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  1. Who did you guys call? Elaine directly? It would be nice to know one way or another and have this eight month long process be over for good. Do you think the calls to those accepted will all go out today?
  2. This is the message: "Your file has been added to the wait pool from where new offers of admission will be drawn. Offers will depend on the availability of space in the class and a further review of the file. While decisions are made as expeditiously as possible, notification of an offer may occur at any time up to August 8th."
  3. What are current and prospective Kingston renters' thoughts on securing a rental for July or August 1. Is this common? Is it considered to be leaving it too late? I was thinking of making a trip out in June of July to look at places and trying to secure something then but I am a bit concerned there may be slim pickings by that time. Also, in case it makes a different, I am hoping to find a bachelor (too lazy/cheap to have to furnish more than one room). Thanks!
  4. Accepted earlier this week. Pacman5 your age makes me happy. Coming from: BC Age in Sept: late 20's Interested in Castle Program: no Area of Interest: Criminal
  5. Dinged this morning. LSAT 161, cCPG 3.64 (OLSAS).
  6. So the new courtroom, classrooms and study space will be complete by Sept 2013? I had heard talk of the new additions but was concerned that the construction would be ongoing over the next year or two. Would be awesome if was all complete by September.
  7. me too and I've been complete since the beginning of January
  8. I'm not too bothered so long as I can find a place within walking/biking distance to school and the essentials (grocery store, liquor store, restaurants, etc.) as I won't have a vehicle. I figure that will be easier to find in Kingston but also possible in Ottawa (somewhere like Byward Market?).
  9. Having a hard time making a decision between the two - I feel like I change my mind every other day, ha! I am hoping to go the criminal law route and have an interest in CJ policy as well (although I have ruled out a joint degree program). I am a west coaster and the plan is to return to practice here after law school (UBC or UVic would be ideal but with my stats both are somewhat of a long shot). Travel wise Ottawa and Kingston are comparable so that doesn’t seem to be an issue. Where I am struggling is that Queens has a good rep for criminal law but Ottawa’s proximity to government and the SCC seems like a real advantage from an experience/exposure standpoint (and Ottawa seems to have a really wide breadth of criminal law/criminal justice focused courses as well). Also, Queen’s seems like it may have a more cohesive student body (something that may be good for someone leaving behind family, friends and a partner of many years). Is there a comparable environment within the larger student body at Ottawa? Are there any significant cost and/or quality of living differences between the two cities? Do the bursary programs differ substantially between the two schools? Any insight or past experiences would be really helpful and much appreciated – thanks!
  10. My status just changed to "decision pending" the other day. There is no notification on the online system that my fall transcripts were received though, should I be concerned? Has anyone else's application updated to reflect receipt of their fall transcript?
  11. Very late to the game, but I was accepted around December 23. Stats: cGPA 3.64 and LSAT 161. Still holding out for west coast schools but otherwise I have a tough decision to make between Ottawa and Queens. Congrats everyone on your acceptances and good luck to those still waiting.
  12. Hey RB - yes, I did apply regular. I'm fairly certain (based on self-calculations) that my B2 and L2 are the same as my cGPA. Edit: Having said that, I had a really good term in the fall so if those marks were taken into consideration it might have bumped my B2 and L2 a bit above my cGPA?
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