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  1. Your post is very informative. But I doubt many can get the scholarship that you received abroad.
  2. Bond is probably better than Melborne or Sydney law though...
  3. Lot of ppl do it, should be okay. Always can retake..
  4. Even the single JD has admin problems?
  5. So they make you sign an agreement and if you apply they'd know?
  6. Anyone know what is the final cut off for this cycle? (Before supplementary forms are read)
  7. I read this post and found out that one of my LSATs from 4-5 yrs ago that I carelessly omitted--another 154. Just FYI for future applicants who may be interested in knowing.
  8. Thanks AK, anyone know can to confirm the L60 (with both undergrad and grad) courses at two different institutions? Moreover, how does UofA calculate their L60 in this case? Is there a table or something?
  9. Hi All, I hate to do this again as I'll be going to LS coming Sept but this is for a friend (who is not a LSer as she isn't sure about LS yet) who is from Edmonton and would like to attend UofA with the above stat... 1)what are her chances at UofA? 2) How can one go about and confirm that gpa as the 3.7 is most likely accurate, but still unconfirmed. 3) Is there a table that translates letter grades and % grades into alberta GPA? She attended two different schools (undergrad + master's) with two different grading systems. Much appreciated.
  10. anyone got in with 3.7/157 this cycle?
  11. I guess we soon-to-be 1Ls won't be going to his house for one of the Orientation Week events as 1Ls did last year.
  12. If both R1 and R2 are academic, then I think they'd have to look at R3, no?
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