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  1. I was in at UO, and UNB with same stats. Hopefully your personal statement was strong.
  2. Woh, interesting choice. You've written 4 times, but in the end have decided not to go? Mind if I ask what motivated this choice? Personally, I'm leaving a Master's to pursue the JD. I have thought about deferring for a year to finish the M.A. But after a bit of a cost benefit analysis, time and finances have spurred the choice to go into law now.
  3. In last week. Super stoked. Totally ready. Almost wanted to blow off exams for the current MA, but sticking it out until the summer. Then good bye Carleton Public Policy, hello legal career;) 3.54, 157, 3 outstanding LOR, one from an L.L.B and Executive director of National NGO. Good Exc, lots of leadership. And I suppose a persuasive and philosophical PS. Best of luck to those still waiting. I Know it's tough(I'm second cycle). It's going to be an awesome and challenging first year. Looking forward to working with all of you.
  4. Congrats!! I'm identical cGPA, and 157.. second cycle).. I just hope my PS can match up to yours;) Mind if I ask Access or General?
  5. lol. It miiight..? ;s no promises though. I spoke with a women in admissions Monday or Tuesday (phone). She told me Wanda is on vac until Friday; recommended I try back next week to determine if they received my most updated fall grades (prof released late).
  6. Still waiting.. Access as well. Second cycle.
  7. Hey everyone, thought I would start a post for people still waiting, and to stay informed on movements or notices! I am still yet to be reviewed, although application complete January 9th.
  8. Okay, long time lurker here; bit of shy question. Is drops the conversion from 4.0 to 4.3? If one we're 3.54 how would this convert? Any thoughts?
  9. Rejected. Letter in the mail yesterday. Not even listed :/ What evs for now, I'm not toooo stoked for my MA, but am already re-working my PS, and timing out my next LSAT prep. Good luck guys, maybe catch ya on the next cycle.
  10. lol, I'm starting to think they lost my application and are trying to cover up by simply telling me "no decision" when I call in. jk. "Check under the filing cab-nit dammit !"
  11. Not a thing, no rejection, no wait list, and definitely no offer :/
  12. I still have not heard a single word. I call every week and they tell me they have made no decision on me :S
  13. Access. Stats? And yea obtaining the funds may be difficult with short notice. I have applied for OSAP for my M.A (even though I'm funded) and simply requested the funds be released to me without transfer to my program's tuition fees. In this manner I would have the funds to make an initial payment while I apply for a Bank loan. Maybe I'm being to hopeful at this point though :/
  14. 2 bdrm Apartment, one large bedroom available. 550$ heat, hot water included. hydro and net extra. 170 Booth street K1R7W1. on the edge of down town near the business district. 6 min to Ottawa u by bus. great area, quiet neighborhood, nice balcony on 4th floor of 5 story building over looking the bridge to Quebec. Email me at [email protected] or 613 899 7054. btw I am a master's student at Carleton aiming for law school.
  15. Same boat here as well. Still no word at all, and I also would feel bad backing out of my Carleton M.A in Public Policy and Admin; though I would do it in a heart beat. Are you both General or Access if you dont mind me asking.
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