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  1. Don't go to Leicester. Don't go to a US school that will let you in with bad grades.
  2. ProfReader

    Reading ahead

    One is a response to the other. Both are boring. You should just relax and have fun. You have your whole life to read law books.
  3. ProfReader

    Reading ahead

    It is not advisable that you read at all, even if they were the newest texts. But yes, constitutional and admin law in particular have changed over the past few years.
  4. ProfReader

    Reading ahead

    This is not just a waste of time but a bad idea. There's a ton of threads explaining why. It is a really bad idea when you are talking about old constitutional and administrative books.
  5. ProfReader

    Inquiry about revoking an summer acceptance

    What kind of summer position are you trying to skip out on? A firm? A legal clinic? Research for a prof? Etc.
  6. ProfReader

    LLM in the States

    I'm not going to be much help...sorry. I worked on the East Coast and so I don't know much about West Coast hiring. Family law is also a pretty uncommon area for LLM studies, so I don't know much about that field either.
  7. ProfReader

    McGill grading curve & future impact

    I'm glad that you took my post in the spirit in which it was intended... Advice and not criticism.
  8. ProfReader

    McGill grading curve & future impact

    You might not have been freaking out internally, but that's how you come across (for example, in saying "I really need an answer because if this is the case, I may choose U of T instead"). This is probably something that you want to get a handle on before you go to law school and especially before you interview for law jobs. You seem to want to pick a law school based on an attempt to predict your grades, both here and in another post. There is absolutely no reason that you should take a law school's grading system into account into selecting a school. As someone else pointed out, employers are aware of these things.
  9. ProfReader

    LLM in the States

    You are going to need to provide more info. What area of law? What schools are you looking at? What city are you trying to work in?
  10. ProfReader

    Dealing with the stress?

    I'm not going to get into giving legal advice here, but depending what province you live in, your landlord may not be able to force a renewal on you like that. Your landlord may also not be able to unreasonably deny you the ability to sublet/assign the lease, even if they can force you to renew for a year. Look into your rights. Don't let your landlord try to dick you around. They do it all the time.
  11. ProfReader

    JD in Canada vs USA

    Yes, the US has a larger market for medical technology and tech start ups. However, it will be a long time before you are acting as a consultant in this field, if indeed you do break into it, so I think you should be more concerned with your immediate future. As I noted in a previous post, there are lots of people with MSc degrees or even PhDs who are interested in IP. Because of this, yes, it is entirely possible that your fears are well founded and that you won't ever achieve this very specific career goal (regardless of whether you go to law school in Canada or the US). I suppose that you have to ask yourself if you would also be happy doing something else with your law degree. I still wouldn't go to any of those 3 schools. Looking at Sturm, for example, only 177/252 grads are employed in long term/full time/JD required jobs: https://www.law.du.edu/documents/career-development-and-opportunities/2017-ABA-Report.pdf. The employment stats would be much better in Canada.
  12. ProfReader

    JD in Canada vs USA

    I worked at a US law school for a while, so I do have some info. That being said, I am far from an expert on American law schools, and those in California specifically, so the OP should likely talk to some law students in the US and do some immigration research rather than relying on any of this.
  13. ProfReader

    JD in Canada vs USA

    I'm not an immigration lawyer, but to my knowledge, you can't really resolve them. Yes, you can get a student visa, but your ability to work after graduation would be constrained by an employer's willingness to sponsor you. If I were the OP, I would be very concerned that an employer wouldn't be willing to sponsor me in an oversaturated market with other equally qualified candidates. I don't agree that the location is the most important factor more generally when we are talking about US schools. Yes, that is true in Canada, but in the US, it is much more common to just go to the best school that you can get into. That being said, yes, of course, the OP shouldn't attend a Canadian school if he is committed to working in the US, but he didn't say that. He said that living in California was enticing, but was seemingly more concerned about his employment prospects. I was advising on that basis.
  14. ProfReader

    JD in Canada vs USA

    Yes, I was referring to the posts collectively. I still disagree. I don't think that location is the most important factor at all when you are talking about attending a school that doesn't have great employment prospects, especially when coupled with immigration issues. I think the better decision if that were the only option would be to not attend law school at all. However, luckily, the OP has admissions to several Canadian law schools that would have much, much better employment prospects. Although there is a scholarship on the table at Santa Clara, with living expenses, it could come out in the wash.
  15. ProfReader

    Law school attire

    Most people aren't in sweats, outside of exam time. I would say that jeans are the most common. However, I don't think people would think twice if you were in sweats. It isn't really pretentious to expect that people aren't dressed in a completely crap suit. Watch out for sales and you will be able to get something decent. Or, better yet, have your mom watch out for sales...moms love that shit.