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  1. Passed both. What a relief!!!! Good luck to everyone else!
  2. I think we receive an email, but I'm not sure if the results are actually in the email, or the email is just one of those LSUC emails saying we have a secure message and need to login to the licensing portal to see the actual results. Edit: Question answered. Thanks!
  3. Aim for 167 or higher. Your cGPA is below median, but if you managed to score say 168, that would put your LSAT above median and would give you a shot.
  4. I was wondering the same thing. Last year they went out in early June, but I haven't heard (nor have any of the people I've spoken to) anything this year so far.
  5. I went with the LSAT Premium and I think it was a solid choice. I don't think the ultimate is worth the extra $200 that you have to shell out.
  6. I used both 7sage and an in-class prep company and 7sage was far more helpful and also about a third of the price. Go with 7sage.
  7. You've only received 3 out of 7 grades that you will have when applying for 2L positions. What you should be doing is reviewing your exams with your professors, asking them what you did wrong and how you can improve, and using the information they give you to obtain the highest possible marks in your remaining 4 courses. If you get say an HH, 2 Hs and a P in second semester, you will get a handful of OCIs. A lot of students do poorly on 1L fall exams, as it is the first time you will have ever dealt with a law school exam. But now that you've seen the general format, and you have (hopefully) gone to your professors for advice on how to improve, you should be able to do better in the winter. Other than that, keep your chin up, study hard and aim for the best possible results.
  8. Nope its September. There was a UV article earlier this year where the faculty basically admitted that classes wouldn't move to the new building until September. I believe I also read that they might open certain rooms in the new building earlier, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
  9. ^they called me last year asking the same thing before interviews as well. I think it's just something they do to try and make students more comfortable before the process begins
  10. While the firms may say that they only offer Monday dinners, some of them will accommodate a Tuesday dinner if you politely tell them on Call Day that you already have a commitment for Monday evening, but would love to schedule dinner on Tuesday if it worked for the firm. I don't know if this works at all firms, but I do know that it has worked in the past at some of the bigger firms.
  11. I'm assuming U of T (see his/her post about an OCI at Goodmans above)
  12. I was a summer student at a Bay Street firm and I did have to do a criminal background check.
  13. Agreed 100%. The profs in legal methods will ask you very specific questions about cases, and this terrified me at the time, but looking back now it had absolutley no relation to how actual classes ran. Try not to stress in legal methods, just focus on meeting your fellow classmates and also the people who will be in your small group, as they are the ones who you will be spending a large majority of your time with over the coming year.
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