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  1. Hello, I was wondering approximately how many years on average it takes someone to move from "legal counsel" to "senior legal counsel" in an in-house environment. I get that year-of-call is not the only relevant factor here, but similar to how many firms expect associates to become partners within 6-7 years, was hoping to get a guideline for what this looks like in the in-house world. Any feedback would be appreciated!
  2. Hi there, was wondering if anyone has any leads on best banks to approach regarding a business line of credit for a sole practitioner. I had a meeting with Scotia this morning...they do the typical prime + business LOC...but nothing specifically tailored to a sole practitioner lawyer. Their business LOC isn't bad...but its based on current income and assets / liabilities. Not sure if any banks out there offer more favourable terms to lawyers (similar to how we could have gotten favourable terms on professional student LOCs in law school due to being in a "professional" program). Thanks!
  3. There are other reasons why I would prefer not to disclose this to my employer. And in any event, and respectfully, I don't share your view that having a contract that explicitly states X employee is free to earn income outside of his/her regular work hours is necessary at all. The question is: do I have a legal obligation to tell my employer? If the answer is no, that is all I need to know. I personally don't think my employer needs to know about all aspects of my life, including my income earning hobbies. I earn side income as a wedding photographer. Probably significantly more than I will earn as a "part time" lawyer in the next 5 years. Further, I believe in privacy. I don't feel obligated to tell every person I meet (or even all of my family members) that I have a side business as a photographer, so why I would treat my employer any differently I am not sure. I feel like we may value privacy a lot differently. Similarly, I own multiple revenue properties in the prairies. I spend at least 20 hours a month on this, sometimes more when I travel home. According to your logic I better disclose? Why? If you do think I have a positive obligation to tell my employer, what is the source?. My research suggests that so long as there is no conflict of interest, and so long as I am not breaching any duties to my part-time employer, contractual (including implied duties (good faith, etc.)), statutory or otherwise, I am free to do as I wish in my spare time with respect to earning a legal wage. An employment contract is a contract: someone is agreeing to pay me $X for Y Hours of work (etc. etc.)...not to dictate what I may or may not do in my own time outside of the hours for which they own my time. Let me pose a question for you: if I did inform my employer, and they communicated to me that they did not find this practice acceptable, yet I continue, and they terminate my employment on that basis, would that be grounds for a claim for wrongful dismissal? As mentioned earlier, I have no express contractual duty of exclusivity. If you do think that would be grounds for a claim for wrongful dismissal, I would suggest to you I have no legal obligation to inform my employer. Zzzzz. All I ask from you is that you point me to a precedent from which your imaginary "obligation to disclose other sources of income" duty arises. Then I will shut up. Edited: spelling
  4. Thanks - good point re: conflicts. Something to think about.
  5. Agreed. The only thing is that I don't see why I would need to negotiate this term into my contract. If my part-time employer wants exclusivity, that it something for THEM to negotiate into the employment contract. Based on my understanding of B.C. law, it would be unlikely for there to be an implied term of exclusivity in an employment contract: if my new employer wants exclusivity, that is a covenant they have to bargain for. This, of course, assumes that I will not breach any other terms of my employment contract (for example, number of hours worked per week, etc.). But aside from that difference, your analysis makes sense. Thanks for input.
  6. My employment contract does not have an exclusivity provision. So I don't see how working outside of my normal hours of employment would be improper. But maybe I am missing something...
  7. I work for a small law firm in Victoria. A client of mine has asked me to come work in-house for them, on a part-time basis. I am considering making the move. If I do, I will be cutting ties completely with my old law firm. However, I would like to be able to perform some "legal" services should the situation ever arise. Assuming I am not breaching any contractual duties to my future employer, is there any concern with opening up a solo practice and providing legal services through it?
  8. "OP, in case you haven't seen it, there's actually a useful and accurate response to the same query you posted on lawbuzzz." JAggers, Do you have a link to said discussion? Thanks!
  9. Hello everyone, We are currently learning about certainty of objects in trusts. I was wondering if anyone knew of a resource where you can find practice problems and answers for these types of problems. Any leads would be greatly appreciated! Although I understand the general concepts here, I would feel a lot more comfortable going through some problems. Thanks kindly!
  10. Can you order these online?
  11. Anecdotally, there is a 2L at UVIC who lives in Vancouver and ONLY comes to Victoria for exams and to hand in papers.
  12. This may be a silly question so please forgive my admitted ignorance. Generally speaking, if one works in "big-law" would he/she be able to contract work on the side? Or is there some sort of employment contract provision which prevents this? I just never really though about contract work before and now I am curious if it is or will be amenable to my career path. Merci
  13. This is Tippinon44's crowning moment. Pun intended.
  14. theres a torrent for that
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