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  1. well, at this point I've submitted my application anyways, so if you have negative things to add, please don't so I don't lose my mind . I guess you can lock this thread :S
  2. Hello all, I have searched all the threads here and found some old but decent information on Askin Towers. I was wondering if anyone can chime in and give me more information or insider scoop on Askin Towers. My main concerns are cleanliness and noise. I know it is overpriced, but I am late in the hunt and I need a place. I would love any information! Thanks
  3. its like everything is old, run down, and just plain crappy. I WANT A DECENT PLACE TO LIVE! ARHSALKDJG;f jsa;lkdfj ;ldsafk;ljdsa fadsf
  4. So decision time is coming soon, is anyone else willing to offer an opinion? I'd love to ask some questions from someone who has lived there...
  5. I'm from Vancouver too...still trying to find a suitable apartment. I do not like the options. Vancouver has spoiled me.
  6. I just declined my seat...hopefully it goes to someone here.
  7. hahahah...I appreciate the hockey comments...still can't decide though, argh. Leaning towards Windsor
  8. I just asked what is my application status..nothing in specific. But one of my emails was unanswered as well, I just emailed again. I think it is hit or miss...I'm seriously getting tired of waiting though, I need to figure out my life haha
  9. yea I feel as if Windsor would open more doors in Toronto. UoM would be better for Calgary, and then Vancouver either or...
  10. Hello folks, I need some help to decide between the above mentioned schools. Some things that I've considered already: 1. The weather. Windsor wins this category... 2. living conditions. Again, I think Windsor would win mainly due to weather (and the bonus of being close to detriot for sporting events) and relatively close to Toronto..(could at least make a visit on a long weekend, if there is any time in-between reading books) 3. Quality of education: probably a tie, but I'm open to suggestions here. Now, in terms of job prospects: My goal is to eventually make my way into a medium to large sized full service firm, not too picky on the location, but in a major city. Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto...etc. So i think perhaps Windsor might have an advantage here again, mainly because it is in Ontario and that might give me a leg up for Toronto...other major cities being a tie, excluding Winnipeg which Manitoba would own. (but I don't wanna live in Winterpeg). Ideas on this category? Am I missing anything? how is one to decide between such schools? Any help is appreciated. ----- if tl;dr : which school would you PICK? just give me some ideas here.
  11. that should mean tomorrow...possibly friday. I got the same response to my email I sent on Monday...
  12. haha and what if I don't have any new grades to report? grahA!ksad;lfjasd;f!~
  13. I seriously can't take the wait anymore...i'm not exactly hopeful, but until I hear back a part of me thinks there is a chance. It is starting to physically hurt me.
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