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  1. These answers may be a bit late for you, but I'll respond in case someone finds the info useful. No. FTX is too small a building for the number of students and classes. Personally, I've had class in Brooks (building across from FTX, connected by a footbridge) and in Morisset, the main library. Getting from FTX to Brooks and vice versa isn't bad, but you may want to rethink taking a class that's located in the library if you're coming from class in FTX. First year depends on the block you choose. For your upper years, I recommend not doing more than two or three classes in a row. There are various reasons for this, some of which include: hunger, caffeine withdrawal, tiredness, and loss of concentration. It also depends on the classes. I don't recommend a three-class stretch like admin-stat interp-con law II, but if you choose strategically, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. You may also find it worthwhile if it means freeing up a Monday or Friday .
  2. Personally, I avoid that "bookstore" whenever possible. The line-ups are usually long and the service is disorganized. If you can get there in off-peak hours it's not so bad though. Usually, people wait until after their first class to buy books. Make sure you're in the used book FB group. Some used books are better than others, it depends how picky you are with highlighting.
  3. Nope, I haven't had them. I've heard good things about Oguamanam though. People's opinions on profs are highly subjective; sometimes it's best to just experience the prof/class yourself. I can't say that 100% of the profs I've had at uOttawa were outstanding, but the vast majority are.
  4. If I had to pick, I'd go with Torts/McGill. A close second is Con Law/Pal.
  5. I can't compare the two because I haven't taken anything with Dodek. From what I've heard Pal is more on point with the tests and explaining the law, whereas Dodek is more high-level policy. Someone who has had Dodek should be able to give you a better opinion. And that's all you will get - opinions. So, take everything with a grain of salt. I heard con law II was a lot of readings, but I didn't think so personally. I guess it's relative to what you're used to. I took tax and business orgs at the same time, but not because of a master plan. Having said that, yes I can see a slight advantage to taking both at the same time. That is if you're planning to take tax at all. Securities may also be a good course to take at the same time as business orgs.
  6. I really enjoyed con law II with Pal. He's very organized and clear; he also walks the class through the various tests. His powerpoints were clear and it was very easy to follow him. Stat interp: save the space for a course that does a lot of stat interpretation (like IP or tax), and read Sullivan's Statutory Interpretation on your own time. Unless you want to go into government, this isn't a very useful course, IMO. Legal writing: highly, highly recommend. This course should be mandatory! Even if you can't get into the legal writing academy course, I still recommend taking a legal writing course.
  7. There are small and large lockers available for rent. They're also available on different floors/buildings. They are about $50-75 per year (someone correct me if I'm off on the cost). I find it comes in very handy - not just for books, but also jackets, scarves, boots, etc. Edited to add: if you do use your locker for snow boots, please think of the person using the locker under yours. Salt and snow melt into salt and water, which can leak into lower lockers if you don't use a plastic bag. I'd say most people lug around books more often than not, so a backpack is most common. I recommend something comfortable with many pockets. For women, a tote or nice shoulder bag comes in handy for firm tours, visiting court, or anywhere else a backpack normally looks out of place. Depends on your style though.
  8. The City of Ottawa and BLG made calls today. The City is apparently also making calls on Monday.
  9. Faskens and Macera & Jarzyna; BLG is extending interview offers on June 2.
  10. I agree with ericontario that this isn't something to stress over. I'll say a few things based on my experience, FWIW. First, IMO, the prof, timetable, and students in the class are important factors to consider. True, you won't know who all of your colleagues are until you begin classes, but still something to keep in mind. In my first year, like ericontario, I only had the choice of crim or torts. Knowing now how convoluted public law (the course) can be, and how important con law is, I would have taken that small group option if given the chance. Unless you have a deeper interest in criminal law or torts, I'd consider public law/con law.
  11. A couple IP firms sent out emails last week. The CRTC sent emails today.
  12. I agree with Myrand about the opportunities for discussion. There are so many intelligent and interesting people at FTX (profs and students). I really enjoy the weekly events on a wide range of topics (refugees, tech law, international law, business law, animal law, the list goes on and on). These events provide a great opportunity to learn more about an area of law you're interested in, or learn something brand new. There is usually free food offered as well.
  13. Thanks for this. So, I guess the better question is, how does one stick out from all the impressive-on-paper folks being interviewed for the same position? And please don't say 'be yourself' or 'be someone they'd want to have a beer with after work'.
  14. Hmm, I think I see your point. But I was more so asking (a very general, possibly rhetorical, question) whether these types of statements are actually what representatives/firms believe, or are they mere puffery and said to every student. I didn't mean whether these statements are binding, in that students can hold the firm to a forthcoming offer. The offer period has come and gone; I'm just reflecting on my experience. Sorry if I was unclear.
  15. Question for those lawyers at the other side of the table: How loosely are compliments given to students? Whether in reply to a thank-you email or in the interview, when a student is told "we were impressed by you" or "you have a very impressive application", is this just something said to all students to keep them interested in the firm?
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