we fit into one of those categories (I don't), or have stellar ECs of some other type (subjective, I might) our chances are dwindling with each passing day. If we oass the March 22 mark without an acceptance, I think chances drop dramatically.
  13. Hegdis, check out this recent blog post on Slaw. I'm a 0L so not sure how helpful it will be, but who knows.
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