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  1. wakawaka

    2L Summer (2019) Recruit PFOs/ITCs

    I mean it is conceivable that a mistake was made in notifying people about OCIs. There was that school (Queen’s?) a few years ago that lost a bunch of law school applications.
  2. wakawaka

    What To Do Post Articles If Wanting to Look Elsewhere

    They will come through your professional network, recruiters reaching out to you, listings in the ORs etc. It’s hard to believe now but it won’t be that difficult, trust me.
  3. wakawaka

    What To Do Post Articles If Wanting to Look Elsewhere

    Take the hireback (if you get it), build up your experience for 2-4 years then move when the right opportunity comes around. You may even end up enjoying practice more than articling. There are lots of lawyers, even on Bay Street/downtown, who don't work every weekend consistently (e.g., me).
  4. wakawaka

    Dilemma - to quit or not to quit?

    +1 to Hegdis. You have to look out for #1 first and foremost. The only thing I’ll add is to discuss your potential start date with your new boss and ensure that she is ok with you starting after your notice period and doesn’t expect you to start right away.
  5. wakawaka

    Attire for 'coffee chat' style meetings

    I wouldn’t mind if a student met me at my firm in a pair of dress pants and a dress shirt. I would feel bad if a student was wearing a jacket and tie in this heat just for me. I’m generally more on the casual side though.
  6. No, but if OP has exhausted all sources of billable work, it will at least keep him/her busy and adding value.
  7. You could offer to research and write blog posts or articles.
  8. wakawaka

    Suits For Men

    Does anyone have any experience with Eric Sana made to measure suits in Toronto?
  9. wakawaka

    Suits For Men

    Suit Supply starts at around $450 (plus alterations) and is probably the best quality you will find at that price point. I would call them and ask if they can do a rush tailoring job for you.
  10. A cover letter is a business letter. Business letters have re lines.
  11. wakawaka

    Stuff to Bring to Law School

    Backpack for everyday use, but you should have a simple messenger bag for days when you wear a suit (mooting, interviewing etc) as I agree backpacks look silly with suits. Definitely get a locker if they are offered. I typically only brought to school textbooks that I planned on studying from that day. By second semester of 2L I stopped buying texts entirely and relied on the library’s copy or downloaded and printed the cases myself. Never brought textbooks to class. Laser printer is very useful, you can get them for less than $100 these days and the toner lasts ages.
  12. wakawaka

    Desk suggestions?

    L desk is the way to go if you can fit it. That way you have an area for your computer and an area to spread out books and papers.
  13. wakawaka

    How many lawyers use Mac computers

    Firms are generally Microsoft environments even though many of their lawyers probably use Macs at home. Some sole pracs may use Macs for their practices.
  14. wakawaka

    Articling Timeline 2019/2020 - Toronto

    Your grades are great, you should get some feedback on your application package because that may be where you went wrong in 2L recruitment.
  15. wakawaka

    Articling Timeline 2019/2020 - Toronto

    ... seriously?