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  1. The firm will have an accounting procedure to reimburse for expenses incurred on a client matter where the client shouldn’t be billed without dipping into your BD budget.
  2. Don’t know about the buildings specifically but that area and St. Clair West generally is an excellent area. You’re literally across the street from the subway which goes up to York, and right behind one of the best Loblaws’ in the city. Also a short walk from the shops and restaurants on St. Clair. Easy commute downtown. Access to the ravine for nature. Urban walkable neighbourhood. 10/10.
  3. I’m not a gamer by any means but Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is bringing me lots of joy right now. The levels are so cleverly designed and it’s got just the right amount of difficulty.
  4. Seems silly to base your decision on the market for new calls when Toronto is the biggest legal market in the country and Vancouver is probably the second biggest. It’s not like you’re comparing Toronto to Sticksville. There will be opportunities in both markets. Base your decision on where you want to live and practice.
  5. I was under 5 years when I lateralled and it was an excellent career move from all perspectives, including compensation, mentorship, skill development, and my own satisfaction with work.
  6. I can’t really think of an area of Toronto where it wouldn’t be possible to live within a 15 minute walking radius. There are no law firms on the Islands that I am aware of. There is something to be said for having a bit of a buffer between home and work. To me my current 20 minute transit trip or 25 minute bike ride is the perfect balance.
  7. I think you need to get a better handle on terminology and the differences in legal roles between Quebec and Ontario. “Notary” does not have the same meaning or career path in Ontario that it does in Quebec. Similarly there are lawyers who do not appear in Court whose practices are “paperwork” based; they are called solicitors in Ontario. You can have the type of career you say you want while being a full fledged lawyer.
  8. Are you a student or a lawyer? If a student, I wouldn’t do it. No need to draw attention to yourself unnecessarily. If you’re a lawyer you could probably pull it off at a summer afternoon event.
  9. There are lots of firms (or practice areas within firms) that respect boundaries and vacation time.
  10. TIL, as I return from a lovely vacation to my professional managed, newly renovated rental apartment, with a fully stocked fridge, comfy furniture and a big TV, check my bank account that is continually increasing, and then hop on the subway for my 20 minute commute to work, that I am merely “surviving”.
  11. My experience lateraling was similar to the above. I also provided more notice than was required and worked really hard to prepare comprehensive transfer memos for my files. I still have very good relationships with the lawyers at my old firm.
  12. Why would a research position hurt you? You don’t think articling students do boatloads of research? I had a research assistant position in 2L summer and got plenty of articling interviews.
  13. ^ they aren’t talking about thank you notes to lawyers for doing the interview (which are annoying but I agree still expected), they’re talking about responding to a confirmation email from a recruiter or other HR person which is not necessary.
  14. I’m surprised articling students get two weeks now, when I was a student I got one week. I agree that it’s not a good idea to plan a trip during artlicling before you even start. Better to play it by ear and book a last minute trip than to be the person who says on day 1 that they already know they will be away on certain days. I do think you should use at least one of weeks that you’re given, though (maybe split it into two long weekends). I do think it’s important to be able to recharge your batteries.
  15. At bigger firms the target is generally for docketed, billable hours. There may be a separate target for docketed, non-billable hours, or some portion of your docketed non-billable hours may count towards your billable hours. The percentage of your docketed hours which are ultimately billed may also be looked at for discussions separate from whether you are “hitting your target”. Smaller firms may care more about billed hours than docketed hours.
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