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  1. Debt is ridiculous if you're getting it for ridiculous reasons, but if it's necessary to pursue your passion then who cares
  2. I personally do not care at all about debt relative to anything else. It's just money people what are you saving up for the next life? If you want to be a lawyer then do whatever it takes, if you're not sure then live a little, think through your decisions as thoroughly as possible and if in the end you figure it's not for you then at least you tried and hopefully learned something, Time is only wasted if you're not trying to actively pursue something that you believe at that time you want, and think it will satisfy you and make you happy. If over time those opinions and beliefs change and are directed more towards something else, then that's life
  3. I like to look at life in bayesian terms whenever possible. In my opinion the difference in probability of landing a job if you're already a good candidate with law school vs i have no idea to an employer is huge. I was in this very situation and flat out lied because I really wanted the job, and may have otherwise had a really hard time finding any job (probably would have settle for something I would have hated or nothing at all). At the time I was certain this drastically increased my chances at the job and as a result I landed the job, not only did I land the job but I lined up so well with the skills and fit of the job that I was immediately thrown into a far more lucrative and interesting position within the same company that I could have never dreamed of. Because of this I'm seriously weighing my options now between staying with this career that has developed out of literally nowhere and law school. I am 99% sure that this would have never happened had I not been directly misleading about my future intentions, and as a result my future intentions have quite literally changed. In short life is uncertain and too short so as long as you're not going to screw the person over hard why not gamble a little, increase your chances at something you want. Just my unique anecdote though
  4. Selling all 6 books in the title in van, can be bought as a unit or individually. Better deal for all books together, PM for pricing details. All books are in mint condition, only used for photocopying.
  5. manitoba is certainly on the easier side for admissions if you're comparing it to calgary/alberta/sask
  6. yes the error is about the name thing if you got the first one you're in
  7. in, won't be accepting 3.7 166 yes the error email was talking about her leaving name instead of your actual name dont worry people
  8. Oh I definitely understand why they do it, and I'm happy I'll be through LS before we hit US levels of crazy price
  9. did you actually contact the school, mines been received for ages but hasnt been listed as so
  10. Oh right I forgot I should mention Sask connection, yes I have some. Mother and grandmother were born and raised there and I have a whole whack of family from sask Deadline to respond is jan 31
  11. Got my email like 10 minutes ago 166 3.7 I lol at the email talking about a 20% hike in tuition and trying to justify it somehow, go screw yourself law school tuition. good luck all!
  12. https://my.ucalgary.ca/ then go to student centre on the right
  13. I'd just like to add that the only time it would matter is if you were right on the border for acceptance - it's the kind of thing that can break an application but all other things considered it's detail minor if you were a shoe in previously (that and there's the whole improving your score thing, with a 158 you would definitely want to try for) good luck!
  14. got my package just now 3.7 166 good luck all!
  15. Mine says both havent been received yet but I've verified that they have been. So it's more buggy than anything
  16. He wasn't that competitive, and not everyone with just the numbers is guaranteed anywhere anyways. The cutoffs for admission arent going up that much, and there's no real reason to think they'll continue going up much - there really is a ceiling effect for this sort of thing and depends entirely on the pool of applicants and not on the fact that numbers will just keep going up mysteriously
  17. Definitely appreciate stuff like this. I didn't send my stuff in until November 1st and mine says complete - decision pending as well. Yay for hard working people at uofa admissions
  18. First, UofC counts summer courses in your last 2 I'm assuming? Secondly, say your last 2 years of school = 69~ credits or so, will they count the full 2 years, or is there someway they selectively choose courses from your farthest back semester so the total is as close to 60 as possible? (I always know I could ask UofC directly but I know the admissions people are crazy busy right now, and I figure it's nice to save them any time if any nice people here know the answer!) thanks
  19. They absolutely wont bypass you over, that's the entire point of rolling admissions. Offer to the best candidates then after they decline/accept/or a certain date hits roll on the next best applications, repeat until slots are filled
  20. Especially non Ontario schools. This is.about the only thing i havent been able to Google. Is there anything I have to do to get my scores sent to my applied to schools, does lsac do it automstically? Do the schools request them from lsac? I'm so confused on this one , any help is appreciated
  21. I know this question may be overly simple, and I've tried really hard to google and figure it out but for schools that dont require CAS - how are LSAT scores reported to them? Do I have to do anything or does LSAC automatically send them to schools that request them for me after I've applied there? Thanks!
  22. yay thanks for calling and finding out, im not able to phone anywhere right now, relief!
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