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  1. Sunstar

    Waitlist 2015

    Here to share a personal story of hope: I was accepted to Western off the wait list on July 29th in 2013. Two years later I'm a moot-winner, on the dean's list, and working for the summer at a downtown Toronto firm. There's obviously no guarantees for anyone still waiting at this point, but there are no limits either - whether you come to Western or not.
  2. Sunstar

    Toronto In-Firm Interviews 2014

    Can anyone confirm if CLOC calls have gone out yet?
  3. Sunstar

    IN 2013!

    I was offered admission from the wait list by telephone on Monday morning, and have accepted. Thank you to whomever opened that spot for me.
  4. Sunstar

    2013 Waiting Discussion Thread

    Funilly enough, I spoke to one of the admissions staff today and they said it could take up until the end of June before the class is filled.
  5. Sunstar

    Struggling to find an apartment in kingston

    This is also a good place to start looking, if you haven't found it already: https://listingservice.housing.queensu.ca/index.php/rental/rentalsearch/action/search/ A lot of those second category places don't come on the market until later, so just keep checking and see.
  6. Sunstar

    Struggling to find an apartment in kingston

    Generally speaking (not always though) undergraduates sign May-April leases, and most often live in the student housing area immediately North of the main campus, as well as some East and West as well. That said, there is a large graduate student population which more often than not is on September-August or September-April, and those places do exist, usually East of campus or on/near Princess street (closer to downtown). Often times they are the nicer 1 or 2-bedroom places as well. tl;dr: There are places out there for you. There's actually a surplus of available housing over the student population. Don't give up hope, just keep looking.
  7. Sunstar

    Rejected 2013

    Rejected this morning as well. The dream had to end sometime: cGPA: 3.00 Best 2: Not sure, probably 3.2ish LSAT: 169 Engineering undergrad, strong ECs, and full time work over last couple years, but not enough to make up for the marks I guess. I'm still waiting on Western and Queen's, but chances are I'll be seeing you there jaypeg.
  8. Sunstar

    Renting in Kingston - Timing Question

    Check this out to start, but what raisinbun said is generally the case: https://listingservice.housing.queensu.ca/index.php/rental/rentalsearch/action/search/
  9. Sunstar

    Acceptance deposit

    I called Windsor and asked about this. You can actually pay your deposit online through the myUWindsor portal. Click on Financial Matters, then the Cashier's Office, and How to Pay from there to make a payment from online banking. The person I talked to at the admissions office encouraged me to call them and let them know when you do make a payment that way, so they keep track of it correctly.
  10. Sunstar

    JD Accepted 2013

    In as of today with everyone else it seems. My first acceptance, and it comes with a huge sigh of relief. SIS average - 75.3 (cGPA 3.00) LSAT 169. Engineering undergraduate, pretty rockin' extracurriculars.
  11. Sunstar

    Accepted 2013

    I'm sorry, but where does it say this online exactly? Edit: Nevermind; read back and figured it out.