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  1. A curious redneck out-west wonders what the Cambridge/Waterloo, Ont area is like for decent hotels, pubs, restaurants...etc - any thoughts here?
  2. On the lack of strict demarcation point above, my favourite has to be 'solicigator'.
  3. Fair enough; we may differ. The point I was hinting at is that its quality time that counts on such matters, not quantity. Quantity is only good when it comes to billing.
  4. No. Look again. I said: "Anyways, we were looking at studying in Kamloops compared to downtown Atlanta; much more crime in Atlanta compared to any remotely comparable city in Canada (even when corrected for per capita)". Your racial presumptions are your own fella. Don't worry, I don't believe anything I see in USA media.
  5. Looked at from a base level, not many get laid by dropping the old "I went to Oxford" line
  6. Its a per capita thing, but you could be right, as I have yet to be robbed in TO; Vancouver, yes. Anyways, we were looking at studying in Kamloops compared to downtown Atlanta; much more crime in Atlanta compared to any remotely comparable city in Canada (even when corrected for per capita).
  7. Don't forget the plethora of gun, general crime and urban drug opportunities available there too (no, not referring to Kamloops here). No thanks. Not my scene. Edit: My point is that there are many, many non-law factors that should also be considered when choosing where to attend school/article/practise. Skiing availability would be another.
  8. Yes, however, I was talking in a canadian context; by that standard Kamloops would still be a city, but each to her/his own. I can defer to you on the peaches, although I would not consider Kamloops to be the 'Okanagan' proper, at least not for peach horticultural purposes.
  9. Just to be an old stick in the mud here: If you seem to need to rely on some sort of hand-held personal electronic device to schedule personal, family, sports...etc events, this is probably an early warning sign that you are already working/studying too much. Edit: Font issue.
  10. Just to be clear here as you do not actually get to "avoid" anything by, for example, the UBC route. Competency is tested internally by UBC, rather than externally by sitting NCAs at the relevant law society; extra time is still a factor. What you could try to do is speak nicely with the UBC staff to satisfy yourself that you could take all exams as close to each other as possible, in that year, before committing yourself to either route. Results may vary.
  11. Of course its relative to what one is used to but I would not describe Kamloops as a "small town". Atlanta does have better peaches though, this is true.
  12. You seem sensible enough to me; sounds like you already know the answer to your original question then.
  13. Tough call - is it that easy? No suggestion of the sort there at all.
  14. Do you consider yourself to still be an "addict"? Not going to comment here re employment. You may of course already condisered how you will tackle the good character requirement/declaration on the articling and/or membership application forms of your chosen law society. Edit: I have gone back to underline the subjective element here. Without going into too much unnecessary detail, your professional obligations to disclose matters to the law society, and to your employer, are not one and the same thing; your post is silent on the former.
  15. Don't worry, most lawyers are; just ask their spouses.
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