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  1. Thanks for the suggestions everyone; seems like there's a lot that can be done in 2.5 weeks after all. I admit I probably should have managed my expectations a bit. A bunch of my fellow 3Ls have a couple of months before articling and planned trips that are much longer than the time I have, so I was stuck in that mindset of multi-destination-trips. I decided that I will spend that time travelling and doing things low key/relaxing; I'll be island/beach hopping in the southern Philippines. Now that I've got my procrasti-planning out of the way, I can go back to studying for my last few final exams.
  2. 100% the latter. I honestly don't even think I know how to unwind anymore.
  3. Maybe I should clarify, I didn't mean to imply that it's impossible to travel in 2.5 weeks. I don't travel much outside of my trips to Asia visiting family, so my experience travelling outside of that context is limited. I was hoping to get suggestions about what I can do and what others have done in a 2-week period. Sass is fine, I've come to accept that it's inevitable on online forums for people to misunderstand the question.
  4. My typical vacation: I have family all around Asia so my typical trip would involve a few destinations there for ~1month, since flights are pretty reasonable for inter-asia travel. Edit: going to a beach sounds like a great idea, celebrating and getting a nice tan before articling.
  5. I will have 2.5 weeks of free time after 3L exams and before starting my articles in the Vancouver-area. I don't think that is enough time to do any substantial travelling, and I have no idea what to do to fill that gap. This will be the first time I have this much free time in a while. Any suggestions?
  6. i echo this. I just got approved for the full amount w/ scotiabank, no cosigner (took a bit of negotiation but it did end up happening). I also got approved 70k with RBC. I have a car loan around 15k right now.
  7. I am getting that sense from RBC for mine when they called to tell me i was approved that I have to apply again later on. My meeting to discuss the terms in depth isn't until next week so we will see.
  8. I was promised at the initial meeting that interest rate wouldn't go up when i'm in repayment but i'll have to definitely read through the agreement carefully.
  9. I probably will just to see if I can bring down my interest rate. Otherwise 70k is more than enough for my needs
  10. I just got 70k approved w/ RBC on prime + 1% (i'll definitely try to negotiate that rate lower once I meet with the guy to discuss details). And i've got 15k remaining on my car loan. So I don't think it's an issue.
  11. I sent an email to the Scotiabank rep for UBC, and got a (what seems to be) template response as an email. Here's a part of it: The SPSP program for Law students is as follows: Global Credit Limit of up to $100,000 for your 3 year law program with optional annual insurance coverage. An additional $10k is available during articling. No Monthly Payments Required (Interest is added to the balance monthly as long as there's available credit). Full Payments wouldn't be required until 12 months after you finish the program (including residency/fellowship/articling and or clerkship). Preferred Interest Rate – Scotiabank Prime Rate (currently 2.70%) + 0.00% And 2.70 is prime, if im not mistaken. I also contacted RBC who said their rate is prime + 0.5 (3.20%) We'll see what happens when I apply
  12. I've accepted my offer at U of A, but me attending is largely dependent on whether I get a PSLOC approved. My credit rating is good, but I've got a fairly high debt to credit ratio (about 12k in credit cards and 5k in student loans). I plan to pay off the credit cards in the next few months, but that would mean not applying for a PSLOC until July. Is that too late? Would I be able to push it until the end of July? I have family in Edmonton so in terms of planning accommodation, the psloc shouldn't affect it.
  13. Declined my offer. Good luck to all who are still waiting!
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