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  1. Thanks for the info! Just as a follow up, thinking about Alberta and BC, is learning the law in a province different from where you end up articling/summering an issue at all or is what you learn typically the same or easily transferable? I'm thinking along the lines of substantive law, procedure, licensing etc.
  2. For students from Alberta (or other provinces) open to either returning to Alberta for summering/articling or staying in Vancouver, how have you found their success on this front? Are there disadvantages to being an out of province student, or just extra legwork that needs to be put in? I guess I am just interested in the 'plight' - if there is one - of the student with no prior connection to the city. Could the ambassadors speak to this?
  3. This is very helpful, I really appreciate your insight kurrika.
  4. Thanks erinl2. I will be starting 1L in the fall, and (as far as I know now) feel like I would really enjoy and benefit from doing a clerkship. I am especially curious about the extent to which my interests (which needless to say are very broad right now) will, like you, be conducive to clerking.. Or whether I will need to actively shape that path in some ways by pursuing certain opportunities that I might not otherwise pursue (e.g. 'Law Review') - if I find that to be worth doing.
  5. Thanks, yeah I guess I'm asking for a bit of educated speculation.. Did you make certain decisions in law school (e.g. What summer work to do, what classes to take) with the prospect of clerking in mind? To put it differently, how much did you actively shape/direct your law school experiences towards clerking?
  6. For those who have clerked, will be clerking, or have even interviewed for a clerkship: What do you believe you did/achieved, specifically during law school, that positively impacted your ability to obtain a clerkship (or at least an interview for one)? What knowledge/experiences do you feel 'put you over the top'? Thank you in advance for any insight offered.
  7. http://personalweb.about.com/od/makefriendsonfacebook/ht/facegroups.htm
  8. Thanks! STD would not be a fitting initialism haha. Beartracks has not been updated.
  9. Got some snail mail today. Stats: 3.9 160
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