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  1. This is an automated response to a topic that appears to be requesting legal advice. Please refer to the following post regarding such requests:
  2. If you want to advertise tutoring services you provide, generally the rule is that self promotion of that nature is not allowed. If you are asking for tutors to contact you, that’s fine.
  3. This is an automated response to a topic that appears to be requesting legal advice. Please refer to the following post regarding such requests:
  4. Sorry, but this is objectively false. If you are intending to draft contracts that others will use, you are trying to practice law without being a lawyer. This is a bad idea. Locking the thread as this is essentially looking for legal advice in a roundabout way.
  5. To follow up on this, the most important advice we can provide is that if you are asking something that is so sensitive it requires absolute anonymity, with very few examples, it's probably worth rethinking what you are asking in a small and career orientated community like this. Inevitably, even when we let people set up a second account to ask something they don't want tied to their main account, 6 months later they are back to us asking for the entire account to be deleted because a nephew's cousin's sister's boyfriend works for the former person they were talking about or asking about etc etc and they are worried about being doxxed. You are responsible for what you post to the internet and shouldn't assume you can later remove it. We do not ask for, and highly advise against, posting anything personally identifying. As erinl2 noted, going forward we are going to be much less accommodating of people ignoring this forum policy and will simply merge any second account with the original. Thanks.
  6. This is an automated response to a topic that appears to be requesting legal advice. Please refer to the following post regarding such requests:
  7. Holy shit. My inbox is literally just “hey can you delete this? DELETE THIS. OMG MY LIFE IS OVER UNLESS YOU DELETE THIS”. Come on now. It’s 2019, learn how to use the internet people. Don’t ask about your chances by detailing every friendship and job and unique personal trait you have had since kindergarten.
  8. JustJoe checked with us before posting. As this topic may be of interest to some, we’ve permitted it. However, we would ask all feedback and discussion be kept to the Facebook/Google groups that have been set up for this. Thanks.
  9. Law firms as well as lawstudents.ca monitor everything you do. Everything. (Please go back to using your primary account).
  10. I have nothing to add on the whole marriage name thing, but as far as social media goes, I would absolute recommend going by first and middle name, or some combination of not your real name. Otherwise, make sure everything is locked down as tight as can be to friends only.
  11. Sadly, the first bit fades, the middle part gets worse, and the last part is hit and miss day to day!
  12. I'm not really keen on the forum being used by a generic call to action account and then the person behind it posting in this thread under a different username agreeing with their other account. It's weird. If you want to continue this discussion @BarrierstoExcellence, use your original account please.
  13. I will also clarify that we aren’t monsters and if you have a really good reason to need a name change, need some previous personal info revealed removed because you now recognize it was not a great idea to post, need to post under a temporary alt or even in some particular circumstances just start fresh, it’s been allowed before and when people are proactive in asking, the mods tend to be a lot more understanding about it. Don’t abuse their volunteer time and it won’t be instant to get a response, but it’s much preferred vs finding out people started new accounts to try out new online personalities to argue with their old one.
  14. Locking this because I can't tell if the comment about instagram followers is trolling or not and the fact I can't tell makes me angry at the world.
  15. 100% this. Some of you have apologized for being guilty of contributing to this, but it’s still happening with annoying frequency. Id rather people self correct, but everyone has noticed this, we get a lot of complaints, and people are starting to just not participate vs having to put up with it. If this applies to you, figure out how to be a better poster who can say their piece and leave room for other people to contribute with fewer multi-hundred post back and forths amongst the same posters. If you can’t, we’ll do it for you, and that’s not an ideal outcome for anyone.
  16. This was supposed to be fixed. I think it is now, but let me know if it pops up again.
  17. http://lawstudents.ca/forums/followed/ Go to this page, select all on each page of content you follow, and delete the notification. The software doesn't have a setting for "delete all on every page", so if you have a ton of pages it's sort of annoying to go through, but I checked with the developers and as of right now that's the only way.
  18. Image embedding was specifically disabled during a period where we got hit with porn spam bots. Given the nature of the community, there hasn’t really been a pent up demand to allow image embeds after it was disabled, and they do slow things down on mobile a bit when people go nuts with animated gifs and the like. If there’s a demand to allow image embeds again we probably could look at that.
  19. I thought this might be useful, along with a tag system so people can append the tags of the schools they are applying to, which would allow others to search for similar chances threads for those specific schools. EDIT: I suppose I could have tags that change on an annual basis, so the tags would be as an example "UofT-18" / "Osgoode18" and that would make it clear.
  20. Hi all, It's been a while since I've solicited feedback from newer members on thoughts on improving the forum (which is the purpose of this topic). Mostly I'm curious to hear your views on the following: 1) Sign-up process - was it easy? Were you dissuaded for a period of time in registering before deciding to go ahead? If so, why? Do you think it could be improved or were you generally OK with it? 2) Forum structure - was it clear where to ask your question? Was it easy to search for information you were looking for? Any other comments on the structure (i.e. do you think a specific subforum for chances threads would be useful?) 3) Forum Descriptions - do you think it would be helpful to add small descriptions under each forum to identify the sorts of topics that should be posted under each? Feel free to reply here or send me a PM if you want to share feedback privately. As always, constructive criticism is welcomed, but a reminder that right now I'm mostly interested in the above and it would be appreciated if we could avoid side tracks into the nature of internet debating or your specific problems with other users. The idea here is to figure out structurally what could use improving and then try to get some things implemented! Thanks in advance!
  21. Works for me on PC. Which OS/which version of chrome?
  22. Everyone's answers were perfectly acceptable. You're being weird about it. Calm down.
  23. Do schools really not average your LSATs anymore? I'm pretty sure some still do, no?
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