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  1. My real name is Angela, and my email is: [email protected] hotmail dot com
  2. you make a really good point Sungoama, i think the most obvious choice for me is to live on campus. I just really dread living in that area for my first year in Toronto!! In a perfect world U of T and York would be in the opposite locations!
  3. Wow, thanks for all the info guys, i had forgotten that i started this thread way back when!! Rose: I think i'm in the same situation as you and i was looking in the same areas that you mentioned! Except i'm looking from all the way over here in Calgary so it makes it difficult to judge I'm still torn about what to do, its a big move for me and i'd like to find a roommate that also goes to Osgoode/York so i thought maybe living on campus for the first semester might help me do that. i'm still so confused!
  4. Is anyone else who applied for housing worried that they wont get a spot? Does anyone have a plan B? When they confirmed my application they told me i had been put on the waiting list. I know this is because they have to wait to receive notice from people who are moving out, but it still makes me a bit nervous. I'm moving all the way from Calgary so it's kind of hard to have a plan B since I can't exactly go apartment shopping from all the way out here, and pictures only tell you so much. Is anyone else worried ?
  5. does anyone know anything about orientation? what dates, how many days, etc? (I'm sure i could find this information out somewhere but i'm to lazy to go look!) Also, what is the official start date for classes? and does anyone know is Osgoode follows the same calender as York in general? or do they have their own, cuz i couldn't find a link to the calender from the website Thanks Edited by: gov13 at: 4/1/05 1:50 am
  6. that is such a huge weight off my shoulders. I've been worrying about dropping "substantially" this semester, because i just cant seem to stay motivated. Now i can keep slacking off and not feel guilty!!
  7. ya i havn't been able to sign on at all, and its been a month or so now. i could contact tech. support but i'm too lazy since everything is being forwarded to my other email anyways.
  8. I'm going to be visiting Oz this week and I want to take the city transit to get to Osgoode. From where my hotel is, "College" is the closest subway station. From there I'm assuming I would take the subway to the "Finch" station, but from that point on I'm clueless.... Does anyone know how to get to the york campus from the Finch station?? By looking at the TTC map it looks like its route 60?? does anyone know is this is right? or do you have any other suggestions?? Thanks! Edited by: gov13 at: 2/21/05 4:16 pm
  9. I'm a fellow Calgarian and UofC-er. and I'd have to agree that we are more conservative than Toronto. but it also depends on what circles you travel in. generally speaking the university communities are far far far more tolerant and accepting than the rest of the cities. Also, like gogoldenbears said, some people may be less tolerant in a political sense, but it does not translate into overt discrimination at all. To qualify that, there was an article in the Gaunlet (UofC paper) this week discussing just how accepted gays and lesbians are on campus. and some students were expressing that, although they havn't experienced overt discrimination, they dont feel comfortable displaying their sexuality on campus (i.e. simple things like holding hands). They characterized it as somewhat being "looked down upon" - stares, funny looks etc. - but still, i would consider this a form of discrimination, but one you will likely find anywhere in our society. Also, there is a big difference between Edmonton and Calgary politically. Edmonton traditionally votes all Liberal, whereas Calgary votes all Conservative. but this is often attributed to higher degrees of unionization in Edmonton so i dont know how much that voting trend will translate into opinions on social issues. plus the area around the university in Edmonton is also strongly NDP. I dont know how much voting trends are worth, but it provides a little bit of evidence towards the claim that the university community is more liberal than the rest of the city.
  10. I'm struggling with the same decision, queen's vs osgoode I've gathered from various threads that Queen's has the upper hand in terms of the atmosphere of the school, neighborhood, city etc. but I'm curious about the real difference between the schools themselves. I know most schools in Canada are pretty equal in terms of quality of education, but all schools still have their own pro's and con's. so can anyone comment on: - quality of education (courses, instructors etc.) - job opportunities (summer and articling) - any other academic strengths and weaknesses? I am assuming Osgoode has the upper hand in the academics department, but how big is the difference really?? and how much of an affect would going to Queen's rather than Osgoode have on your job opportunities? Edited by: gov13 at: 2/18/05 2:22 pm
  11. that sucks! i cant go on Friday the 18th i have 2 exams!! I guess the welcome day is only one week after i was planning on going anyways. Do you have to accept the offer of admission prior to the day in order to attend ?
  12. Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the feedback. You've given me a lot to think about re: housing options. I think i'm going to fly out and visit the school in a couple of weeks. Do you guys have "reading week" as we do here? (kinda like spring break but from Feb 20-27) ? I ask cuz i'm hoping there will actually be people on campus the week i visit!
  13. Ok so here's my dilemma! I've been accepted to Osgoode, Queen's and UofA so far. Osgoode is really where I would like to go, BUT i'm well, scared to move in Toronto to be honest! Now, i've heard all about the negative aspects of living on the York campus: - abismal setting, far from downtown and sub-way, not-so-safe neighborhood, not much to do, not close to any grocery stores (is this true? cuz that really sucks), everyone else disappears after class etc. etc. BUT given that: a) i've never lived away from home (pathetic i know) b) i'd be moving to and having to adjust to an entirely new city, Toronto no less. which is a huge transition from little old Calgary... What do all of you who are currently attending Oz (especially those of you who have lived on campus) think? - should i go for my second choice (Queen's) and not have to worry about adjusting to the 'big city' - should i suck it up and live on campus for at least the first year I dont want to miss out on a great opportunity to go to the school i really want because of not so ideal living situation. So please calm my doubts!! let me know what you think? is living on campus really that bad? what would be better in my situation - on or off campus? Your feedback is much appreciated Thanks!
  14. i'm still waiting, but i'm all the way in Calgary so it might take a few extra days.... i hate waiting
  15. stats dont really matter in Calgary. They have a really different philosophy re: admissions they like diversity and life experience big time. I didn't even bother applying and I live here!
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