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  1. This waiting game is making me lose my mind! It is almost June and I haven't heard A THING.
  2. I feel like I am pestering her lol. I emailed her last week to ask and she said the committee will be making their decision on the waitlist over th enext few weeks...
  3. My status still says not reviewed and I haven't recieved a waitlist email!! Getting anxious here!!!!
  4. Were you asked if you wanted to be considered for the waitlist first?
  5. I got the same email this afternoon, with my deadline being July 5th
  6. Congrats!! When did you get the offer?
  7. I wonder how many people are typically accepted off of the waitlist...
  8. Does anyone know how big the waitlist is?
  9. I talked to Wanda last month and she said she hoped to have the final list within the next month (June). So hopefully in a few weeks.
  10. Did your status change online as well?
  11. Talked to admissions today, and anyone who applied under the discretionary category won't be getting an answer until early May. I hate waiting!!!
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