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  1. Oh god these are the worst. You're writing the Court, not your long lost love who was married off to a French prince against her wishes.
  2. I think my personal favorite "but...why?..." word that I've never heard outside of law (and isn't a technical legal term) is "forenoon". As in "Will make a motion at 9:30 in the forenoon". But....why...? We invented "am" for a reason...
  3. What do you expect me to do, actually type out what I need? So much easier to type "Please revert re same."
  4. That's funny, commonly, I'm more likely, to often see lawyers, use far too many commas. [aka the Shatner comma]
  5. It's not impossible, it's just less common. Again, largely a selection bias. I believe the requirements are upper level degree OR law degree. Employer preference may lean towards PhD but I doubt it's a hard and fast rule most places.
  6. There's a consignment on 109st just before 124 av, think it's called Dress to Suit? Has some good options for a basic charcoal or navy as a first suit. I had a couple nice ones from there for quite cheap.
  7. Agree with Mal that SS is as good as BB. I've looked at a few suits from S&M and the fabric choices are sometimes not ideal but otherwise well built (size doesn't work for me though). SS also has lowered the price on a number of entry options to sub $400, which is a steal.
  8. I took it to mean flood pant territory
  9. Had a similar thing happen: What can you tell me about person X? Should I know person X? They mentioned you in their interview... I have no idea who this person is...
  10. Just a couple thoughts and cautions on the above: -memos are firm property, so shouldn't be used for any non-firm reason -pleadings aren't ideal, given they are often boilerplate -while written reps on a motion could work, there is major sensitivity, so make sure they were filed in open court and you've obtained permission (lawyer and client). That probably makes it a bit of a deal breaker. -for redactions, highlighting black and printing to pdf DOES NOT remove the information. If you don't have a way to scrub the data and need to redact for anything that way, print the blacked out word version on paper and scan it. In short, an article or paper is your best bet for a writing sample. If you have none from articling, and an interviewer wants more than what you had from school, you can always offer to brief up a case for them.
  11. Yea no kidding. Maybe, MAYBE you could argue there should be some movement when the two parties are disputing a small difference, but when its large it shouldn't be improper to stick to your position. This is my problem with mandatory settlement/mediation. I know the court looks at it as getting things off the docket, but there are already settlement consequences in the rules that parties can rely upon (course, that assumes the Court properly considers them, but that's a separate issue). Settlement/mediation should only be on request of both parties.
  12. They arrive well before you want them to
  13. Basically every in firm social event repeats the following: Hey X, how are you. Good, you? Good yea How's work, busy summer? Yea lots on the go. Holiday plans? Nothing major, try and get a long weekend in. Great. Yea. Rinse and repeat until you get bored and spend the rest of the event talking to only the other students.
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