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  1. I'm not sure which area you're in but I know that in family law, you have to serve and file a notice of change in representation (I think it's 15A for civil matters). Not sure if this is the 'process' your boss is talking about.
  2. No prep course but I did buy my indices from Ontario Law Exam and went over their practice exams multiple times. I would HIGHLY recommend doing as many practice exams as you can as it's not really about whether you understand the law (although that makes things easier), but rather how fast you can find keywords in order to then find your answer.
  3. I took both in June and passed. I also did not attend an Ontario school so taking both in the same month is indeed possible
  4. So in terms of taking notes, most people do use their computers during class but there are still a handful of people who do take notes by hand. It is sometimes necessary to reference online materials during class but most of the time the profs will tell you what to bring ahead of time or they'll hand out printed copies during class. In terms of what to wear, it's quite casual if there are no events. During class, there are lots of people who wear sweatpants, etc. and you don't have to worry about dressing up everyday. For networking events, you can wear a suit, a dress or a blouse and dress pants, etc. (as long as they're business-like). Again, it isn't too strict and there is some flexibility in terms of what you can wear (just make sure it looks professional).
  5. On the orientation sheet it says National on 10th. So yes, you're right!
  6. When buying textbooks, would it be wise to wait until our booklist came out? (Does anyone know when it comes out?) It seems like a lot of people have bought their textbooks already and I'm a bit worried that I might end up having to buy them new if I wait too long.
  7. I'm hoping they'll give us some sort of a schedule on the first day.
  8. I also mainly had a lot of work experience rather than volunteer work, sports, etc. and I got in at the end of January (my last reference letter was submitted at the end of December) so I think you should be okay!
  9. Yeah, I'm hoping I'll get mine soon too so I can see what's happening the first few weeks of school
  10. Still waiting for my package :/ Is it that bad? How's the orientation schedule?
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