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  1. OLSAS doesn't hang onto your letters, so you can't re-use them per se. If you mean use the same referees, then yes, it is fine.
  2. ProfReader

    Referee Q

    You might ask her to spend the sentence or two explaining her role in teaching the course when she writes her letter.
  3. ProfReader

    Referee Q

    I don't think that a teaching fellow is ideal because that could mean a lot of things and she will likely use that title on her letter. It helps that she has overall carriage of the course, but the reader of the letter might interpret her as more of a TA (based on her title) depending on what her letter says. But again, at this point in the year, beggars can't be choosers.
  4. ProfReader

    Referee Q

    Also, people write letters on sabbatical all the time. It isn't a vacation from work, it is merely relief from teaching classes. Wait...are you applying this cycle? Are you applying in Ontario? If that is the case, then you may just have to take whoever you can get because you should have had people in place way before this.
  5. ProfReader

    Referee Q

    You absolutely can ask a professor from a long time ago to write you a letter. I would need to hear more about what this "teaching fellow" is to advise whether he or she would be an appropriate reference. Is there a professor assigned to the class and the teaching fellow is just running part of the class? Is the teaching fellow a current masters student or PhD student and, as such, is this a one-time gig or has this person taught various classes before? You've also used two different titles ("instructor" and "teaching fellow"). If the letter would be signed with the latter title, I wouldn't use that person. I don't agree with the advice that you should interpret "academic reference" broadly. It is better if the person is a professor.
  6. ProfReader

    Question regarding sketch?

    I would strongly recommend being concise over including "as much detail...as possible"
  7. ProfReader

    Absent LSAT for McGill Application

    Yeah, I think that you kind of have to mention it or it will be weird, but don't make a big deal of it.
  8. ProfReader

    Sketch Questions

    I think that you can probably skip out on some of the short-term things and 12 items sounds fine to me.
  9. ProfReader

    Sketch Questions

    I will let others weigh in on this. I've seen sketches, of course, and preferred them to be as concise as possible, which is why I made the recommendation that I did, but I've never filled one out or read the help section, but I'm sure that others here have.
  10. ProfReader

    Sketch Questions

    You are way overthinking this. No law school wants to see this much detail about coaching gymnastics. Just say coaching gymnastics and group it into a single entry.
  11. ProfReader

    When do references need to be submitted by? OLSAS

    Twenty days is still a while, but you could always email your referees with a reminder (assuming that you have not reminded them very recently) and, at the same time, ask if they received the link. I did not receive the link once or twice.
  12. I don't have an opinion one way or another. Providence has expressed her opinion about seeing it on a resume. I don't agree or disagree with that opinion, but I would say that the academic context may be different than the employment context as it is very common (probably more common than not) for people to include it in academic documents such as a CV, application for school (i.e. law school, grad school), etc.
  13. Yes. To me this is not different than some needs-based scholarships/bursaries and people include those all of the time.
  14. ProfReader

    Sketch, "since high school"

    I voted to admit people whose personal statements I felt weren't great because they had amazing stats as did others on my committee. I also voted against people with crap personal statements who were voted to be admitted by a majority of the committee (perhaps in spite of their personal statements or perhaps they disagreed and thought they were fine). Given the subjectivity inherent in judging a personal statement, it is entirely possible that the person who works in our admissions committee office loved either of those personal statements enough to pick them as examples to post on the website. So yes, while those people got in and someone in the admissions office liked their personal statements, they might have been admitted despite those personal statements.
  15. ProfReader

    Sketch, "since high school"

    Those three were still likely picked by the same person. That being said, I'm sure that you could find more if you combed the websites of other schools (as I said, I'm sure my school has one that I didn't like posted), so I'm not going to disagree with that. As I acknowledged to begin with, that was my opinion and that of a few other colleagues. That being said, it would seem that the overwhelming opinion on this thread is not to include such activities, so future applicants should perhaps err on the side of writing about other them.