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  1. Generally, what's a good price range to be looking at for a suit that a law student wear? Don't want to be too cheap or stand out too much and look like a tool with an expensive suit. $250-500?
  2. Even so, I'm pretty sure the LSAT saved his ass lol.
  3. Thanks so much for that post creditdefaultswap, a lot of definitely useful information there!
  4. So does anyone know when a good time to look for a place is? It's not a university town, so I'm not sure if the whole May-to-May 12 month lease thing is the norm around the St Clair West area, but I also don't want to leave it until tool late when all the places may be gone.
  5. Just do a degree that gets you 4 solid years of undergrad, and try not to do odd things like taking too many 1000 level courses in 4th year. I think in Ontario 95% of such degrees are designated Honours anyhow, if that's where you are.
  6. Anyone heard of any Feb LSAT writers getting in after the scores were released?
  7. Let's say you posted that GPA (which is very high) and an LSAT of say 161 (83rd %) on this forum. A lot of people would still say you have a pretty good chance at Os/Queen's, at least as far as your Ontario options go, and I'd wager you would probably get in at those places. Just to give you a realistic assessment. When you ask questions like "what score do I need to definitely get in" though, of course all the LSAT numbers people throw out will be much higher than the average LSAT any given school accepts. As far as even UofT goes though, I agree with meager that even a 164 (minimum score they recommend you achieve before applying) would put you in a comfortable place.
  8. Did you not apply to Western/Queen's? Those schools are pretty well-represented in Toronto, and Western is supposedly quite Toronto-focused.
  9. Fairly certain your "ECs" and personal story are more compelling to the adcom than mine lol. Good luck man.
  10. I got accepted with a 3.70 (3.68 before fall marks) / 3.79 157 (Oct) 162 (Feb) on Mar 12. If I were to guess, your 164 vs my 162 says more to the adcom than my 3.70 vs your 3.68, since the LSAT is standardized. I think you will get in soon, maybe before April 1. What were your PS/ECs about?
  11. Waitlist? That's a really nice LSAT improvement - 87th percentile. And the average GPA of Osgoode's last few classes has actually been around the high 3.5x range, and I think only the top 40% of the class last year had 3.7+ - you can find it on their annual reports. So you may not be as far off the mark as you think. if I were in your position I'd be cautiously hoping for an acceptance after April 1, when all the current acceptance-holders have to provisionally confirm where they are heading. Hope your trend doesn't show that you totally bombed a bunch of courses though.
  12. Yeah I realize that, I've just heard that that is where Os students live. But if the reason everyone's living in Annex is for some cheap $500-600/month apartment (in a renovated old Edwardian house) with random UofT/Os roommates, I may not be interested. But I've also been told not to live near Eglinton West cause it's also a sketchy area.
  13. How is the bus ride from the Yonge/Finch neighbourhood? I agree it's a pretty nice area, but how much shorter would it be vs. coming from downtown.
  14. So I'm hearing from some people that the main pocket of Osgoode students in Toronto is the St. Clair west / Annex area, which is a 40-45min commute. Hmm ok.
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