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  1. I never got a notification of my application being complete. For me, on student center, the status went from a yellow triangle to a green circle to finally, a green checkmark. I only got a notification upon it turning into a green checkmark (granting acceptance).
  2. Has anyone recieved any packages or messages from UCalgary since being accepted? Other law schools that have accepted me have sent folders full of information on their respective institution.
  3. Has anyone actually received their Western Law offer through the SAM tool on the OLSAS website? None of my offers from the Ontario schools seem to have shown up on there.
  4. Also in. cGPA - 3.65 B2 - 3.75 LSAT: 164
  5. Got the email from Karen roughly 30 minutes ago. Stats: cGPA: 3.70 L2: 3.80 LSAT: 164 Edit: Born, Raised, and went to university in Calgary. I am also assuming my extensive Oil & Gas experience was a positive.
  6. It changes into "Offered Admission" with a green checkmark. Also enclosed are a few letters from the school and brief instructions on how to accept your offer.
  7. In as of yesterday. Index is ~79 GPA: ~3.9/4.5 LSAT: 164
  8. In. Stats: LSAT: 164 cGPA: 3.65 B2/L2: 3.75
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