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  1. They meet next week on Tuesday to decide. We'll hear back shortly after.
  2. Mine didn't go complete until May 25th...grades weren't available till then. Hope that doesn't hurt my chances.
  3. They said offers are made on an ongoing basis--fewf.
  4. Is it a bad sign that I have not heard? Is it a one-wave thing? Kind of freaking out now...
  5. When I e-mailed to ask, they said I would expect to hear by mid-July... I don't know if that is because my file just went complete on Monday or if that is the general timeline.
  6. Meant to post sooner, but accepted last week via phone! GPA: 3.1 L2/B2: 3.7 LSAT: 158 Social Justice PS I am a BC resident, so pretty surprised I got in.
  7. Are you saying that it's not my fault and U of S misunderstood my transcripts or that they don't accept semesters as one year, without being in the same academic year? I'm not sure what I figured out, hah.
  8. Hi DSman, My fifth year included Jan-April 2012 and September-December 2012, so it was a year of courses, but from different academic years. Thus, I can maybe see how things got confused, but these courses should of all been admissible. I confirmed this with the schools before I applied. The semester of courses that U of S did not receive were my finalized Fall grades. Thank you for the positive vibes though!
  9. Hi All, This past cycle was my second time applying to law school, and my first time applying to Saskatchewan. Unfortunately, I was only wait listed at a couple of schools, Saskatchewan included. In an effort to improve my chances for admissions next year, I contacted my wait listed schools to get a better idea of my standing. The Admissions Chair at Saskatchewan explained that while my LSAT score was slightly below par (158), if I had a stronger best-two GPA, I would of been competitive. However, he stated my best-two GPA to be 3.3, which prompted me to call Doreen immediately. Turns out they only received half of my fifth year (where I got straight A's) and so did not include any of my fifth year grades in my GPA calculation. This made the difference between having a 3.3 and a 3.75. The frustrating part is that there is a record of me talking about my transcripts being received on my online application. I explicitly say I took 5 courses in Winter 2012 and 5 courses in Fall 2012 and have sent my finalized Fall grades. In addition, I inquired about whether my application would turn 'green' once these were received. The admissions committee replied with 'yes' and two days later, my application turned green. This was also ten days after I sent my finalized transcripts, so it all seemed to add-up. Nonetheless, I am frustrated with the system and needed to vent. Hopefully by sharing this, no one else will have to go through this.
  10. Congrats! Do you just receive an e-mail?
  11. Hey Purplepterodactyl, Were you officially put on the waitlist, or asked if you wanted to be on the waitlist, then got the acceptance e-mail? Just wondering if they have started pulling from the official waitlist already! Thanks!
  12. I received the official confirmation today (a few hours ago too). I wish it was like a couple years ago when they actually told people where they were on the waitlist!
  13. I called today to get some information... if they have my decision already than I would rather just know now, but the woman on the phone wouldn't give me much (nothing about there being three bins of decisions made or that any decisions were forthcoming). She just said to just watch the system and if there has been a decision made, it will appear there.
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