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  1. ProfReader

    Things I Wish I Knew (Before Starting Law School)

    Yes, I would agree with this. Law professors used to stumble into academia in the same way that someone might stumble into an in-house position from a firm by meeting the right people or doing some work for someone, which led to something more permanent (i.e. teaching a course as an adjunct, which led to a full-time faculty job). But now that almost all new law professors have a PhD, no one is stumbling into anything. It is a pretty deliberate choice to get a PhD in order to apply for academic jobs. As for practitioners working as sessional lecturers or instructors, yes, those people definitely stumbled into those positions. But those are definitely not the "prime gigs" referred to above. As for who is "smarter", I'm no slouch, but I'm sure that I've had students with a higher IQ than me (if that or something similar is how you want to measure intelligence). That being said, I know exponentially more about the law than any student I've ever met.
  2. ProfReader

    Best Law School for Mental Health Support?

    Law schools take similar approaches to such issues.
  3. ProfReader

    1L Notes, CANs, and exams

    First of all, relax. You're fine. 1. Yes, you should spend time reorganizing your notes into something useful. This isn't a waste of time at all because, unlike passively reading something, reorganizing and thinking about something (i.e. engaging with the material) will help you to learn it better. 2. You are overthinking this. Most people have one word document per class. 3. After you get the long set of typed notes sorted out, then you can write out shorter sets of notes or checklists or other sorts of frameworks.
  4. ProfReader

    Getting Married in Law School

    I have friends who do this. Their legal name and their professional name remain the same as they were before marriage, but they change their last names on social media and so that's what people start calling them personally (i.e. they will get Christmas cards or wedding invitations or the like addressed to their shared last name).
  5. ProfReader

    Big law and parenting

    Quality over quantity. You might not be around as much as you would like, but when you are, make sure that the time that you spend with your kids is quality time. Try to put your phone aside until after bedtime so that you aren't distracted, make yourself drag your tired ass to the playground after work instead of sitting around and watching TV while the kids play, etc. Also, if you randomly have an afternoon with nothing booked at work, go pick your kid up at daycare and take them out for lunch, swimming, to a movie, etc. Kids love surprises and so the unexpected will make the memory stand out for them even more. I would also say to outsource things that you are able to outsource (get a cleaning lady, hire a kid to shovel snow, some people swear by those meal delivery services) so that you do have time on the weekends to do fun stuff rather than just doing housework. Since my job obviously involves some travel, when I'm not around, I try to still remind my kid of my existence....leaving notes with a special treat, sending a postcard (even though it almost always arrives after I am back), Skype (which you can do to say goodnight even if you are in the same city), etc. The other thing that has been really good for travelling is that I sent up a Gmail account for my kid (who doesn't have the password or anything, but definitely understands that it is distinct to receive an email addressed to just you as opposed to an email to someone else but which says hello). I email pictures of things I see while away, silly jokes, etc.
  6. ProfReader

    Reference not replying/confirming

    For anyone to give you constructive advice, you are going to have to be much more specific. How many times have you written? When did you last write? Etc.
  7. ProfReader

    What is considered a good grade?

    Tons of schools work this way. Not just law schools, but many, many undergrad programs only show letter grades. At most schools a 70 and a 75 aren't the same grade though. A 75 is generally a B+. But if we say a 70 and a 74, which are both Bs, there is generally very little difference between those two exams in law school.
  8. ProfReader

    What is considered a good grade?

    It's a B. They don't even have a B- to my knowledge.
  9. ProfReader

    What is considered a good grade?

    If it was a midterm or something, I would fail them all in hopes that they would be scared straight. If it was a final, it would be trickier, but you can still explain to the faculty why you should be able to deviate from the curve and they can grant permission.
  10. ProfReader

    What is considered a good grade?

    This isn't the issue. The issue is that law professors are generally expected to apply a B curve to a group of generally very strong students. What would have warranted a much higher grade in undergrad by necessity becomes a B in law school.
  11. I would go to student services first. This is their job. You might not even need to talk to your profs individually unless specific concerns arise with specific classes, as student services is likely to speak to them on your behalf and coordinate things for you.
  12. OLSAS doesn't hang onto your letters, so you can't re-use them per se. If you mean use the same referees, then yes, it is fine.
  13. ProfReader

    Referee Q

    You might ask her to spend the sentence or two explaining her role in teaching the course when she writes her letter.
  14. ProfReader

    Referee Q

    I don't think that a teaching fellow is ideal because that could mean a lot of things and she will likely use that title on her letter. It helps that she has overall carriage of the course, but the reader of the letter might interpret her as more of a TA (based on her title) depending on what her letter says. But again, at this point in the year, beggars can't be choosers.
  15. ProfReader

    Referee Q

    Also, people write letters on sabbatical all the time. It isn't a vacation from work, it is merely relief from teaching classes. Wait...are you applying this cycle? Are you applying in Ontario? If that is the case, then you may just have to take whoever you can get because you should have had people in place way before this.