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  1. I'm a junior associate at a large national firm in downtown Vancouver. I'd say typical hours for people in my group of 10-15 transactional solicitors are 9/9:15 am to 6/6:30 pm, with occasional longer hours when deals are closing and occasional shorter hours when you're ahead of target. My group is pretty good at letting people come and go as they please, work from home, and taking vacation whenever possible (as long as you're getting your work done). FWIW I've taken about 30 business days off this year for vacations and conferences.
  2. FWIW I'm an associate at a large firm in Vancouver and my hours are about 9-6 most days, with occasional weekends (with 1 or 2 week period every couple months where shit hits the fan). I'd say I average 45-50 hours per week most weeks. I usually land right around target.
  3. Uriel turning into LS.ca’s Candyman. Say his name and he appears (albeit minus the hook and gore). P.S. Can’t believe you’re a 7th year associate now. I think you had posted about just finishing articling when I joined this site as a lowly 0L.
  4. This is quickly becoming one of my favourite threads of all time.
  5. Where art thou @Uriel? We need your wisdom bombs in this thread.
  6. As PJFry said, focus on finding the people you connect with (and the practice groups that interest you). The work done by the national firms and large regionals is generally similar (with some firms being stronger/better-connected in certain practice areas).
  7. Can confirm that Blakes, McCarthy’s, Stikeman, Fasken, BLG, and Bennett Jones in Vancouver have raised associate salaries by a few thousand over the past month or so. Also, I believe articling salaries for most of the big firms in dt Van are at $65,000 now.
  8. This sound amazing. Where do you work, if you don't mind me asking?
  9. FWIW, I went to UBC and currently work at a large firm in Vancouver, and the majority of my close friends at UBC did not do particularly well in the Vancouver OCI recruit, but they all did significantly better in the Calgary and Toronto recruits, so my anecdotal experience is the opposite of Amay's. My impression when I was going through law school was that the Toronto firms took less competitive UBC candidates during the 2L summer recruit because there were so many more job openings over there, but granted that it may have just been a function of the legal market at that time.
  10. I posted this over a year ago in another thread, but I find my experiences are (largely) similar: "I’ve definitely noticed that a lot of people tend to automatically give you more respect/deference when they find out you’re a lawyer. I also find that when it comes up in conversation that I work at a law firm, generally speaking, dentists/doctors tend to be more cautious (because they don’t want to get sued), salesmen tend to be more helpful (because they see you as a walking wallet who might become a repeat customer), service staff (e.g. baristas, concierges, bank tellers) tend to be more deferential (maybe because they’re under the false impression that I’m more important than I actually am), and members of the opposite sex tend to be more chatty (because they’re definitely under the false impression that I’m smarter/richer than I actually am)."
  11. I’m also in Vancouver. I have a bunch of in-house friends around here who work 40-45 hours a week, but not exactly sure what their compensation is. I know of 2: 1 works for a local post-secondary institution and makes about $125k for 45 hours a week, with every second Friday off. Went in-house as a first year but is now a 9 year call I believe. 1 works for a municipality and makes about $130k working 40 hours a week. Went in-house as a 3rd year call and is now a 5th year I believe. Both also have tons of vacation, given who they work for.
  12. It exists and is pretty reliable. Also, hearing Blakes Vancouver bumped up associate salaries in the past few weeks. Not sure by how much.
  13. Don't want to pry, but if you're comfortable sharing, do you mind telling us what your position and approximate compensation are? Hours seem to be on the high end, at least compared to my in-house friends.
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