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  1. hitman9172

    Dollar value of an articling student?

    I crunched the numbers for my firm once and came to the conclusion that (most) articling students are profitable to the firm. Also my personal opinion that articling should be eliminated.
  2. hitman9172

    Work hours in big law

    FWIW, the litigators at my firm have more predictable schedules than solicitors. As Jaggers touched upon, the litigators usually have more notice of things that will take up large chunks of their time.
  3. hitman9172

    Transfer to another office

    From what I’ve seen in Vancouver, it’s directly into a practice group. You can specialize in that practice area after you’ve been in that group for a few years. For instance, you get hired into corporate/commercial and later specialize in working with franchises. Or you get hired into real estate and later specialize in leasing.
  4. hitman9172

    Transfer to another office

    As soon as possible. Also get in touch with recruiters. I’ve received several interview offers for junior associate positions at other large firms within the last 6 months through recruiters.
  5. hitman9172

    Potential Vancouver Salary Bump?

    Not a stretch. I can confirm via numbers provided by associates at those firms. A lot of the info on NALP is out of date, since a lot of large firms bumped their salaries up this year. For instance, Miller Thomson has gone from $96k to $104k this year. Most large firms have given similar raises.
  6. hitman9172

    Potential Vancouver Salary Bump?

    Lawson has bumped articling salaries to $65k. Not aware of any other firm that’s followed them yet. Also, $103k does not lead the pack for first year associates at large firms. I know several that pay anywhere from $104-108k, and a handful that pay more.
  7. hitman9172

    Transfer to another office

    For what it’s worth, I know of many large firms in Vancouver (including mine) that have hired multiple new calls this year. The market is hot for associates right now.
  8. hitman9172

    Thoughts about working at Davies?

    Ah, now you have me reminiscing about the days of people humble bragging that they barely studied and still beat the class average.
  9. hitman9172

    Thoughts about working at Davies?

    Although law can be demanding (and unpredictable - which I think is worse than working long but set hours), I think the need to spend time or talk about spending time at work is a byproduct of the billable hour. When your “value” is based on how much time you spend working, there often becomes a need to constantly talk about how busy you are.
  10. hitman9172

    Thoughts about working at Davies?

    This actually can be a benefit sometimes. I worked a few 9-5s downtown and transiting was extremely uncomfortable because of how hot and packed the train was during those peak times.
  11. hitman9172

    Thoughts about working at Davies?

    I’m a junior at a large firm in Vancouver and these are typically my hours as well. 9 am-6:30/7 pm most weekdays, plus 2-8 hours of work on the weekend usually.
  12. hitman9172

    Compensation in and around Vancouver: 2018 Edition

    Most big firms in Vancouver are currently paying $55,000 for articling students (went up from $50,000 last year, in 2017). However, I have heard that one of the big firms is now paying $65,000 for articling students, and that other firms may follow suit. For first year associates, many big firms are paying between $101,000 and $104,000 base salary. Some pay a bit more (usually $106,000 or $108,000, with a very small handful paying even more). Approximately $10,000 per year increase for each corresponding year of call.
  13. hitman9172

    Best time to take vacation during articling

    I find that it goes both ways. The litigators’ schedules are generally more predictable at my firm, particularly around Xmas time. The solicitors’ schedules are more unpredictable cause you never know when deals will come in, but if you’re busy, that means you can take more time off later since you’re not stressed about hitting target. Most of our solicitor associates take 2.5-4 weeks off per year. Some take up to 6 if they were grinding the rest of the year. Hardest part is transitioning files to other people for the time you’re away and not being able to fully disconnect.
  14. hitman9172

    Best time to take vacation during articling

    I’m a junior associate at a large firm who will be taking 2 weeks back-to-back vacation in a few months’ time. Another junior associate in our group just did the same thing, so I’m hoping it won’t be an issue. Will probably work like a maniac beforehand and stay semi-connected throughout those 2 weeks, but oh well.