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  1. Best to view it as not just hireback, but also hiring generally. If you do good work and the lawyers like you but can't make the numbers work to bring you back they will usually reach out to their colleagues elsewhere to recommend you. So basically learn everything you can and do good work.
  2. There is an insane amount of time for the gym during school, it's articling and practice where you'll need to force a set time and keep the routine. It's doable though, I found the morning was the easiest to go consistently cause you're never really sure when your day will end. Others would break up a workday with an early evening gym trip followed by more work if needed on busy days.
  3. I'd be careful with this though, as I'm always worried that papers on "pet" issues have to be top notch given the profs extra familiarity with the issue.
  4. Faxes will always exist until they are no longer classified as a manner of service. I'd love for firms to have a "[email protected]" general email, rather than a generic fax that then gets emailed to me in poor quality. But as it is I have to opt in to e-service for each and every file.
  5. Would you rather they hid it from you? Have them say we place an emphasis on work life balance and value everyone's free time, only to show up and realize it's a lie? Recruiting is an expensive, time consuming and stressful endeavour. Best to be as transparent about what you expect as you can.
  6. One thing I would say is never self-edit to alter your efficiency. First, as said above nobody really cares for articling students. Second, firms don't seem to expect new associates to be 90%+, they recognize there is a learning curve. Third, if you have 30% efficiency that may indicate a fixable problem such as missing the scope of the question asked, or not being aware of existing templates. In the end it is a metric you should be aware of, but unless it is way off it is a metric outside of your control so don't stress it too much.
  7. You're right, was thinking FC not FCA. Would agree with the above about focussing on principles vs subject matter.
  8. The way I see it, the majority of FCA cases are immigration and IP related. You don't necessarily need classes in those areas, but what you need is a way to discuss them in an interview. Why are you interested, why FCA, etc. etc. As per above, if you already have the job then don't worry about it. Any reading you wanted to do is just for your benefit. Subscribe to the FCA and FC new decisions, take a daily skim, and try and keep up to date. That's most of the battle. Then you do as you're told by your judge.
  9. Possible alternative is herringbone, which provides some appearance of added texture while equally being less stand-out.
  10. It should go without saying, but I feel the need to point it out anyway, that being specific does not mean "make something up or stretch something too far to sound interesting." You don't want to be the person who listed "brewing beer" cause you thought it sounded like a better term in place of your actual interest in "taking boozy brewery tours," cause I'm 100% going to ask you questions about your setup and you're going to look like a fool.
  11. I know who you mean. Thought it might be him but wondered if there was somewhere else I needed to check out. Thanks.
  12. Plus you can redeem it at 1.5:1 for minutes on the company helicopter.
  13. They did as of a couple years ago, though whether it's strictly Dean's list or other rank I can't confirm.
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