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  1. Thanks! I am definitely trying very hard to get into a Canadian school. I have applied to Dalhousie and Lakehead. I actually did my undergraduate degree at Dalhousie and I loved it. Out of curiosity what good things did you hear about Cardiff? (as opposed to Leicester)
  2. I really do appreciate everyones time to look into it, any advice is great for me so thanks.
  3. Like I stated in my first post, my first choice would be going to school in Canada no questions asked. I appreciate everyones advice and yes I agree staying in Canada is logically the best way to go. I just wanted to know if anyone on here knew anything regarding the schools of Cardiff or Leicester. Yes I know two lawyers in Edmonton who studied at Cardiff, I'm sure there could be more who's to know.. I also have two friends who came back from Cardiff and are now doing their articling here. When I said I knew a few people from Ontario who went to Leicester they are now articling however I'm not from Ontario so I can't comment. I think my question was taken to the next extent but I appreciate your responses. I will definitely pursue a law degree in Canada and I am quite confident that will happen I just like to look into every option and I was curious to the choices in the UK if anyone knew anything about either of those schools, if not no worries!
  4. I have been applying for law schools everywhere, of course my first choice would be to attend law school in Canada as I have applied for several schools. I am posting this forum in the "U.S. and other Foreign Schools" so I can get some advice on which schools are better outside of Canada, more so looking at the UK. As a last resort I am also applying to law schools in the UK. I have been accepted to Cardiff, Leicester, Kent and Kingston. If I do decide to go to the UK I have narrowed it down to Cardiff or Leicester. I am from Alberta and have heard that Cardiff would be a good choice however I have some friends from Ontario telling me that Leicester would be a good choice as well. Apparently Cardiff does not have a good reputation in Ontario (correct me if I am wrong) but in Alberta Cardiff is considered the better choice. If anyone knows anything about Cardiff or Leicester please let me know which one would be a better school to go to if I do decide to come back to Alberta. I have read quite a bit about Leicester on these forums but I am still unsure of which school to pick. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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