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  1. I have no firm evidence, but I would not be surprised if they or smaller firm Sangra Moller pay that amount. Down side is you have to work for Cassels Brock or Sangra Moller.
  2. No. The lowest in 2017 for a downtown firm would've been just over 90,000 for a first year call. The numbers did jump close to 8 grand for some firms.
  3. Coming out of the woodwork to give people a confirmed salary chart update for Vancouver. Essentially 6-8 of the downtown firms have done a slight bump of their comp table: 1yr) 101 2yr) 111 3yr) 121 4yr) 132 5yr) 145 6yr) 155 7yr) 170 Some others are approximately 3-5 grand below on each amount above. Also note that the later year salaries will often be negotiable and vary more than the early year ones. Also also I missed these forums. If there is anyone interested I may do an "ama" as an early years associate solicitor in a big firm downtown vanvouver. Ok cool bye
  4. I know this is an extremely late post to this forum, but the OP is a pretty great person. The two things which led to my december success and that probably encompasses a lot of the advice on this thread : 1) know the material well. Have a CAN to remind you of tests and general processes and have a few 'easter eggs' to throw in to each exam. Easter eggs are things that you expect few people will discuss in the exam and which you also expect are relevant enough that the professor will give extra grades for them ( for example my easter egg in torts was a more long winded discussion about consent as well as a hilarious discussion about ornamental bushes that were a part of my fact pattern.) 2) PLAY THE PROF .. NOT THE MATERIAL!!! So you have found out your property law prof is very left wing???!! Better take that into account. Your constitutional law prof dislikes the charter? Looks like You dislike the charter. Torts prof likes vague and interesting points in the law? Bring them up. The more we play to our readers interest the more they enjoy our exam. The more they enjoy our exam the more likely they are to throw pity marks at us or distinguish us above everyone else.
  5. The paper for transnational law was just not reasonable. I would know. I hated this class. The material was actually quite interesting and a lot different from our other first year coursees but class added absolutely nothing. We could have been told on the first day to read the material on certain sections and then go and write a paper while never showing our faces and we would have all been better for it. .
  6. The interviewer sounded like she was very unsure of how long interviews would take and the number of people they were going to contact in order to fill the positions with the right fit. I would say you are not totally out of the running until the end of this week!
  7. UPDATE: So a lot has happened since reading break that I thought I should update this group on. I had my interviews via Skype and they both went quite well. I did feel as though I read the interviewers quite well and played to the "feel" of the two interviews that I had. The large firm interviewers were VERY conversational and mostly asked questions about my experience at law school and what I liked and didn't like so far. It was a little bit disappointing to not have some more behavioural questions. In the end I was not extended an offer from either big firm in Calgary. The experience of meeting some of the interviewers and taking part in interviews was extremely valuable however. Now moving forward. Since February I have been extended two more interviews. These were for summer postitions with two BC "regulatory" jobs (BCSC and APEGBC). I have already had my interview with APEGBC over the phone and it was a lot more behavioural than the Calgary firms. Questions about resolving conflicts and working in teams were the forefront of what was asked. I enjoyed it quite a bit and had a good time talking with the interviewer. I will update again with results from these next two interviews Cheers RP
  8. Update: Got a rejection email from Stikeman Elliott earlier this week! I am not sure exactly what they were looking for though, as I have a friend with the best first year midterm grades at UBC (rumour) and he also got a rejection letter from them. Also, do not worry about the letter grades you get. Everything is curved. Everybody is extremely intelligent. People get stuck on a curve with a low 70 average and very little deviation. It is just the way of law school. Enjoy yourself and try to find a true interest in the material and you will do great. RP
  9. UPDATE: Hey there everyone. So I got an email for an interview late on Friday for Norton Rose Calgary. Nobody else has given me a PFO in a while, though I have heard news of some of my friends getting interviews from Dentons Calgary. cheers, RP
  10. UPDATE: Got a call from a different big firm (Blakes) in Calgary who offered me an interview time over the break. I let them know that I could not make It to Calgary for an in firm interview and they were happy to set up a Skype interview with me. Another friend of mine got called for an interview as well. I know his average mark is a tiny bit below mine but we both felt that our Alberta connection was aiding us on this specific interview. I hope again that this in depth information is going to be of help to some of you. Anyone can feel free to ask me questions about the process. yours unreasonably, Reasonable Person
  11. I agree. I write in this way to conceal my true identity. UPDATE: rejected by first large firm from Calgary!
  12. Hey there UBC peoples. I have been talking with a few friends and reading over the threads here and I have felt as though there is a lot of uncertainty about a 1L student's ability to secure a summer job specifically from UBC, and what requirements or threshold grades may be necessary. I am going to offer my own anecdotal experience here and encourage any upper years to chime in so that there can be a good base of knowledge for future 1L's to look at. I have been told that there were a few current 2Ls and 3Ls that secured summers in Calgary. The general gist seems to be that as far as UBC grades go, anything greater than 76% average (with 1-2 of property/contracts/torts in the low 80s) is safe for an interview invite. However, once you get the interview the firm will likely hit the RESET button and will take a lot more from the way you "fit" at the interview date MY EXPERIENCE THUS FAR: I just finished a long and arduous process of writing cover letters tailored to a number of firms, and have now applied to 2 large firms in Edmonton, 7 large firms in Calgary, 1 large firm in Vancouver, a boutique firm in Edmonton, and am looking at talking to a firm that says they do not hire 1L summer students, yet who I received an entrance scholarship from. My midterm grades, as my user name suggests, are reasonable enough, but nothing like the grades of the gold-medallist-to-be who is currrently sitting next to me in my torts class. They are: Public: 82 Torts: 80 Crim: 78 Property: 78 Legal Research & Writing: 76 Contracts: 74 Constitutional Law: 70 I received a rather major entrance scholarship related to my interests in business, and have had (like many law students) a lot of academic success in my undergrad. I have done a number of EC's including LSLAP and Pro Bono Students Canada, along with a number of case competitions in my undergrad, and have worked as a research assistant for the past two years of my undergrad which directly relate to most of my firm's areas of law. I have connections to both Alberta and B.C as I have lived about half of my life in each. I want to keep everybody updated on whether or not I get interviews and, if I do, how those interview's pan out. It is important for everyone to remember that there is a large pool of 1L students competing for a very limited amount of positions. I know that if / when I don't get a 1L Summer job I am very excited to plan a potential vacation through Europe and Asia, but if not I will get a great summer experience in areas I want to learn more about! Anything is attainable, Reasonable Person
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