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  1. SeaRay

    Vancouver Articling Recruit 2019-2020

    Friend just got his ITC from DOJ.
  2. SeaRay

    PSLOC with a Car Loan?

    i echo this. I just got approved for the full amount w/ scotiabank, no cosigner (took a bit of negotiation but it did end up happening). I also got approved 70k with RBC. I have a car loan around 15k right now.
  3. SeaRay

    Scotia and articling agreement

    I am getting that sense from RBC for mine when they called to tell me i was approved that I have to apply again later on. My meeting to discuss the terms in depth isn't until next week so we will see.
  4. SeaRay

    PSLOC with a Car Loan?

    I was promised at the initial meeting that interest rate wouldn't go up when i'm in repayment but i'll have to definitely read through the agreement carefully.
  5. SeaRay

    PSLOC with a Car Loan?

    I probably will just to see if I can bring down my interest rate. Otherwise 70k is more than enough for my needs
  6. SeaRay

    PSLOC with a Car Loan?

    I just got 70k approved w/ RBC on prime + 1% (i'll definitely try to negotiate that rate lower once I meet with the guy to discuss details). And i've got 15k remaining on my car loan. So I don't think it's an issue.
  7. SeaRay

    accepted but screwed up and got a F grade

    See you in September!
  8. SeaRay

    PSLOC: How late is too late?

    I sent an email to the Scotiabank rep for UBC, and got a (what seems to be) template response as an email. Here's a part of it: The SPSP program for Law students is as follows: Global Credit Limit of up to $100,000 for your 3 year law program with optional annual insurance coverage. An additional $10k is available during articling. No Monthly Payments Required (Interest is added to the balance monthly as long as there's available credit). Full Payments wouldn't be required until 12 months after you finish the program (including residency/fellowship/articling and or clerkship). Preferred Interest Rate – Scotiabank Prime Rate (currently 2.70%) + 0.00% And 2.70 is prime, if im not mistaken. I also contacted RBC who said their rate is prime + 0.5 (3.20%) We'll see what happens when I apply
  9. I've accepted my offer at U of A, but me attending is largely dependent on whether I get a PSLOC approved. My credit rating is good, but I've got a fairly high debt to credit ratio (about 12k in credit cards and 5k in student loans). I plan to pay off the credit cards in the next few months, but that would mean not applying for a PSLOC until July. Is that too late? Would I be able to push it until the end of July? I have family in Edmonton so in terms of planning accommodation, the psloc shouldn't affect it.
  10. SeaRay

    Accepted 2016

    Declined my offer. Good luck to all who are still waiting!
  11. SeaRay

    Office experience

    Thank you all for your advice! I probably won't end up deferring law school. It's a govt office job, so I can only hope 6 months of that prior to law school would look good on my resume. You were all right, the 9-5 lifestyle is so different from the shift work I've had in the past. It feels pretty short (by 5pm I'm essentially being pushed out the door with everyone else), and I anticipate actually enjoying longer hours that lawyers put in. But before I get ahead of myself.. law school in sept!
  12. SeaRay

    Office experience

    I've been fortunate to receive offers to a couple of schools I'd be happy to attend. I recently got a job offer in an office environment. I dont see myself doing this work long term. However, up to this point, on my resume I have zero office work experience; I have many years of blue collar work but nothing to suggest I'd be successful in an office environment. Hell, I don't even know how to use a photocopier. If I start law school in September, I will only be at this new role for six months, which might not be enough to show I'll be successful enough in an office environment. I'm wondering how important is experience showing general office and business skills when I'm looking for summer law positions and articling positions later on? Should I consider deferring a year to get a year and a bit of experience doing office work to have something to show for these skills on my resume?
  13. SeaRay

    Rate your school's gym!

    Any input on U of A's gym?
  14. SeaRay

    First year associate pay?

    Thanks for all your quick responses! Exactly the answers I was looking for ☺
  15. Are first year associate salaries in large firms set to a specific amount? Let's say A and B both start this year as first year associates in Firm X. Do A and B make the same salary, given that they are both fresh from articling/passing the bar? In other words does X establish a set amount for all 1st year associates? Edit: oops, meant for this to be in the articling students and lawyers section of the forums