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    Paying Tution with Visa

    may be this will be helpfull for the next semester, by my petro-points mastercard just came out with this new thing that every cheque you use gets you points! this means petro points on rent, osap payments and pretty much everything! furthermore, they can be converted to pc points or sears points - we are looking forward to our gratis (pretty much) trip to cuba for Xmas already.
  2. effervescence

    Waiting List Position

    as of aug. 18th, i am number one, and in the original waitlist i started of as number 22.
  3. effervescence

    Waiting List Position

    what was your waitlist number, www?
  4. effervescence

    Waiting List Position

    1) 21/65 2) 3.55 3) mid-august, at the most
  5. effervescence

    Paying for Tuition: Credit Card?

    Well, to collect PC points from tuition you would have to use a check to pay for your tuition (as they most likely do not accept credit cards); essentially, charge a different credit card. Then, do a balance transfer from that other card to you PC points Mastercard, et voila! Plus, the interest rate is 4.97 until you pay it off in full ( a lot less than OSAP).
  6. effervescence

    Sandy Hill, Center Town, The Market, Alta Visa

    check out the buildings at 2660 Norberry... It si more South (right down the street from Mooney's Bay), but it is only one bus if you walk up the street ot the 87 or 2, if you take the 140 at your doorstep. I imagine a 1 bdrm would go for $700 and you might be able to squeeze a month of free rent from them. opt for the taler building as utilities are included and it seems less gheto-ish....
  7. effervescence

    Paying for Tuition: Credit Card?

    all the credit cards i've got have cheques that you can use. i just paid a good chunk of my osap using one of those (pc points), despite the fact that you cannot pay osap with a credit card. however, in order to get the pc points, i will have to make a transfer to the pc points mastercard (from the other card that i used to pay osap) in order to receive the points, because they are not awarded on cheque use. totally worth it for me, as it did provide 2 free round trip tickets to edmonton! (well, helped, anyway)
  8. effervescence

    who's left?

    limz, with the tv situation in canada right now, "major cities" is a very broad term ... just like I said in the previous post, as of yesterday i am on the waitlist. i hope you are doing better.....
  9. effervescence


    Apparently I have been waitlisted as of yesterday - anyone else joining me there?
  10. effervescence

    who's left?

    limz, i did apply at ottawa u, but was rejected last week or so. unfortunately, those seem as the only two feasible options (i didn't bother considering u of t), as my husband works in the tv industry, eliminating many other schools as viable possibilites. and the job is alright, but it is definitely not for me.....
  11. effervescence

    who's left?

    limz, i am an analyst with statcan - if i don't get out soon, i'll be a life-r
  12. effervescence

    who's left?

    limz, just the regular category for me... and i've actually graduated last year, so just have my boring gov't job at the moment......
  13. effervescence

    who's left?

    3.54 blended
  14. effervescence

    anyone accepted or rejected this past month?

    i'm out - 3.4/166....
  15. effervescence

    What is bad about doing part-time law school?

    Yeah, but what about in terms of being a new grad and applying for a job? Would firms, or other possible places of employment, not question the age? I just tend to be very pessimistic in evaluating a number of variables that would affect future possibilities... Then again, it just might be my 'old world' mentality - my cousins and friends in Europe have graduated and been working for a while, even tho they are younger than I am. Furthermore, like it has been said in previous posts - doing the part-time thing could be perceived negatively, add to that the fact that I would be older than the average new grad, and you have a potentialy massive disaster.