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  1. I graduate from McGill in 2017 and don't know a single person who took an unpaid position. Some people took six months to find a placement, travelled, worked non-law jobs for a bit, but everyone seems to have landed somewhere decent.
  2. I received my updated ID card within two weeks. The certificate hasn't arrived yet, and I was called on June 1 of this year. I emailed the Law Society and they indicated it can take a few months, depending on when they receive all of the paperwork from the courts. Good luck! Maybe reach out to the Law Society if you need it urgently. Your status on the website should change to "practising" within a couple of weeks. Not sure if that's enough for your new jurisdiction...
  3. I will be called shortly and would like to get a gift for my principal. She and I have a good relationship, my firm is small, and I'm staying on. I thought I would check in to see if LS folks have good ideas of gifts (from the articling or principal experience) or thoughts on appropriate price ranges. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi All, What is folks' experience with their hour quotas/targets being in billable vs. billed vs. receipted hours? I've chatted with a few lawyers who seem to have different experiences. My firm uses a receipted hours target, which works generally but can get tricky when partners assign large projects that end up having significant write-offs or discounts. Thanks in advance for thoughts.
  5. jjbean

    Edmonton First Year Salaries

    I'm in a firm that size. Articling is $50k. First year is around $63. Second year in the $70s. Third year in the $80s. Not sure beyond that.
  6. jjbean

    Boss Placed Me On Probation

    If you end up being terminated, talk to an employment lawyer. They may have opened the door to a human rights claim because of their intrusion on your mental health issues.
  7. jjbean

    Upset by summer employment situation

    Not super interested in how it comes across. Nor am I saying how resources should be spent. I'm indicating what the law is.
  8. jjbean

    Upset by summer employment situation

    Sole practitioners are not employees.
  9. jjbean

    Upset by summer employment situation

    It's contextual. Law enforcement officers' associations routinely invoke the right to a safe workplace to get their members better equipment, PTSD treatment, training, etc. Even employers whose employees inherently face danger are required to minimize risk. If you're a lawyer and your mental health is being adversely affected at work and your employer could address it, you have the right to make an occupational health complaint. The fact that virtually no one does is a reflection of our unhealthy workplace norms, not the rights that we actually have. In this case, OP is a law student. Law students' work, even in a poverty law clinic, is not inherently dangerous. OP has in fact identified an entirely reasonable way to address the extreme situation they are facing - an actual lawyer or social worker could step in and assist. A brief workshop on mental health does not excuse the employer from providing support to mitigate an unhealthy work environment. These rights aren't contentious. They're the backbone of occupational health and safety law.
  10. jjbean

    Upset by summer employment situation

    I'll write just to disagree with a lot of the people who wrote above. You're a law student; you're not yet a professional. You have almost no training in client meetings, trauma, mental health, etc. You are not regulated by the law society. So, I would ignore the high-and-mighty rhetoric of those above and remember a few things (that apply regardless of what province you are operating in). You have the right to proper training in your workplace; You have the right to a safe workplace, and that includes one that is not damaging to your mental health; You have the right to refuse unsafe work and work for which you have not been properly trained. It sounds to me like your supervisor is in the wrong here. The next question is what you want to do about it. Are you unionized? Talk to your union. Is this placement organized through your faculty? If so, talk to them for support. In any case, decide if you can continue to work here in a safe way. If you can, take next steps. If you absolutely cannot, it might not be worth continuing. If you can continue but you need further training or support, ask for it. Non-legally, I'm sorry you feel this way. It's enraging that you're expected to deal with things with virtually no appropriate training. "Toughening you up" through traumatic work experiences is not an acceptable training strategy for an employer. It's also dangerous for clients: there is a specific way to handle clients who are homicidal/suicidal, and it's not something you can do by being "tough." You need training and support. Good luck.
  11. jjbean

    7 SCC Clerks

    We received an email saying that the SCC will, as of next year, only accept people already called to the bar or with previous clerking experience.
  12. jjbean

    Here’s what NOT to do while in law school

    Again, the objectionable thing about witch hunts and the use of persona non grata is not the speech elements. The witch hunts were objectionable because they murdered women accused of witchcraft. We wouldn't use the expression if townsfolk had written articles about how they think a person is a witch and that person was then... made to feel socially awkward. And persona non grata is the expulsion of a person with diplomatic immunity from a country (by force if necessary). I'm being literal because your argument is basically that people shouldn't have to read/hear peaceful reactions from people to the shitty, dumb stuff they publish in a newspaper. If that's not calling for a reduction in free speech, I don't know what is....
  13. jjbean

    Here’s what NOT to do while in law school

    "Falsely equating" and "calling the piece" something = speech. Censorship = government-imposed penalties for certain kinds of speech. People on this website love making fun of "safe spaces" and people who speak out against hate speech. Free speech absolutists generally believe even untrue speech should be permitted because the truth will prevail in the "marketplace of ideas." Why don't those concepts apply here? If the piece shouldn't be equated with a rape trial, other people can say that and argue for a better idea. If the piece isn't misogyny, people can say why it doesn't meet the standard of misogyny.
  14. jjbean

    Here’s what NOT to do while in law school

    How is writing articles about an incident - which is literally just more speech - threatening free speech? This guy wrote stupid stuff. People used their free speech rights to criticize him for it. Isn't that the point of free speech? Or does free speech now mean the right to be rude and offensive and not have people say you're being rude and offensive...?
  15. jjbean

    Graduated 2016 – Questions About McGill Law?

    If you practice in Quebec, you do bar school immediately after graduating (i.e. in January) and then can start articling in June. If you're thinking Ontario, you either start in January if your firm is fine with that, or you hop on with the cohort from other schools in the summer. In the meantime, you can take time off or focus on LSUC exams, etc. For big firms and government, you follow the same recruitment timelines as Ontario schools (you just do it a year later than students at other schools).