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  1. I don't have the answer you're looking for in terms of MA vs LLB but in terms of sitting out another cycle, yes you will lose a year. However, if you go the foreign route, don't forget that you also forfeit a year in which you need to prepare/write the NCA exams.
  2. I'm not sure the answer to this question but I will warn anyone else at work... there are some very NSFW thumbnails at the bottom of the page in the second link... I opened the link at work but thank god there was no one else around.
  3. If your B2=L2 and it's accurate and you've only written the LSAT once Alberta: In (late in the cycle though) UBC: Out UNB: Maybe (if you have Atlantic connection, in) Osgoode: Out UWO: Most likely out Lakehead: They were kind of all over the board last cycle, if you were able to show a definite interest in rural work/have a N. Ontario connection then in Ottawa: 50/50 could go either way Saskatchewan: In
  4. While yield protection would make sense is it really that big a deal in Canadian Universities that they would turn away excellent applicants? The publication of stats like that certainly aren't monitored as closely as they are in the States. I have no basis for this, but I think the reason it happens is somewhat in line with yield protection but not for the reasons of protecting the statistic. I suspect its more to have a chance at receiving acceptances from the "mid tier" candidate. For example if they're sending out an offer and are choosing between an applicant with a 4.0 with a 170 from Ontario versus a 3.7 with a 164 from Saskatchewan I think they can read between the lines and recognize that the 4.0/170 isn't likely to accept an offer. If they were to send an offer to this individual and not to the 3.7/164 then they will probably receive a decline from the 4.0/170 and at the same time miss out on the 3.7/164 because in the meantime some other university has sent them an offer. Thus they just jump right to the 3.7/164 and present them with an offer and give them a choice right away. Just my speculation, like I said, I have no basis for this.
  5. Its possible to unsubscribe from these recruitment emails through the LSAC website. Login to your LSAC account, at the top, hover your mouse over "My Account". This causes a drop down menu to pop up, however your mouse over "Profile" and another drop down menu automatically appears on the right, from this menu click "Candidate Referral Service." From here, there is a section titled Your CRS Preferences; under the Release of Information Section you want No for both questions.
  6. I hear you on this one. For me it doesn't help that I'm more of the introverted type and my bar days are well behind me. At the social events when everyone has their groups and are chatting away it's tough to just "interrupt" and break in. Realistically I know people don't mind if I join in but mentally I just can't seem to bring myself to inject myself in there. The key is try to and go up to people you've introduced yourself to before during class and then gradually (ideally) they'll introduce you to other people. School is tough enough without trying to spend all your days alone (especially if you're not from the city where you're attending). Good luck!
  7. Now that we've all started law school, how's it going for everyone? For me its been a whirlwind, was pretty hectic for me moving out of province and getting settled in. Then straight out of the gate there's been tons of events, meeting all these new people, so I'm having a blast so far. I'll admit I was a little homesick for family/friends right at the start but meeting a lot of great classmates has alleviated that. On the other hand, the amount of reading... wow... haha. I expected it to be a lot but it definitely feels like a constant high tide, hasn't crushed me yet though. So how's it going for everyone else? Has everything matched your expectations? Any surprises?
  8. Nice!! Congrats! Since you've already gotten settled into Windsor I can definitely imagine this feels like a tough decision. In the end though... you're looking at saving over 100k by going to UofS... 100k... Just to say that again... One. Hundred. Thousand. Dollars. If you have the option to avoid that kind of debt I think you'd be crazy not to.
  9. You admit the challenges of the Canadian job market and still advocate going to Bond? You have one friend who found success but I'm sure they're more the exception rather than the rule. Whether its deserved or not, there is a stigma attached to foreign degrees and there's no reason anyone should advocate choosing the foreign path when there are local options available. Unless you have a strong personal/family hookup which can guarantee a job when coming back, going the foreign route is a HUGE risk.
  10. The general trend has been that the cutoffs rise year over year. However, 2012 had a significant increase compared to 2011 and 2012 is generally considered the most competitive cycle ever. 2013 so far seems to be slightly less competitive in that the cut offs dropped a little quicker compared to 2012. We won't know the final numbers until the cycle concludes and UofA releases their final numbers however. As DSman said, you are borderline. You sit right on the historical cutoff so it could go either way. We don't know how many people at the cutoff line were admitted based on factors beyond just the GPA/LSAT combo. This is important to consider because its applicants at the cutoff who have this subjective measure applied to them. Unfortunately there's not really much you can do to change the situation given that you've already written the LSAT 3 times. For right now, the best you can do is write a compelling personal statement and then hope for the best. Good luck.
  11. I agree with everyone that the time investment/financial cost of doing a 5th year is not worth it for the benefit you'd gain. That being said, I would caution against thinking that you're a lock for an offer. I think you're in a decent spot but you just never know what might happen and things beyond the hard GPA/LSAT numbers do have an impact. Most likely I think you'll be getting an offer late in the cycle, probably after April. If you think you're capable of achieving a higher LSAT score than your 165, thats the route I would take for improving your application. If you're keeping your application as is, definitely apply to some safety schools just in case. With your current numbers, assuming your GPA is accurate and you don't have additional LSAT scores, you are a lock at UofA, so thats a guaranteed safety option.
  12. I don't know about Lakehead specifically, but for other schools you do sign an agreement agreeing to not apply anywhere else. For Ontario schools, because of OLSAS, all the schools would know about other applications/acceptances. You probably have a greater chance of "getting away with it" with other schools outside of Ontario but is that really how you want to begin your legal journey? Breaking a contract?
  13. Unfortunately next to no chance at UofA because they average the LSAT. I don't say 0 chance because if you scored a 180, your average would then be a somewhat competitive 160.
  14. Did you attempt to apply at UofM or UofS? Depending on how your grades were distributed, using UofM's drop system you might be a competitive applicant (esp because they only take your highest LSAT). At the very least you should calculate your index score and see where you fall. For, UofS, I would be very very very surprised if you were rejected there. They only look at your B2 and your highest lsat. I was accepted at UofS with a 3.6B2/162 in mid March (no Sask connection). While I think 3.8/157 would be enough to get in at UofA, its still right at the historical cut-off and you never know what might happen in the future. If you don't mind waiting a year, I would wait. Take that time to get some meaningful work/volunteer experience. Then next cycle, apply at UofA, UofC and then UofS, TRU and Lakehead as safeties. If you were productive in the year break then maybe also throw in Windsor/Queens/Western as reacher schools. Add in UofM if your index score is competitive. JD2016: When you defer an acceptance, that is typically an agreement that you will not apply at other schools next year. It would be heavily heavily frowned upon if you did this.
  15. Good points. I just wanted to chime in here though about the flight time, its actually 5 hours. I fly between Calgary and Ottawa quite regularly to visit relatives and that's a 4 hr flight. To address the OP, I too would be in the Ottawa camp. There's just a lot of unknowns about TRU right now. In this case, I don't think the geographic advantage TRU has outweighs the pros that Ottawa presents.
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