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  1. There are two sides to this. I'm 1L right now, and if anything the social culture in law is more alcohol centered than in undergrad (and fyi...law is just another undergrad). Having said that, people are more mature (I don't think b/c they're in law school, but b/c they're not 18 anymore), so nobody is going to bug someone that doesn't drink. If you're a non-drinker, make sure to come to the wine and cheese receptions etc...they're incredible networking opportunites, and don't think twice about not having a glass...also, go to the pub with your profs, just to put in the face time. Beyond that, avoid the thurs-sat partyers (though they're plentiful) and have a good time.
  2. Is 2.5 your cumulative? If your last 2 years is better you probably have a decent shot at a couple of schools, particularly Alberta.
  3. I was originally 47 on the WL and thought I had no chance....if they are already at 30, any thoughts on what that means for me?...
  4. I just got dinged today. found out online. 3.1ish/164
  5. Got the bad news by through Infonet today: After carefully considering your application, the Committee on Admissions is unable to offer you a place in the Baccalaureate in Laws (LL.B.) program, offered in English, for the Fall 2005 session. You have been refused admission for the following reason: You will receive, an official letter by mail, which will include more details. We appreciate your interest in the University of Ottawa. BTW...my stats: 3.1/164
  6. sorry to hear about the ding. did it show up on infonet first?
  7. well @#%$... that beats me easily... sorry to hear about the ding. have you been accepted somewhere else/was uofc your top choice?
  8. Hey hatewaiting.... when/how did you find out? what were your ec's like? I have almost identical stats to you and I havn't heard anything from anywhere...
  9. I'll be in line at noon for the beer gardens....then who knows...I'm not 18 anymore, can't party for 14 hours like I used to. Probably go to some after parties, but won't bother going downtown.
  10. Doesn't get worse...but gets a whole lot better (in precisely 8 days for me)... Congrats on finishing the paper...I've got a few more hours tonight...then start the next one (due monday) tomorrow.
  11. indeed.... if by churning out a paper you do of course mean doing everything in my power to find something else to do... one thing undergrad has taught me is how to be the master-procrastinator. Not a skill that will help me too much in LS (if I ever get there)...but one I've honed none the less. Regardless of quality, this paper is being turned in by fri. I spent the last two BSD's in the info commons working on papers...not going to be the case this year.
  12. Answered the questions? In the supp form? If that's what you mean, I focused on what was more or less true...that I was immature, caught up in party scene etc, tried to harp on upward trend of grades etc etc. I've been in contact with them, but only get very general responses... I knew getting into this that I was borderline at best, but thought I'd give it a whirl anyway. My main reason for wanting to get out of UofC is a change of environment. Though since my indiscretions of my first 2 years my grades have gone up significantly, I am still too easily distracted by friends, beer, etc....I think if I stayed here for 1L I would be seriously putting myself at a disadvantage.
  13. Yeah, I applied to UofC...not too interested in staying here though. My undergrad is Philosophy with minor in PoliSci. So far been dinged at Western and Queens...waiting on Dal, UNB, Ottawa, UofC and UofA... I think UNB and UofA are my only chances...
  14. Obviously there are pockets of racism everywhere, your example of your East Indian friend is one...I have just found more instances here than I had in Toronto...obviously a limited sample. I am finishing my undergrad at UofC right now. Uh, stats are funny...last two years about 3.1, maybe a little bit less. cumulative...very very bad, a couple of years of partying saw to that. LSAT 164. One of the prev threads was a little discouraging as I was hoping for a 2nd round offer but it doesn't look like its coming.
  15. jay, that is certainly a good point...and coming from "the center of the universe" I at first didn't get it, and wrote it off as whiny westerners...but having lived here awhile I can understand the frustration that many feel. as for the passive intolerance, I chose my words carefully. The way I experience it(and I don't directly experience it...I'm a white heterosexual male)...is as a sort of, we know its wrong but....a classic example is "I'm not racist/sexist/homophobic, but" and they continue to tell a horribly racist/sexist/homophobic joke or anecdote. I dunno, I love living here, I'm not moving back east...but it is certainly something that I can see.
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