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  1. That's what I think too! I just don't want to call everyone I know only to be told tomorrow that the whole message was an error. Oh well - I've been waiting months already, what's another day! Thanks for the reply!
  2. I received the email this afternoon and it was addressed "Dear <first name>", blah blah blah. I received another email 10 minutes later apologizing for the technical error, but I'm not sure if the error was that they didn't enter in my name properly, or if that I wasn't supposed to get an acceptance email at all! Anyone in the same boat? Is it safe for me to celebrate?! I'm dying over here!
  3. I received the email this afternoon. Self-calculated index of 77.5. Did anyone else get the "error" email after? I'm not sure if the error was that they wrote "dear <first name>", or if they even sent me the email in the first place. I want to celebrate but I'm worried that I didn't actually get in! I replied to Marie's email, but I'm assuming she won't be back in the office until tomorrow.
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