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  1. I don’t think it would - some of the students I was with this summer did it at my firm (also Bay Street). I think as long as you provide sufficient notice, one day shouldn’t be an issue.
  2. I think your LSAT score is likely what’s hindering you. I would do a rewrite if I were you.
  3. To add to that I would say course offering isn’t great. The school has a hard time retaining profs so a lot of the courses end up being taught by practitioners (which can be hit or miss). Although I would give them a bit of credit as every year they send out a survey to determine what courses should be offered the next year.
  4. I don’t think it hurts to have it on your resume but at the same time, I don’t think it’s a substantial consideration, relative to the rest of your package. If anything, I think entrance scholarships simply provide further evidence of your strong performance in undergrad.
  5. Curious to get more information about what you mean?
  6. AFIK, schools generally host OCIs in their city; not necessarily on their campus but sometimes at a nearby convention center. The only instance I've heard about students having to travel to a different city for OCIs is Ottawa recruit. If I remember correctly, last year a bunch of schools came to London and all the Ottawa firms did their OCIs there.
  7. Its updated and currently under "view my grades" on student centre
  8. I don’t attend U of t (I attend Western) but I’m sure the following information is still accurate Regarding Question 1: Generally used books are fine but I would advise waiting to get the syllabus for your classes before buying books. If you’re buying older editions you can also check with your profs to see if it’s fine. Regarding Question 3: most summer positions begin early May and end mid August
  9. To be honest I was planning to just machine wash them. I'm kind of new to all this but are they supposed to be dry cleaned?
  10. Is 3 suits sufficient for summering? I currently have a dark blue and black suit. My plan was to get a grey suit and 5 shirts, with a mix of white and light blue
  11. That was cGPA, I ended up getting into western and Queens. I accepted before I heard back from Osgoode
  12. To add on to that, I did my undergrad at Queens and am at Western now and very happy with my decision. London feels like an actual city and there is so much more to do. I will admit however, that I miss being near the lake in Kingston. I'm not sure how the clinics at Queen's work but at Western, you can apply to be a case worker in 1L. Even if you don't get selected to be a case worker you take a course that allows you to work at the clinic for a semester, so there are plenty of opportunities to get involved if you want. The only thing I would say about Western is that the exchange options seem a bit limited compared to Queen's (from what I remember when I was checking Queen's out a few years ago). Another thing I enjoy about Western is the small class size but from what I understand, Queen's class is relatively small as well.
  13. When I applied a few years ago, I had a slightly lower GPA (3.47) and a slightly higher LSAT (170) and was rejected
  14. Something to consider is that you're only going to be at the firm for a few months. Like others have said, I don't think a difference in compensation for that short period of time is worth putting your reputation in the legal community at risk.
  15. In addition, if you have some connections with lawyers, you could always ask for a coffee-chat to discuss their practice.
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