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  1. With graduate programs, you get a Canadian law degree which might help remove the stigma (for the lack of a better word) of being a foreign trained lawyer and you can more or less clear your NCA requirements in a year. It's expensive though. With the NCA challenge exams, you don't have to shell out lots of money for a degree that isn't by itself very valuable in the marketplace. The downside is that it might take you quite a while to clear your NCA requirements.
  2. I agree with the latter statement and will agree that the former is true in cases where hiring processes are more elaborate and have extensive resources dedicated to them. I think it's less true in smaller firms or where the people reviewing the applications haven't spoken with students in some time.
  3. Schools have different grade distribution patterns. I understand that Queen's is rather generous and seems to have class averages in the B+ range. That's not necessarily to say that it's easier to get an A at Queen's, just that it's easier to get a B+. Edit: Approximately 25% of grades at Queen's are in the A/A- range. https://web.archive.org/web/20140718170810/http://law.queensu.ca/students/jdProgram/grading.html
  4. Also, be aware that you can be required to make use of the other language during exam scenarios. It's one thing to do occasional readings in the other language and another to walk into a timed exam and find a long excerpt in French for an English class (or vice versa).
  5. In your experience, is this more common when the lawyer maintains a general practice / less common when the lawyer is a family law specialist?
  6. Immigration/refugee lawyers can be in front of tribunals quite a bit too.
  7. Practices vary but my sense is that volunteerism and ECs are helpful to the extent that they might show you're accustomed to balancing various commitments in your day to day life. If you've got another way of showing this, that works too.
  8. Are you asking what it means in terms of which limitation periods and deadlines have been suspended or are you asking if there's any broader insight to be gleaned?
  9. Sorry, could you please explain what you mean by this and how the job market was affected?
  10. Learned today that the articling students at my previous firm have been laid off indefinitely. Won't speculate as to what this means for everyone else as nobody would ever describe this firm as being well managed.
  11. I wonder if we'll see a drastic decline in the number of newly certified consultants. I imagine that the Queen's and Sherbrooke programs will have higher standards than current programs and that the number of spaces will be lower as well.
  12. They expect you to demonstrate an upper immediate level of proficiency prior to attending school.
  13. Took two courses at Desautels. Both times we had our grades uploaded to Minerva before having submitted the final assignment. Everyone got an A.
  14. For grammar, I'd recommend kwiziq. It's nice to be able to visualize your problem areas.
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