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  1. Yes, include it. The typical language used is "forthcoming." So something like: Grad Student, Other Grad Student & Profreader, "Very Boring Legal Article" (2019) Journal of Boring Law Stuff (forthcoming).
  2. Don't include this. Not because of the lack of a verifier but because it doesn't really sound like volunteer experience, unless it was for a non-profit. Also, even if it were volunteer experience, something you did more than a decade ago doesn't show any particular interest or commitment to that cause.
  3. Don't include high school unless you were in the olympics or something. Even if they don't specify, it's weird.
  4. As I said, I don't think it should be included. Don't use your fiance as a verifier.
  5. I don't think they are worth including. Don't use family as verifies.
  6. Some schools hire very early, others don't. There are schools whose postings haven't gone up yet or whose postings haven't closed. And yes, they will need to hire a dean (or at least an interim dean) first. No, the postings for other schools don't really disadvantage Ryerson. Whether offers stay open for a while depends on the school and what you mean by "a while". No, people never swap schools after accepting an offer elsewhere.
  7. There's a million threads on this topic. Some people are probably more fine than others with not doing the readings. You won't really know what works for you until you have at least one set of your exams under your belt, so it is best to keep pushing through as many readings as possible. As for "Besides doing house chores and going to the gym, my days are dedicated to going to class and well, doing the readings/case briefs", this is the norm for law school. Lots of people even find difficulty squeezing in much gym, chores, socializing, especially near exams. Hell, this is kind of like what my life sounds like now, substituting "doing the readings/case briefs" with "writing and meetings" and substituting "the gym" with chauffeuring a child to activities.
  8. It's way too early. Law schools do their hiring through the fall and into the winter. I got my current job mid-February.
  9. There are a couple of dicks at every school. That doesn't mean that those schools are overall more competitive than Windsor. They aren't. If anything, given the employment rates coming out of somewhere like UofT, they would have much less reason to be competitive. Also, some small competitive incident is the exact kind of thing that gets blown out of proportion when it is retold to others.
  10. Agreed. I've been around a lot of law schools and these are just stories.
  11. Don't bring someone who hasn't yet written the letter a gift, as suggested above. Just send a follow up email and leave a voicemail.
  12. Those people are overestimating their ability. I used to teach a class to undergrads about the law. Although it may have given them some familiarity with concepts in the law, it would not have positioned them to write a stronger law school exam. While political science students would be familiar with various constitutional law concepts (federalism, etc.) such that the readings had some repetition, this would not give them any sort of advantage in doing a division of powers analysis/Charter analysis on an exam.
  13. You should follow their directions. More importantly, you can always cut out words without cutting out actual substance. For example: My current PS is 780 words I've already cut out a paragraph but I feel like I cannot cut any more without losing some important info about me. Is it okay for my PS to be longer? has anyone done this before?? 42 words I feel like I cannot cut any more from my PS without losing important information. Has anyone had a PS longer than the word limit?: 25 words A starting point: http://pointfirstwriting.com/edit-your-own-work/pdf-word/bulky_constructions_simplified.pdf and http://pointfirstwriting.com/edit-your-own-work/pdf-word/throat_clearing_empty_words_phrases.pdf
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