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  1. westdale123

    Accepted 2013

    Just got the acceptance mail too! This is a HUGE relief since I received a dreadful regrets letter from UofT yesterday! I've been in queue since mid feb (OASIS hasn't updated yet). 3.93GPA, 160 LSAT, avreage ECs OHHHHHHHHHH MANNNNN WAY TO START THE WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. westdale123

    Last Two Years

    Yes, this is something I heard directly from Ms. Theobald (now retired) last year. Beware, though, that now Western has a new admissions director and may have changed their way slightly. The new assistant dean of admission is nevertheless extremely nice and helpful. She is as nice as Berryl!
  3. westdale123

    National Mobility Agreement 2013: Bienvenue, Barreau

    If Quebec implements the mobility procotol in the future just as the rest of Canada has done, does this mean the lawyers from civil jurisdictions will be granted the equal opportunity to simply sign the paper and practice in common law jurisdictions? Wouldn't this also raise an issue with any possible educational reform considering the fact that the civil law degree in Quebec is offered as a first-entry degree program?
  4. westdale123

    Ask a prof?

    This is an amazing post. Thanks for doing this, Prof. I have a question about the miserable 'law-school-debt'. I have incurred a slightly higher-than-average amount of government loan as a resulting of taking a lot of summer courses during undergrad. And it seems as though it will grow into the range of 100k by the time I finish the law school (currently 0L, but entering a law school in coming Sept). I've been wondering how most law school graduates are doing these days in terms of paying back their debt. Does an average lawyer (right out of article) make enough to sustain a reasonably comfortable living (i.e. rent/insurance/groceries/vehicle/etc.) while paying back the debt? Or do most people choose to clear up their debt ASAP? I just don't want to find myself swimming in the pool of debt for years after law school. Thanks!
  5. westdale123

    Ms. Theobald's Retirement

    Nope, if what she was telling me was true, then that was how she and the adcom conducted the admissions process. Beware, though, that now Beryl's gone (retired!) so the process might have changed completely.
  6. westdale123

    ASU North American Law Degree

    Another interesting article: http://business.financialpost.com/2013/01/30/north-american-law-degree-has-limitations/
  7. westdale123

    Accepted 2013!

    Congrat! Just a question, is your L2 calculated based on OLSAS scale? UofC scale? My application just went complete today!
  8. westdale123

    UToronto vs UCalgary (don't laugh!)

    Can you elaborate on this? How much would an average student receive from the school for academic/financial need scholarships/bursaries? Can you venture to guess?
  9. westdale123

    Accepted 2013

    The instruction (which came with the offer package) says that if we do not intend to accept the offer, we may notify the admissions office by email so that the seat can go to the next person. Otherwise, those with offer can hold on to it until April 1st and potentially lose their spot without being notified by the school.
  10. westdale123

    Accepted 2013

    IN! 4.0/161 confirmed. I must have been out of town when the package got here. It seems like it's been here since a week ago. Beartrack also changed to Admitted! Good luck to those still waiting!
  11. westdale123

    Questions about being a U of C law student

    I have one more question- How successful are UofC law students, in general, when the subject matter concerns getting into 'big law'? Do you encounter a fair number of students in your class who have articles lined up at national firms? Thanks again!
  12. westdale123

    Questions about being a U of C law student

    Hi Nucks, thanks for doing this. I want to hear an honest opinion on how UofC 2Ls and 3Ls are doing in terms of securing an articling placement (somewhere I saw it was 99% success rate). Do most of 3Ls secure a job before entering the last year? If so, would you be able to give an approximate percentage of those who do? Do most of the graduates work in Calgary? Edmonton? Vancouver? Rural communities?
  13. westdale123

    IMA former U of T Ad Com member AMA

    How thoroughly does the adcom read each personal statement? How bad is it that a personal statement contains some errors? (i.e. spelling, mixing up with other school's PS, etc.) I've checked my PS a few times before submitting, but there could have been a mistake that I didn't notice!
  14. Being the first person to sign the ticket and enter the test room is probably not the best idea when there are 200 other test-takers lining behind you to go through the same time-consuming process. In October, it took proctors approximately 40 minutes to check tickets and assign seats at McMaster- Then another 20 minutes or so to have people fill out the scantron sheet before the test began. Once you go into the room, you can't go to washroom until the first section of the test.
  15. A friend of mine who wrote the last Oct LSAT with me almost canceled her score and ended up getting 160. I drove her to Oakville and had to see her bursting into tears and telling me how she had to guess an entire game section plus many questions on other sections and that she was definitely feeling for low 150s.