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  1. Probably out of the loop, but I'm assuming coffee law is some new branch of energy law?🙂
  2. Just have anybody you trust read it. There's no magic formula or insight that only McGill people can share.
  3. I've been told the same. Whichever department is responsible for printing transcripts also provides translations for about $50 (or so they did in 2017).
  4. A comment in another thread reminded me of this discussion. Apparently there's support for a change at the faculty. Does anyone know if this has been communicated formally and if there is a sense of when the change might occur? Thanks!
  5. I've mentioned in the past (albeit for reasons unrelated to op's post) that I wish McGill had given me a JD as opposed to an LLB. Most reasonably well informed people know they're the same but some don't and, worse still, not everyone is reasonably well informed.
  6. I think the question was asking how much articling students and associates at municipalities are paid. Are you articling with the City of Richmond Hill?
  7. "Western University" is the kind of place prestige seeking folks in the developing world would be interested in.
  8. Undergrad. You want the BCL/LLB program as opposed to the LLM program.
  9. There are foreign schools that offer courses in Canadian law. For a while, there was a setup that students who took those courses would not be required to take the relevant NCA exams but I believe that has not been the case fora a few years now. Mind you, the fact that these relatively unknown and unremarkable foreign schools sought to cater to Canadian students who couldn't be admitted elsewhere has meant that they have earned a reputation for doing just that.
  10. Ahh, I see. I had lost track of what the OP had said and was just responding to the most recent post.
  11. South Asia typically refers to the Indian subcontinent. Most of it belonged to the British empire and now makes use of the common law system.
  12. Putting on my immigration lawyer hat in terms of acquiring PR status, I would double check when you would be in a position to qualify for the various streams. Per site rules, I won't venture into giving legal advice but will suggest you review the eligibility criteria. For the NCA stuff, you have the option to self-study for the equivalency exams or take an LLM that lets you avoid all of that. The hard part will be finding an articling position and then establishing a practice when you are called to the bar (either as an associate or as a sole practitioner). For various reasons (justifiable or not) there is a general preference for Canadian educated workers who understand Canadian cultural norms and speak Canadian English. That's not to say other people can't break in but when they do they tend to land in retail-oriented practices catering to members of their ethnic communities.
  13. It's understandable that you might take a 100 series course in upper years for a number of legitimate reasons (breadth requirements, previously unavailable, personal interest, etc.). What would appear off is if your grades are generally unremarkable but you've been stacking your transcript with random bird courses.
  14. In terms of admission standards, I don't think you'll find Ryerson to be a school of last resort. There will probably be plenty of folks who would rather study there than Windsor, Lakehead, TRU, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, UNB, and so on.
  15. I'd like to thank everyone for their input. Ultimately, I've decided in favour of extending the offer but will be doing so with the expectation that there be a gap in time between when each of us leaves the current firm (arguably, this would be inevitable as she has yet to give notice).
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