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  1. My firm starts articling students the Tuesday after the August long weekend but it depends on the firm.
  2. If you’re used to and like Mac OS continue using it in law school. Check that your school’s exam software is Mac compatible - they should all be.
  3. A solid red tie makes you look like a waiter. A patterned red tie (especially a deeper red or burgundy) can look good and would be fine for an interview.
  4. Movies, TV shows, sports, the weather, what you did last weekend, anything other than my practice please.
  5. One well-fitting, clean, business suit is enough for 1L.
  6. I think OP is referring to a head of student recruitment at a firm, not an external recruiter.
  7. ^ London is 45 minutes closer to Toronto than Kingston, not “a few hours”.
  8. They consider student hours in the sense of whether the student is keeping busy and lawyers are going back to them for work, but a student with 1800 hours who is widely disliked in the firm is not going to get hired over a student with 1600 hours who everyone likes.
  9. Spending your 2L summer doing nothing will look worse than working a non-legal job. Get a job - any job.
  10. The firm will have an accounting procedure to reimburse for expenses incurred on a client matter where the client shouldn’t be billed without dipping into your BD budget.
  11. Don’t know about the buildings specifically but that area and St. Clair West generally is an excellent area. You’re literally across the street from the subway which goes up to York, and right behind one of the best Loblaws’ in the city. Also a short walk from the shops and restaurants on St. Clair. Easy commute downtown. Access to the ravine for nature. Urban walkable neighbourhood. 10/10.
  12. I’m not a gamer by any means but Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is bringing me lots of joy right now. The levels are so cleverly designed and it’s got just the right amount of difficulty.
  13. Seems silly to base your decision on the market for new calls when Toronto is the biggest legal market in the country and Vancouver is probably the second biggest. It’s not like you’re comparing Toronto to Sticksville. There will be opportunities in both markets. Base your decision on where you want to live and practice.
  14. I was under 5 years when I lateralled and it was an excellent career move from all perspectives, including compensation, mentorship, skill development, and my own satisfaction with work.
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