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  1. L2: 3.9 LSAT: 158 Good LORs, diverse work/volunteer experience Not too disappointed as I've accepted my first choice.
  2. Thank you! My GPA was calculated by Kim when I went to see her, not sure if that answers your question!
  3. Thanks very much everyone! Yes, I received the acceptance letter via snail mail...I guess I received it Friday and let it sit on my kitchen table for the weekend, not expecting to hear back so early. Bear tracks has not yet been updated and still says "Decision pending".
  4. Thanks so much! Now to celebrate! Am looking forward to hearing from future classmates.
  5. Never thought I'd be the one to start this. Best early birthday present ever. GPA L2: 3.9 LSAT: 158
  6. Rejected last week with: L2 GPA: 3.67 LSAT: 158 and what I thought were pretty strong LORs, ECs and work experience.
  7. Congratulations!! Do you mind sharing your ECs with us?
  8. Wow, congrats! I am really glad for your encouraging post. I also have a less than ideal cGPA (one particularly bad semester), which I have managed to salvage for a L2 of 3.67. The reason your post gives me hope is because passion and drive for law are the two things that I possess, and I really tried to emphasize this in my coursework (lots of BLAW courses) and volunteer work. I too tried to convince them of my genuine desire to settle in Calgary. Do you mind sharing when your application went "complete"? Thanks!
  9. Oh my goodness that's just awful. I was hoping to hear back any day now
  10. Congratulations, and thank you for restoring hope!
  11. Mine just went "complete" also. Now we wait. Comforting shoulder squeeze to you, and to all those waiting!
  12. This makes me so nervous. I am in a shockingly similar situation as you: L2 3.67 and LSAT 158, with nearly identical ECs. I even have the one awful year on my transcript .
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