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  1. kind of but not really. it doesnt correct your grammar as you go. You take lessons on different aspects of grammar. it also shows you things like how and when to use bullet points etc.
  2. Grammar for Lawyers! I cant say enough good things about this service https://www.coregrammarforlawyers.com/ Core Grammar for Lawyers is an online, self-directed learning tool designed to help law students, pre-law students, paralegal professionals, and practicing attorneys acquire the grammar and punctuation skills that are prerequisites to successful legal writing.
  3. This was really disappointing. This really could have been a great resource. There will always be some people to ruin it for everyone else. If people are still interested, I can lock the edits with a new chart and have people PM me their info, which i will then add to the list. (Or if anyone else has any ideas, i would be glad to incorporate them). I just think it is sad that we all cannot have this resource because a few people are terrible.
  4. yes. some are messing with it, others are putting in job racist descriptions.
  5. hey, if you havent already, there is a pinned post for salaries in this board you can contribute to if you like. you may (eventually) find the information you are looking for there. *This is not meant to discourage any mid-level associates in Victoria from answering to this post directly*
  6. I made a google doc and made the first edit. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1q0PlAak6NiOfRZDAREY2JmURN_ZjIxXXXHJiUdS67NE/edit?usp=sharing
  7. Hey out of curiosity, I am interested in what other people are making out there. can we start a chart that shows (1) starting salary - (2) current salary - (3) region of practice - (4) area of practice - (5) year of call? anonymously, of course. (maybe instead of region of practice, we can put size of city... like rural, small town, mid size city etc. to make it more anonymous... and also instead of year of call, we can put 1st year call/ junior associate/ senior associate/partner?) i also realize this data would be highly anecdotal and self-selected, but it may be somewhat informative non-the-less I am not sure how to make a graph/chart thing that other people can add to... or if that is even possible. anyway, let me know what you guys think. example: starting salary current salary region of practice Area of practice year of call
  8. What kind of LS grades are national law firms in regional areas looking for when considering lateral hires? (London/Hamilton/KW) A job I am considering applying to says "excellent academic credentials" and I am unsure whether to waste my time applying. I had pretty much exactly between a B and B+ overall gpa in LS
  9. The chances aren't zero. But without more information about you and your app it's hard to gauge how close the probability is to zero. I got in to two Ontario schools with slightly better stats than yours. Similar cGPA but my L2 was in the range of 3.8ish... This is part of the 'more information' I was referring to. My LSAT was better than yours, but only by a little. I spent way too much time on my personal statement and I suggest you do the same. Again, the chances are not zero but you have an uphill battle.
  10. Oh snap. We have pretty similar stats.(except I have B2:3.77) I have a feeling our Ontario cycle may be similar in the end. Only news so far is out at Alberta Good luck to us #teamborderline
  11. We're in the same boat my frend But my B2 includes this current semester. I dont know how that changes the story.
  12. I dont know, I got the envelope. I'm not gona bother either.. Result won't change
  13. Out like a light Gpa: I have B2 3.8~ (conservatively) as of the end of this sem.. Alberta stops calculating at December so it's about 3.28 because they had to use my catastrophic 2nd year. LSAT: 158 December. 160 feb (although they don't use that)
  14. I actually spent the better half of yesterday morning looking through the archives of LS.ca for information on the jdmba. And how long did u study for the GMAT? More specifically, how long did u have to study until you could get an acceptable score.. And is that threshold any lower if u are already in Oz?
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