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  1. Mortgage fraud. A lot of lawyers are willing to take on deals for miserable 700 bucks or so.
  2. If you have the right support staff sure but I wouldn't recommend it right out of articling. There is so much fraud you have to be on the constant look out for not to mention all of the little administrative mistakes that could be very costly as well. If you're going solo make sure you have a mentor to refer questions to. Also bug the hell out of the LSO when you are unsure on what to do. They already know me on a first name basis by the sound of my voice.
  3. I did it. Articled at a medium sized firm in Ottawa, came back to Toronto chasing after Toronto clients. I had a P1 license prior to my L1 and I had had a small paralegal practice so I felt relatively comfortable with practice management. I also felt more comfortable this city. While at it I heard that a retiring real estate lawyer was looking to hand his practice down to someone with zero experience, that he would train, in real estate transactional work. That lured me in. I started adding mortgage enforcement to his practice as he was only a solicitor and did that for a year while I learned real estate solicitor work. I brought in clients and pretty much paid for my own salary. I asked for a raise and was given some made up excuse as to why not. That was a bit upsetting. To top it all off the original understanding that he would hand his practice to me and retire changed when his almost 40 yr old son got into law school so they hinted the deal was off. I decided to then pack my crap and went out on my own again. Two key big lender clients to whom I was also serving with mortgage enforcement litigation contacted me for file updates and I advised that I had left the firm. They decided to keep all of their lit files with me and now have me doing their transactional work as well. When I started I did so from my one bedroom rental apartment. I work extremely long hours Monday to Sunday but almost a year later I am happy to report that I have been so lucky and done so well I now employ two girls, was able to pay off my entire school debt and purchased my own commercial unit in Toronto mortgage fee. All in less than a year. Coincidentally, the closing is actually today!!!
  4. Old report but interesting: https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2012/03/30/the_verdict_lawyer_well_paid_at_8_million.html
  5. Some profs do. They will discuss their lecture and ask a question that would have been covered by the readings and will from time to time say: John Smith, what's the answer? And then Jane Jones! What do you think?...
  6. Yeah I haven't really heard anything negative about TitlePlus. And yeah I think it's pretty standard to offer coverage for legal services. The main concern is that FCT wants to monopolize real estate transactions and lawyers using their services are in my opinion hurting themselves in the long run.
  7. Hey their firm is fairly sized! And wow to all of those who actually think I'm serious about quoting a tv show :)
  8. I think it was like 4-5 years ago that things changed disallowing lawyers to act for both sides. Legend has it that FCT Lending constantly engages in the practice of delaying the advancement of funds to lawyers to create disruptions. Legend also has it that in doing so they are manufacturing evidence in their lobbying to allow them to do in Canada what you say they do in the United States. Their title insurance arm is heavy in Canada, with something like 60% of the marketshare if I'm not mistaken. I think lawyers who choose FCT when getting title insurance for their clients are doing a disservice to themselves. Stuart Title seems like a better choice to me.
  9. You mean Suits is not one of those reality shows???
  10. Yeah but remember that Harvey would get nervous every time she would suggest that she would do it. She would always ask him "What, you don't think I still got it?" which suggests that she didn't actually litigate.
  11. Well in defence of my 3 yr old comment, top managing lawyers at law firms cannot really practice and do the day-to-day grind. Exampli gratia Jessica Pearson from Suits.
  12. Fulfill 2 and 14 by saying no to another one you don't want to do.
  13. It takes quite a bit to get real estate insured also.
  14. I would call the NCA to double check but I believe that they have now changed the requirement to 2 years of canadian in class law school if you have an LLB or JD from outside Canada. The best route, I think, would be to enrol with the NCA, have the application assessed. The NCA will then give you a a letter outlining a list of courses needed to complete your process so you use that to specifically apply for a 2 year masters. Osgoode requires that NCA letter before letting you register. If I'm not mistaken you need a B average to get in.
  15. I don't mean to be rude but if that's how you feel, drop out asap. Another person who actually wants it will take it if you do it early enough.
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