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  1. 70% word 20% excel (but nothing fun or complicated) 10% relativity for doc review. There's sometimes room for fun coding with excel analysis, but it's a niche and you'd be doing it cause you can not cause you need to.
  2. Do you expect circumstances to be different when you defer? Is money sufficiently tight that the cost of writing again is prohibitive? I don't encourage being unprepared for it, but it's not a "one shot only" test so unless you feel comfortable that the next option is 1000x better for you, I'm not sure there's much harm in writing it. It's much more of a "look up the answer" test, vs an actual knowledge test, so if you've learned some of the material and spend the next few days getting comfortable with the Table of Contents then you might not be in bad shape. Worst case, you know what you are walking into next time (the questions change but the format is the same, and the format is unique from many law school tests).
  3. Unless something has changed recently, only the Ontario schools talk to one another. So you can accept, and later withdraw if you wish (which as you note is forfeiting your deposit). Note: my info on this is 5 or so years old, so I defer to others.
  4. It should always retain it's common-law designation as a "protectorate".
  5. Sure, but just not in my neighborhood. 😝
  6. Yea but your garden is probably currently doing great, and not under a fresh dump of snow.
  7. Locking threads is amateur hour. Instead, create a sub-forum titled "WTF honey-pot rants" and make sure people get a notification when it gets moved there. Waaaaay more effective.
  8. Also, it might seem fine cause they are paying their bills now, but at some point you get the question of "why is bill X so high" and "cause you required me to edit the same thing 100 times for no good reason" is not a well-regarded answer.
  9. Sounds like it’s due to moving into a new set/category of assignments. If you think back to early days, you likely equally had no idea how long memo X would take. Go back to basics, recognizing you don’t know what exactly is involved. Eg. Look at earlier examples to get an idea for length. Don’t overcommit. Get clarification early. like memos, soon you’ll learn how long basic exam prep takes, or what’s involved with affidavit drafting. Then you’ll almost start feeling comfortable only to have things shift yet again.
  10. I always found the biggest articling stress was not being in control of your deadlines. So much of the above hopefully still applies. Another big benefit/help during articling was being able to chat with other students to talk through questions. If there are other students at your firm, it can help to set up some quick video/phone calls to talk through ideas and projects. Sometimes you need to explain the thought to someone else to fully grab it. That doubles with a good social aspect, which is hopefully helpful. If it's just you as a student I'll default to others as I don't have experience as a lone student.
  11. I'm in the same boat - SO has the office so I'm stuck at the kitchen table which is right next to the couch and TV. Means the computer is ALWAYS THERE! It's horrible. Big thing for me is that once I call it a day - the computer and monitor get shut off. Pile stuff at the side out of sight if you have to. It's always easy to fire up and be back up and running if really needed, but this way if something comes in on my phone that can wait, there's no "ok let's just pull that up / open that attachment and check" guilt due to ease of access. Also as mentioned try to get outside right around when you shut it down. The 3s switch from the desk to the couch seems nice, but I'm a big proponent that the "commute" home (here a quick walk for a few blocks) tricks my brain into actually switching over to personal time.
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