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  1. I believe McCarthys is still waiting
  2. I can’t imagine students having that much leverage over a firm, especially a Bay Street one. If a set of students refuse to article unless they receive a higher salary, there’d an eager line of students waiting to take their place.
  3. Curious if you could speak to what some of these "misconducts" were
  4. I'm currently studying for the bar right now and I share your feelings. I've spoken to a few of my peers and it seems like they feel the same way so it seems like your fears are normal. Although I defer to those who are more experienced and have successfully written the bar.
  5. I'd generally agree. I spoke with a few lawyers prior to entering law school and it felt a bit awkward, knowing that my position at the time, was so far removed from theirs. If you are interested in speaking to lawyers and finding out about different areas of law, I would recommend at least waiting a few months into 1L where you will have been exposed to some law and have a better idea of what you would like to take away from an informational interview and have it be more useful to you.
  6. I got in to Western and Queens with a 170 and a 3.52 so you will definitely be fine!
  7. Anyone have any tips on how to be a good writer? I've gone through my law school career writing mostly exams and now thatI am writing papers in my final semester, I've found my writing to be pretty horrid. Obviously I know there won't be any quick fixes but it'd be great to hear about some ways that I can improve my writing before I start articling and for the future.
  8. One thing I found helpful was using boolean searches. It significantly narrows down the content so its easier to find what you're looking for.
  9. I don’t think it would - some of the students I was with this summer did it at my firm (also Bay Street). I think as long as you provide sufficient notice, one day shouldn’t be an issue.
  10. I think your LSAT score is likely what’s hindering you. I would do a rewrite if I were you.
  11. To add to that I would say course offering isn’t great. The school has a hard time retaining profs so a lot of the courses end up being taught by practitioners (which can be hit or miss). Although I would give them a bit of credit as every year they send out a survey to determine what courses should be offered the next year.
  12. I don’t think it hurts to have it on your resume but at the same time, I don’t think it’s a substantial consideration, relative to the rest of your package. If anything, I think entrance scholarships simply provide further evidence of your strong performance in undergrad.
  13. Curious to get more information about what you mean?
  14. AFIK, schools generally host OCIs in their city; not necessarily on their campus but sometimes at a nearby convention center. The only instance I've heard about students having to travel to a different city for OCIs is Ottawa recruit. If I remember correctly, last year a bunch of schools came to London and all the Ottawa firms did their OCIs there.
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