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  1. Is now happening, on strong authority from several national firms, by (ish) $10k per year. Do not know what articling and stub year/first year look like, but: 2018 calls = $105k 2017 calls = $130k 2016 calls = $150k etc.
  2. Because it's less of a financial risk for Calgary firms to hire 1Ls. In Toronto, if they hire you for 1L summer, it is expected that they will also bring you back for 2L summer. That is not the case in Calgary. The firms have developed a norm of hiring 1L students, and then offering an articling position after the 1L summer, giving students a small tuition credit/signing bonus, and sending them off to do whatever they want during the 2L summer. This means that Calgary firms don't pay much extra at all for 1L hires compared to 2L hires, while in Toronto they pay 1Ls twice as much. And, of course, summer students offer zero return - in fact, they can often consume way more firm money than just their salary.
  3. ...'posted' dates are your friends, people. There is not much sense responding to those who were rejected in last year's cycle.
  4. I guess that means they aren't sending PFOs again this year
  5. They were pretty careful to use the word "respond" not "call"
  6. Unfortunately I'm positive it's a receipt of application. Everyone I have spoken to who applied to Dentons received the exact same email.
  7. Hm, well it is an 'intent to call' on call day. But even that is not prohibited. What is prohibited is going through the mechanics of actually scheduling a specific interview before call day. Call day, to clarify, is 'call day [to schedule interviews]' not to offer job positions. The rules surrounding interview offers are much more flexible than those around job offers
  8. Just to be clear, ITCs could never be construed as violating LSUC rules unless they communicate a time and date to schedule an interview. Communicating the fact that they will offer you an interview is explicitly permitted as per the commentary in the rules
  9. I think the Dentons thing was just acknowledgement of receipt (that was the only firm I hadn't gotten an acknowledgement from before today)
  10. Looking at past years, it seems to me that at least for the 1L recruit, all of the big firms advise of ITC, but don't necessarily give PFOs
  11. 'Please *expletive* Off' and 'Intent To Call'
  12. I'd caution against the belief that it is necessary to have law-related experience on a resume. If the sole reason for wanting a law-related job is for your resume, I wouldn't fret too much if you don't end up finding something. It's not something that will automatically count in your favour on a resume - it may give you some great experiences to talk about in a cover letter and help you explain why you want to go to law school, but so can many other jobs/experiences. On the other hand, seeing law in action can be a great way of deciding whether law is, in fact, something you want to pursue. Law school is a big investment to go into blind, with a serious risk of disillusionment. The goal here would be to gain exposure to what various legal jobs entail. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to work; a lot can be gained by approaching lawyers in different practice areas and talking to them about what their daily work looks like, their reasons for practicing what they do, their grievances, etc. Of course, this doesn't at all answer your question... but 2 cents
  13. I'll second the post above me! Congrats to you all, and a pre-emptive congrats to those coming up next week! I'm sure I speak for most/all current students on this forum in saying that, should anyone have specific questions or concerns about choosing a school or about U of T (or anything, really), feel free to PM as well! ...I'm a 1L, FYI
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