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  1. The "Windsor Dual" is the a dual JD program where the student enrolled there earns both a JD from University of Windsor as well as from the University of Detroit Mercy. As such, students enrolled in that program pay tuition to both Windsor and Detroit Mercy making the tuition for 1 year of that program a total of a whopping $38000. By comparison, tuition at UofS is expected to be around $12.5k for next year. Assuming costs of living are the same, the tuition savings will be at least 75k.
  2. What are the profs like? Everyone good or is there anyone to be weary of?
  3. Its saying that you need to respond in order to be considered for the wait list. If you don't respond by June 7th then you won't be added to the waitlist. I think that means you won't be getting any offers unless its off the waitlist so you should respond if you still want a chance at Sask. People have and do get in off the waitlist so you're not shut out yet as long as you respond.
  4. Sorry, I forgot, I did get the login information in the mail. It was a simple one page sheet from the University of Saskatchewan (not the law office) and just had instructions for using Paws and my username/password.
  5. I haven't gotten anything in the mail from Sask so I don't think they send anything (I was accepted in March). Perhaps they'll send something in August when more details are scheduled to be released. For Paws, I can't say, I'm not a current student so when my Paws first opened it already said Law. Took a couple weeks before I got a Paws account though.
  6. Sorry, I was unclear, I meant historically what has the distribution been like in previous classes. Obviously no one knows yet for future classes.
  7. Seems this thread has died right when I ask a question Well, hopefully someone has an answer to this other question: How's the availability of outlets for laptops during lectures as well as exams? Most importantly during exams. I have an older laptop that still holds about a 3.5 to 4 hr charge, should I be considering purchasing a new battery/new laptop or are plugs readily available?
  8. Whats the age distribution of the class? Are most people straight out of undergrad?
  9. I'm going to be a 1L this coming September, is a black suit so taboo for the first year that I have to buy a new suit? The black suit I have now is MTM and quite nice; my parents got it for me for the purpose of going to my sister's wedding. It's meant for formal occasions but I've never had a reason to wear it since, so I had been planning to make it my suit for 1L. Hearing all this talk of it being a faux pas makes me think I should forgo it though. The thing is, I'm hardly swimming in cash at the moment. I'm on a tight budget as is so if I can get away with black, I'd rather do that than have to cheap out on a few meals to be able to get a different coloured suit.
  10. I was just looking at last years admitted thread and seeing the days when people posted about acceptances. I haven't looked further ahead in the thread and seen when another group of people posted about offers.
  11. I actually didn't apply to USask last year, saying "everywhere" in my original post is a bit misleading, sorry. However, last year my LSAT at the time was lower and my cGPA/L2 was also lower.
  12. How about that, just got the email and was accepted! CGPA: 3.0 B2=L2=3.6 Highest LSAT: 163 No Saskatchewan connection whatsoever. My first acceptance and feels like a HUGE weight off my shoulders after getting dinged everywhere last year. I will definitely be accepting unless I get a miracle offer from UofC. The deadline to accept is April 4th.
  13. This day last year the "3rd" large wave of offers went out.... hopefully that patterns holds again for this year. Good luck everyone.
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