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  1. One thing that really stressed me out not long ago is that someone called the office and said CLIENT INFO REMOVED My hands were shaking and my voice was cracking when I said "hello" because I just knew the guy on the phone would recognize me as the guy who just told him we didn't do those cases. I was so stressed out about this that I drank almost an entire bottle of wine later that day. This is another thing for me, being a lawyer has almost made me into an alcoholic. Not to mention that this situation is so clearly unethical that it's comical. Another situation is that we once had someone come in for a CLIENT INFO REMOVED. If we had pursued the case, it would have very easily been thrown out with a motion to dismiss. LEGAL ADVICE GIVEN TO CLIENT REMOVED When the boss read my memo about the meeting he was absolutely furious and told me something like "do you really think a REMOVED is going to kill the case? do you know how many REMOVED I beat?" and basically made it clear that he thought the firm had lost a client because of me.
  2. I agreed because I hoped it would get better. Naive, I know.
  3. I did flirt with the idea that I was in the wrong field. My dream when I was younger was to be a computer programmer, but I kind of set that aside to get into law. I don't have a computer degree but I had really good grades in calculus and mechanics back in the day, so I guess it's not impossible if I can get the money for tuition somehow. I have more than enough academic prereqs to get into an comp engineer program Obviously my legal career has not been working well so far. For example I'm the kind of person who always gets taken to secondary inspection for extra check when I cross the border into the US because I get nervous as soon as the customs officer asks questions in a rude way and I even sometimes had my hands shaking when I give my passport, which makes me look suspicious. Obviously going to court is a huge stress. When I go to the US with the family they don't want to let me drive because they know if I'm the one the officer speaks to we're all going to get delayed in secondary, it almost became a joke
  4. I think part of the problem for me was that I was already 30 when I graduated. I had very good grades, but the bigger firms were looking for people in their early 20s... when I was looking for my articling one interviewer actually told me right away that I'm too old. The firms I worked in so far were all very small, with one or two partners and only one junior (me). So I guess when it's just one guy or two guys who reign like emperors, it's more likely that things like this happen My fiance is pissed off at me, she says that I keep letting people walk all over me. I know I share part of the blame, but still. I know I'm a good lawyer and I do a good job with drafting and research... give me a 2000 page file and I'll read through it at light speed and right away I'll find you the sub-section in the contract or the paragraph in X document that wins the case. But I suck at negotiating or arguing because I come across as timid and easily intimidated. That's also why it's extremely difficult for me to bring clients because I have very little social contacts outside my immediate family. The clients I was able to refer where people I knew through my fiance
  5. That's what my fiance is saying. It doesn't make it right at all, but I'm by nature a very introverted / shy person. I guess it just makes it harder for me to get my point across firmly enough sometimes and makes me easy to take advantage of.
  6. Thanks for the replies I understand the idea of getting independent advice. I thought about it but for the moment I've kind of shied away from it because of potential fees. I know a guy who's a bankruptcy trustee and also happens to be a lawyer in Quebec (although not practicing). He has a lot of experience and is much older than I am so I guess I'll try talking to him I understand it's not the clients fault, it's not them who are supposed to pay me. It's hard to get mad at them because they did nothing wrong I didn't really open up about my life to the lawyer but I did say that I have trouble paying my bills without going into too many details
  7. I've been called to the bar in 2012 and I'm a member of the bar of two provinces including Ontario So far I worked in 3 different law firms. The first one I was paid 350 $ a week (after working for free during my articles). After a couple of years I just wasn't able to make ends meet anymore on that salary so I left. I worked about six months in a second firm for a lawyer who promised me I would be paid on commission. I brought a couple of clients in (including one that required a lot of work to create a new company, as well as some trademark litigation) but I didn't get paid anything because the lawyer told me they weren't paying (I later found out that was a lie). I did a lot of work on several of his files and even paid about 1000$ out of pocket for various court filings, for which I wasn't reimbursed after repeated promises that I would get paid. After six months of essentially paying to work, I left. I sued him but the case is still pending. One of my former classmates actually advised me to drop the suit because it would make me look unemployable (the greedy lawyer who sues his boss for fees). Now I've been in another firm for just over a year. I'm one of two employees - it's two senior lawyers (one who is a former judge), the junior (me) and a secretary. There's also an accountant but she comes in only once a week. This firm has promised me 75$ an hour for all my billable hours. I was being paid, albeit it was always at least a month late, but at least I was being paid. Although it kept getting later and later. Now I haven't been paid at all since June. I've been told at least 100 times something like "your check is on the way, don't worry." Last month I threatened to just stop working until I got paid, to which I was told that I would get my check in a couple of days. I still haven't gotten it. I talked to the secretary and the accountant and apparently they're both being paid on time without ever having a day late. Wtf. I talked to someone from the Quebec bar and they told me that even if I'm not being paid I can't stop working since I have three court cases in the next couple of weeks and since I'm the one who prepared the files I can't just quit because it would screw the client over. They essentially told me that I am legally obligated to work even if I'm not getting paid, and even if I just can't afford to work anymore because it costs me more than it gets me. In what other profession are you forced to work if you're not getting paid? Now my situation is that I racked up credit card debts to pay my rent and to put forward court costs, bailiff fees, stenographer, etc. I just can't afford to pay my CPDs, which are due very soon, never mind the actual fees for two bars. I'm seriously considering bankruptcy. I kept in touch with a few classmates from law school and some of them have similar stories where they're just not getting paid. One of my former classmates told me he quit altogether and is now back in school in a completely different field. Has anyone heard of anything similar or am I just extremely unlucky? Being a lawyer doesn't have anywhere near the prestige you see in movies, but I think everyone knows that now.
  8. Hey thanks for the advice guys I did a lot of volunteering but it's mostly community service for the poor. For example I deliver food from food banks to elderly people, etc. As for the person who quoted Dale Carnegie, this is actually something I thought about. I went to a toastmasters event in 2013 (with the purpose of learning how to nerwork) but I never went back, I found it very difficult. I really have to go back to it. I guess part of my problem is that I'm a very bookish/nerdy type of person and my social skills are not excellent so I come off as a bit awkward sometimes (so I'm told) and I'm self conscious about that. I guess I sort of expected to find a job where I just do research and draft pleadings.
  9. Hi guys, I need some advice. I've run into some huge problems in my career, both as an articling student and as a young lawyer. Basically, my parents are both retired and I have very little extended family, and I'm an only child. I have friends but none who have the money to spend on lawyers. And I feel like everywhere I worked, including as an articling student, I've been under a lot of pressure to refer clients to the firm. I've tried, but I just haven't been able to. This has led to a lot of problems. One boss even referred to me as "dead weight" because I couldn't refer new clients. I'm under the impression that your knowledge of the law or your skills in drafting documents or whatever doesn't matter for law firms unless you have a solid network that can provide you with a regular influx of new clients. Is there any hope in the law field for someone like me? I mean I was trying to think of where I could work where I wouldn't be in a constant pressure to refer clients, and the only thing that came to mind is trying to become a prosecutor, or find some kind of government job.
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