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  1. I'm still waiting. Received an ITC from a boutique yesterday... they have not called yet.
  2. Hello! Is "2. Professional Responsibility - Alice Woolley, Richard Devlin, Brent Cotter and John M. Law, Lawyers’ Ethics and Professional Regulation, 2d ed. (Markham, ON: LexisNexis, 2012)" still available?
  3. Hello! Is anyone else looking to transfer to U of C for September 2014? I am currently working on my application and wondering if anyone else is with me!
  4. Just called TRU - They are still 'actively reviewing' files, including my own. We will be notified by email, regular mail, or both when a decision is reached. I've been accepted elsewhere and kind of need to start moving on that! Good luck to those still waiting on TRU.
  5. Congrats muffins23! Are you accepting?.... and if you are, are you as scared as I am about this debt load?!? Hah. Seriously though.
  6. Thank-you! Yes, I am planning to accept! I applied to sixteen Canadian law schools and this is the first yes! I am still waiting to hear from one other school but I am planning accept here. There is so much to do in the next six weeks. Oh my gosh!
  7. Accepted today!!! I'm in Calgary at the moment so this is the BEST Stampede present ever!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks aater. It's more about not burning those bridges. I like the industry I work in and want to continue to do so after I go to school (hopefully!). It's a small street and I work for a small company. I don't want to leave on bad terms, especially if these people can help make introductions at different firms. Losing out on compensation would suck but I am not too worried about it. Gahhhhh I know if I get accepted I'll go, I am just trying to tie up all the loose ends! Thanks again!
  9. Hey all! I don't mean to give anyone a heart attack here... I still haven't heard anything back from TRU! I am just wondering if any of you still waiting are in the same boat as me. I am required to give minimum three weeks notice if I leave my job to go to school. If I (very hopefully) receive an offer of admission it couldn't be later than the first week of August. Does anyone else have a 'cut off' point where it doesn't matter, it's just too late in the game to accept an offer?? I'm curious how you are approaching the situation if you do!
  10. Congratulations! Did you just receive the email this morning?
  11. Is it safe to say that if they're clearing people off of the waitlist, us still listed as 'referred' are probably done for too?
  12. Same way you activated it the first time. You need your Student Number and PAC which are both listed in the email you would have received after your sent your application in. The subject of that email (for me anyways) was 'Acknowledgement of receipt of Law Application'.
  13. Thank-you! I didn't think to re-activate my account. Totally worked, still listed as 'Referred'. When did you find about your acceptance to the Dual JD? That is what I've applied to.
  14. To those of you who were checking your status online, once you received a rejection letter/email did your MyUWindsor log-in stop working? I've been listed as 'Referred to Admissions Committee' for about eight weeks and my log-in information stopped working as of last night! Should I take the hint?
  15. Hello! Congratulations to all that heard (positively) yesterday! Based on last year's admission process, does anyone know if they will continue to send out admissions daily?
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