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  1. Cheers everyone, I will be in Calgary, not Toronto, so I'm more worried about dirt/dust and messing up my clothes than sweating in the humidity. It sounds like it's simple/doable enough, although I don't know about the logistics about leaving a bunch of suits in the office.
  2. I'm hoping to put off buying a car when I start my articles, and bike to work instead. Does anyone here bike to work on the regular? Do you bring a change of clothes (I am female and image I will often be wearing skirts)? I'm not planning on living very far from my office -- maybe a 10 minute bike ride for the neighbourhoods I'm looking at. Does it make sense to bike to work as a lawyer, or will I be carrying heavy documents with me (will be at a litigation oriented firm)?
  3. I went to the U of A from Ontario for the exact same reason. It was the right choice for me, but you really need to think about where you want to end up working beforehand. U of A places well in Edmonton and Calgary, and okay in Vancouver. You need to establish yourself here though -- I found that Edmonton firms (as compared to Calgary) were particularly wary about people from Toronto or Vancouver leaving and going back "home" after a year of articles. I think this is negated though if you can confidently tell them that you want to stay, and name actual reasons why.
  4. I posted a similar thread on here during articling week this past year. I ended up putting my political expierience on my resume -- as long as it's a mainstream party, I think that kind of experience helps more than hurts. I have volunteered with a mainstream party that is not the Conservatives for years and ended up getting hired at a Calgary firm. One of my interviewers was a strong Tory supporter; we spoke a bit in the interview about the recent changes in provincial politics here & about what that might mean for the federal election. I think he was actually impressed with my "grit" as the party that I support gets a lot of flack in Alberta.The most important thing is to keep it positive and show that despite your political leanings, you won't let partisanship get in the way of building relationships.
  5. When I applied for articling some firms asked for reference letters as part of their application package, some didn't. If you don't think you'll get a good reference from the firm you summered at, you should get a letter from a prof or two
  6. Everyone has given you good advice. I just want to chime in and say that if you DON'T get a job from OCI interviews, that's not the end of the world either. I have anxiety issues and when I didn't get a job - especially after a grueling week that was definitely outside my comfort zone - I felt like I'd completely failed and wouldn't be able to succeed in law. But going through so many interviews and then having several months to think and reflect on what they were looking for - and what I actually wanted - was really helpful going through articling week. I don't think I was ready for OCIs when I went through them, but they were a huge learning experience and ultimately helped me to find a job regardless.
  7. I'm not sure if it's the same in all cities/schools/law firms, but when I went through OCIs at the beginning of 2L the JD/MBA folks that interviewed with us were starting their 3rd year.
  8. Just to answer my own question, I was hired at a firm (yay!) & didn't get an ITO from them.
  9. So after 2nd round interviews... is that it? now we wait until Tuesday?
  10. I worked part-time in 2L and plan on doing so again in 3L (only approximately 12 hours a week). I didn't work in 1L because I thought I might be overwhelmed, but I think it would have been feasible. I have had strong grades throughout law school so far and I don't think working affected them at all - as the posters above said, if you can manage your time, you can easily squeeze in one or two evenings of work. It just means one or two less evenings spent in watching House of Cards or whatever. I'm still involved in extracurriculars as well and did a moot this year (that being said, I don't have a family or other obligations that take up tons of time other than school/extracurricular stuff/social activities). We're only in class for like 15 hours a week!
  11. I'd also recommend Grad Res if you want to be close; it's right next to the law building and lots of law students live there, but you have your own apartment (or are sharing with only one person). There are several apartments near Grandin or Bay Enterprise stations downtown, or just south of campus. I went a little bit stir crazy in first year because I was new to the city, and I lived in res just next to the law school. It felt like I was never away from law school, ever.
  12. I received a call yesterday offering an interview on Thursday/Friday. Does that mean that they aren't really that interested in me? I don't know how there will be time for second round interviews? I'm interviewing in both Calgary and Edmonton and was planning on having Thursday/Friday to schedule second round interviews in one city or the other (if, y'know I get any). Anyone have advice on how to juggle that? Do most firms do second rounds, or informal dinners/lunches? I'm at 5 between the two cities but one may be on Friday. :S
  13. The Ave in the Gav thing - cleaning staff weren't made aware that an event was happening in the Gav. There were a few students lingering in the building late that night and it alarmed the cleaning staff.
  14. Hi there, I'm in the process of applying for a zillion articles right now and I'm realizing that I didn't really do a great job of "networking" with lawyers throughout my time in law school. I haven't really participated in firm tours in my city or reached out to articling students to ask about the firm. So, I guess my questions are: 1) will this hurt me during the articling recruit? I had tons of interviews during OCIs but didn't end up with a job at the end of it - I DON'T want this to happen again. I have good grades (B+ gpa 1L, A- gpa 2L) and what I think are pretty decent ECs that I've been involved in and pretty passionate about for the last few years. 2) should I try to organize some tours/reach out to articling students/etc now? Most applications here are due on the 15th. I don't want it to seem like I'm insincerely reaching out just so I can name drop someone in my cover letter. 3) I'm finding that - especially for larger/mid-sized firms - it is tough to explain why I am drawn to each particular firm (other tthan just saying oh diversity, community outreach, wide practice area, etc - typical stuff) is there a good way to find out about the different firms and what they're really like aside from their websites?
  15. Hi there, I know that politics is one of those taboo topics that you aren't supposed to discuss in the workplace - but I'm curious as to whether I should keep political experience totally off the "volunteer" section of my resume? I was involved in political campus clubs and have volunteered for various campaigns over the years. I'm currently a VP for a political club on campus - I spend lots of time every week organizing events and reaching out to the community, and I was also one of the founding members of this particular club. I don't want to give away too much information on here but I am in Alberta and I'm wondering if my background with this political party (it is a mainstream party) will hurt me when I apply for jobs? On the one hand, I feel that including these experiences showcases dedication, leadership, etc... and would I really want to work at a firm that doesn't choose me because of my views? On the other hand, it's so competitive out there - why include anything that might be controversial in an application at all? I'm also wondering if, regardless of a particular interviewer's political leanings, the act of mentioning politics in a resume is a bit unprofessional? I did include my political experience on resumes during 2L OCIs. I sadly didn't get a job but did have a lot of interviews. I'm not really sure what to make of it. Does anyone else have advice, experience? Thanks!
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