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  1. Hi all, Are there any transfer applicants from the U.K.?
  2. Thanks for the responses guy! I just was not sure which category would be suitable for.
  3. Hi everyone, In regards to regular and access/special circumstances applicants, I have been told by many that I should apply under the latter and some have told me to apply under the other. . . As a member of the second lowest income community in Toronto, I have been in situations where I've had no money to eat and no money to go to school. I have 5 younger siblings, including an Autistic brother, whom I mostly take care of. During my time in university, I have gone through much difficulty to get the right aid, services, and assistance for my family, but especially for my brother. I have worked all throughout my undergraduate studies as well. Furthermore, I am also a member of the Afghan community. I've experienced first hand just how underrepresented we are in the legal field (one of my main reasons for wanting to become a lawyer), and how the complexities of traditional values and improper guidance can be detrimental to growth. I hope I don't come off as a big baby, but this is some of the stuff I've discussed with colleagues. And I just wanted the opinion of this forum: under which category should I apply for? (i also have documents to support everything i say)
  4. I would do my masters in political science. and in regards to practice, ideally in ontario.
  5. That's amazing and thanks for the great advice. If you don't mind me asking, where did you go to do your Masters?
  6. at my school they pay you/give you a teaching assistant job while doing your masters.
  7. Hey guys, Im in my 5th and last year of undergrad, and Ive been studying for the LSAT for the past couple of months. I havent yet hit the score I wanted, and Im not too sure if I am ready for the December LSAT (because exams and mid terms will be accumulating by then as well). So I have been thinking of applying to do a Masters degree while studying to kill the LSAT. What do you guys suggest?
  8. Hey guys, Im currently in my 5th and last year of undergrad. I have almost completed my degree, however, I just wanted to know, should I take a 100% course load or should I just take whatever credits I need to finish my degree. The reason I ask this is because I know law schools would like students to take full course loads in their final years. p.s. I took 27 credits in my 4th year. Thanks for the help!
  9. Simply fantastic. Congratulations Lerner. I bet it feels amazing.
  10. i also would like to know. and how do law schools look at summer courses? Taking 24 credits in 4th year and 6 credits in the summer. thanks!
  11. But if you had 10 classes each in year 4 and 5, UofA would simply take your grades from your last two? Is that correct?
  12. Last 40? That's new to me, do any other schools follow that?
  13. Any last two/best two schools would he your best chance. And with a 170+3.5L2, I say your chances are not bad. Congrats on your LSAT score BTW!
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