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  1. A few schools are doing online for the fall. And the NCA just updated their rules where they say they'll allow up to 50% of the time spent doing the program as online. So if you have a two year program they'll allow up to a year of it being online.
  2. Why wouldn't I? Not trying to be snarky just genuinely curious.
  3. Would a foreign MPA degree or a foreign law degree work to get your foot into the door in Canada?
  4. Holy crap dude you're living my dream. Any good way to get into government for people without law degrees?
  5. I would say that if your intention is to come back to Canada then Leicester is the choice. Leicester offers at least 5 of the 7 modules with their Canadian law degree, which they have only recently created within the last 3 years or so I think. So essentially you could complete the 7 exams in one year. And only have to review new material for the 2 remaining modules.
  6. Just curious what was your undergrad GPA when you applied to Sussex?
  7. Okay first of all I come on here to ask questions from people who may or may not have had experiences going this route. Like i was stating in the beginning I've never heard of University of Law and was wondering where it ranked what's so wrong about coming on here to ask a simple question. Is there a limit to how many questions I can ask in this forum? Is there a time limit? If not then why don't you just leave me asking a simple question to people who may or may not have heard of this place? I wasn't expecting a positive answer but I can at least expect some positive discussion.
  8. She got accepted to Leicester and Sussex but only got the three year LLB and she wasn't interested in applying to Bond. But after hearing more about the University of Law she might be more inclined to look into it.
  9. She applied to more I just can't remember them all.
  10. She applied to several US ones, a few Canadian(York, U of T, UBC, and Windsor) ones and no Australian ones. The only AUS one that I know has some good reputation for Canadians is Bond. But back to University of Law, I was afraid of that, I think with it just starting they're more lenient with admission standards. She went to a school fair a while back and they gave her a prospectus for returning to Canada and practicing law and it said that you need to do 7 challenge exams, I would've though that if it had the same as any other law school in the UK then it might've been a good idea.
  11. She does and she's tried Canadian law schools many times but doesn't want to waste another year for applications. She knows about the whole NCA process I've had some friends who've done the same and are now fully licensed lawyers. And she has several connections with other lawyers who are willing to let her article once she's done. The major problem that I can only see is how reputable is University of Law, like I said I can't seem to find its ranking anywhere.
  12. Hello all, My cousin just recently got accepted to University of Law 2 year llb program. Problem that I have is I don't know too much about that school other then it has several campuses across the UK. I also tried looking up the school's ranking and couldn't find any. Anyone know if this is a good school, I don't want her to waste $20k time and effort for nothing. Anyone know if there are a lot of Canadians at the University of Law?
  13. Thank you very much for the list, makes things so much easier.
  14. Has anyone gone to Nottingham Trent University Law school? My plan is to go there and practice in Canada. I know about the whole NCA process but just wanted to know what people think about that school.
  15. Hmm I was recently accepted to the University of Sussex accelerated 2 year program. But after reading the lengthy process and the costs I'm having second thoughts on actually going. But good article, very enlightening.
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