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  1. Hello all, As someone starting 1l next month, I am just trying to get as much out of the way beforehand as possible. One of the things that has been advised to me is get resume/reference related stuff taken care of when one still has time. As I have no idea what type of jobs I will be applying for now, I was wondering how I should go about asking for references. I have two specific professors in mind from my previous degree (both were former government officials). Should I ask for a general letter now? or wait until later when it can be more specific? What is the protocol - does it need to be mailed and sealed, or can an email copy be sufficient? Thanks for the help!
  2. one of the staff told me that she thought students themselves created a facebook group and not the administration. If you create a group, I'll definitely join it.
  3. for OSAP when it asks for what level of degree law school is, what do I put down? Bachelors? Other? Doctoral? I have no idea
  4. If I have the ability to receive a loan from a family member (nothing formal, just that I have to pay them back for everything), would that be smarter than receiving my own PSLOC?
  5. if anyone knows someone who needs a roommate, or wants to share a house/apt this coming fall, please let me know.
  6. i just want to let you know that in my experience, you have been by far the most helpful person on this forum. thanks
  7. Hello everyone, I am from Ontario and will be attending Robson Hall next year. From what I have read on this website, I should get a loan from scotia, in addition to one from osap. Moreover, I should apply for bursaries. What is the correct timing/order of these steps. Thank you!
  8. For all those entering Robson Hall for the next September, what are you planning to do for living arrangements? Thanks
  9. I know that onenote is extremely popular, but since it does not exist for mac; which software do you use? Microsoft word? Circus Ponies? Growley Notes? does it not matter? Any thoughts you have on the subject, please share. Thanks
  10. just to clarify, I haven't spoken to my family about it, but I'm pretty certain they could afford to pay the tuition on my behalf and allow me to pay them back after graduating (interest free loan). With that said, I have absolutely no idea how any of this works. What do people normally do? Would it be in my best interest to apply for OSAP and bursaries independantly? if I do that, could I still receive assistance from others for things like living expenses?
  11. I haven't thought about financing at all yet. If my family were to pay for tuition, would I receive nothing?
  12. The way it has been told to me is this: if you have the grades to get a job in Toronto from Robson Hall, you also have the grades to transfer to one of U of T/Osgoode/Queens/Western; this seems like the preferred option. Even if you went to a school in Ontario, you still need very good grades to get hired by a big firm. Sure, the odds are greater of landing said job, but it still relies on you excelling in law school. Because one cannot predict whether or not they will excel in law school (for the most part), it seems that no matter what one needs to take a chance and have faith in themselves.
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