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  1. Does the partner have a specialized practice such that when they retire the firm will want to replace them to keep that practice going? For example if they are the only tax lawyer the firm would probably want to bring in another tax lawyer rather than losing that area of practice. In this case you could continue working as a junior for the new partner. On the other hand if they are one of 20 corporate lawyers doing general corporate work, then yeah you may find yourself in trouble.
  2. I am a big fan of the iPad Pro and pencil for practice, but for law school I would exchange them all for one of the new M chip Macbook Airs and an external monitor.
  3. There was a posting for corporate counsel for Google Toronto office on LinkedIn not too long ago. They wanted private practice corporate experience.
  4. If it’s a personal email from an actual person in the admin office? Sure you can acknowledge receipt and thank them. If it’s a mail merge/template email from a generic address (“[email protected]”), don’t waste your time.
  5. It’s also practice group dependant. I don’t work on Bay but my firm has the same target, and no one in my group would answer emails at 1:30am. If I work until 9pm that’s a late night.
  6. For those of you who typically send gift baskets to referral sources at the holidays, what are you doing this year with Covid? It seems silly for a gift basket to sit at the office for 6 months or for the recipient’s mailroom to have to send it to their home. I don’t feel comfortable asking for home addresses and emailed gift cards seem very impersonal.
  7. not judging, just offering a bit of perspective. hope you have a restful break.
  8. 16 days is absurdly short? you do realize that most practicing lawyers would absolutely love to take off 16 days in a row. I’ve taken 2 consecutive weeks off exactly once, for my honeymoon.
  9. A friend of mine works in some business side role at a big tech company’s Toronto office. He pulls in between $100 and 200k, works 9 to 5, no weekends, significantly less stress than my job, not to mention all the tech company perks.
  10. I wouldn’t use the over the ear headphones. The others, or no headphones, are fine. Be sure you do test runs with whatever you pick,
  11. I got a call (many many years ago) at about 6:30pm after someone who received an offer took a long time to decide before declining. I was hired back at that firm and then lateraled to a firm that I didn’t even get an interview at. Your career is a long and winding road.
  12. I much prefer receiving cold emails to cold calls. I would be annoyed if I received a cold call, had to call that person back, play phone tag etc. I do respond to cold emails which usually lead to calls but then at least things can be scheduled and the process is less annoying.
  13. not about spelling, but I always have to stop and think about who is the mortgagor and who is the mortgagee. I much prefer borrower and lender.
  14. the partner who likes to do this isn’t even that old!
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