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  1. It's understandable that you might take a 100 series course in upper years for a number of legitimate reasons (breadth requirements, previously unavailable, personal interest, etc.). What would appear off is if your grades are generally unremarkable but you've been stacking your transcript with random bird courses.
  2. In terms of admission standards, I don't think you'll find Ryerson to be a school of last resort. There will probably be plenty of folks who would rather study there than Windsor, Lakehead, TRU, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, UNB, and so on.
  3. I'd like to thank everyone for their input. Ultimately, I've decided in favour of extending the offer but will be doing so with the expectation that there be a gap in time between when each of us leaves the current firm (arguably, this would be inevitable as she has yet to give notice).
  4. Possibly. Without going into too much detail, there are also other interpersonal factors at play (nothing salacious, just a preference to not be routinely yelled at). I can empathize with this desire and find myself hard pressed to not bring her along.
  5. This would be a new role at a different firm (essentially a competitor).
  6. I'm a relatively junior call with a very productive relationship with my assistant. I'm slated to begin a new role in October for which I have the budget to bring on board an assistant of my choosing. My assistant has very strongly implied that she would like this but I'm worried it may damage my otherwise healthy relationship with the principals at the firm I am currently at (she has worked here for over ten years and is practically indispensable). Is this something that people do or am I just asking for trouble?
  7. It isn't a big focus, no. If you're interested in the activity and feel it'll be a good opportunity, pursue it but don't do so just because you think it'll look good on an application. Also, while it's important that you be authentic in your application materials, you run a risk of being just another naive do-gooder if you play up your interest in human rights.
  8. Put simply, you won't be able to practice law in Canada if you only have an LLM. If you are looking to get admitted to the bar, you pretty much need an LLB, BCL, LLL, JD or the equivalent.
  9. I sense a lack of seriousness here. To be clear, I don't mean that in a pejorative sense. OP, ask yourself if you really want to be a lawyer or are just trying to grasp at a status marker. Sometimes people are more interested in the social status that they associate with being a lawyer than actually being a lawyer. It's serious work and requires a level of discipline and responsibility that most people don't have. So if you're more interested in being a lawyer to impress the folks around you, just be aware that there might not be a lot of status to be gained and, if it turns out that you're a bad lawyer, you'll likely see your social status fall.
  10. Had the reverse in my year.
  11. Open to chat by PM. To a degree, most firms court HNIs but some just seem to get more traffic. Will name a few by PM. I don't know whether the firms typically take on summer students but they might if someone were to reach out.
  12. I practice in this area but not at one of the firms you've mentioned. If the firm caters to HNIs, you could be looking at 85,000 as a first year. If the firm has a volume based practice, as is the case with most of the ones you've mentioned, you might be looking at quite a bit less.
  13. Anecdotally, I know of former classmates with less than fluent French working in tax law, immigration law, family law, and condominium law.
  14. An articled clerk is someone completing their articles of clerkship (otherwise referred to as an articling student or a student-at-law). Firms do not typically guarantee associate positions to people who have clerked/articled for them but it isn't at all unusual.
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