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  1. Sorry all - still working to track this one down.
  2. Apologies that happened! I’ve tried to reproduce and can’t - the way the edit code actually works is also based on the post time stamp (and not any sort of time tied to when the draft is started). You may have found a bug! Let me know if it happens again and which subforum you are posting a comment in. Was it a new topic or a reply?
  3. In fairness, once the removed posts were hidden, my post did become sort of unclear! Anyway, all good.
  4. Keep on topic. If you want to discuss the politics of mask wearing, go to the off topic forum.
  5. They are good questions to be thinking about. They should not drive your decision making about law school. Legal Aid programs in Canada are cash strapped and operating at the brink. There could be wholesale changes to how all of it works by the time you are a lawyer. Focus on getting in, taking courses in areas of interest, and then figure out at the time you are ready what the best approach is to learn the skills you need to know to practice the way you would like to. Senior counsel and mentorship really helps with this, and trying to compete as a junior lawyer on price without having anyone in your network teaching you the practical side of what you need to know is not likely going to be your best move.
  6. Using admin powers to post in locked thread to ridicule you for this overall joke attempt at a thread and also to note that nudity is not permitted on these forums.
  7. Shouldn't be any pop ups. I'll look into it. Sorry! Edit: Sneaky google. Let me know if you have this happen again, it should be disabled.
  8. Reminder, and a check of the forums will confirm, the vast vast vast majority of people do not have the experience with the UK process that this poster did.
  9. The earliest incarnations of this site are from 2003. Lawstudents.ca as it is known and loved by all is officially 15 years old as of last April. 2 months older than Reddit, which I believe was registered June 2005. We old.
  10. Definitely try to use them if you can even to get contact info for alums who might be open to meeting with you and helping you get your name out there to see where you might be a fit. There’s a few different ways to use the career office - try to remember that a ton of the people they deal with are looking for that big law path, so sometimes you need to push a bit to get them to work with you differently.
  11. For what it's worth, I've noticed this trend across numerous online communities over the last few months (and not just here) where people are getting snarkier and less patient. I find it difficult to really find fault with anyone. These are unprecedented times and people are stretched thin with stress and anxiety. Toss in trying to continue to figure out your future and career in the midst of it - I have immense empathy for everyone and trust we're all just doing our best. A reminder to be kind is always welcome - even when it feels like people are ignoring reality, try to remember that we are only getting a tiny slice of their situation right now. Even if it feels like the 400th time responding to the same type of question posed the same way with an eerie sense of deva vu naivety, it's probably not doing anyone any good to be mean about it. There's enough bad news for most people already. Sometimes it does take some tough love, but it doesn't always have to be the first approach. Anyway, all that to say, appreciate the post. It's timely!
  12. This is an automated response to a topic that appears to be requesting legal advice. Please refer to the following post regarding such requests:
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